Mitred Conure

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About Mitred Conure

15 inches
25-30 years
Bird Species
Green; red markings
Vocal, Noisy, Chatterer
Social, Playful, Funny, Energetic
Comparable Breeds
Alexandrine Parakeet, Red Masked Parakeet
Mitred Conure General Info

Conures are a species of New World parrots and are closely related to parakeets. A very popular pet bird, the Mitred Conure is playful, talkative, goofy and very smart. And on top of it all, they are also quite beautiful and gracious. Arguably amongst the best pet parrots, they have a lot of the most desirable traits. They are strong and healthy, calm but playful, smart and fast learners. They might just be the right choice of breed when choosing a conure as your new family pet!

Mitred Conure has a lot of energy, which makes them playful, talkative, and full of goofy tricks that will charm you.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Their natural home is found in South America, in the humid and deciduous forests in the Andes, often at high altitudes, in a vast region that includes parts of Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. They have also been introduced and successfully inhabit California, Hawaii, and Florida. Mitred Conures are very social birds in the wild, and live in small flocks, up to a 100 birds. Their favorite habitats are the famous Andean cloud forests, grassy hills, and mountainous woodlands.

Overall Description

Similarly to parakeet breeds, Mitred Conure is a larger medium-sized bird with an average length of up to 15 inches (38 centimeters), and most of it is reserved for their very long tails. Their robust and stocky build ensures a hardy and resilient parrot, without many health-related problems. A thing to remember is that there are no visible differences between the genders, so an avian vet might help to determine the sex.

Speech and Sounds

While conures are amongst the best speakers, the Mitreds are not so much. They will learn words and phrases, but their high pitched voices often make them sound funny and unintelligible. This doesn’t stop them from being chatty and simply fun little talkers, with their murmurs and trills. As they are sometimes noisy, consider Mitred Conure a bird best suited for a home environment. They can become loud when alarmed or at sunset when their calls are meant to gather the flock.


Mitred Conure is an elegant-looking bird with vibrant, exotic plumage that will make them stand out in any environment. They are almost entirely green colored, with a distinct red coloration on their face and cheeks. This, combined with their long tails, gives the Mitred conure a sleek and noble look. While highly similar to their close cousins, the Scarlet Fronted and the Red Masked Conures, they are still altogether different breeds.

If you’re looking for a pet bird that is both beautiful and has a lovely personality, then Mitred Conures are a perfect choice.

Care and Feeding

A Mitred Conure in the wild relies on a mixed diet of seeds, nuts, berries, and fruits. As a pet, most of these needs are found in commercial pellet or seed mixes. You’ll want to add a regular dose of fresh fruits and vegetables, like apples, pears and oranges, and lettuce, carrots, and celery.

Mitred Conures love to bathe. Bring them with you to the shower, or simply provide a large bathing dish on a regular basis. Good hygiene ensures your pet bird stays healthy.

Health and Common Conditions

Their hardy and strong nature minimizes many health problems and ensures a long lifespan of up to 30 years or more. Mitred Conure will rely on movement outside the cage to maintain their good health and wellbeing, so ensure plenty of space and freedom of movement for your pet bird. Things you will need to eliminate are cold temperatures, excessive draft, and damp. Apathy, loss of appetite and ruffled feathers should all be a reason for concern.

These conures are resilient birds. Ensure optimal exercise and good hygiene to keep them healthy.

Personality & Behavior

Mitred Conure is loved for its outgoing and playful personality. They are very smart and eager to learn new tricks and mimic new words. While they are inquisitive and all-around goofy birds, they can also be temperamental and keen to nibble, so be careful. But all in all, once you get used to the personality of your conure, you will have gained a new and affectionate friend in your home.

Photo credit: Vladimir Wrangel/Shutterstock; Christian Musat/Shutterstock

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