Great Dane Sets the Largest Litter Record at North Carolina Rescue

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic
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A North Carolina dog gave birth to a litter of puppies and has set a record in the process. 

Earlier this month, Perfectly Imperfect Pups, a North Carolina foster-based rescue took in a pregnant Great Dane, named Meadow. Two days later, Meadow gave birth to 15 puppies. 

“It’s the largest litter we have ever seen,” said Nicole Kincaid, the rescue’s founder and director. “We could not believe it when we heard she had 15 puppies, and most of them male! We are so excited for their bright future!”

Meadows litter is the largest the rescue has seen since it was founded three years ago. The PIP’s founder and director, Nicole Kincaid, shared that this is also the largest litter she has seen in her 13-year-long rescue career. 

According to Kincaid, Meadow’s litter is unique for another reason - most of the puppies in the litter are male. “Shockingly enough, we have 12 boys, which is a huge number of boys out of a litter.”

PIPs share the news of the record-breaking litter in a Facebook post, writing, “Puppies, puppies, and more puppies! Mamma Meadow and her crew are doing great.”

“We are shocked to find out how many puppies she actually had and that all have survived and are doing well,” said Kincaid, according to PEOPLE. “

Before being taken in by the Perfectly Imperfect Pups, Meadow had an unsteady past. “She has been passed around to five homes, since giving birth to another litter in February. She was being given away on social media and we reached out, but unfortunately, they gave her away pregnant to someone else.”

“Within two days they contacted us and asked if we could still take [Meadow], and of course, we were delighted to take her in,” Kincaid shared. “We got her to our vet the next day, and the day after, she started going into labor.”

Meadow is just one of many dogs who had the misfortune of being bounced around from one home to the next. Kincaid shared that this wasn’t Meadow’s fault, saying, “People get a large breed dog, and they don’t realize what they are getting themselves into.”

“We are delighted that this will be her final [litter], and her next home will be her forever home,” said Kincaid. “We will also make sure that all 15 puppies go to homes that are experienced with large breed dogs.”

For now, Shari Willson, one of the Perfectly Imperfect Pups’ fosters is taking care of Meadow and her pups. The foster mom is supplement feeding the pups in between feedings to make sure all puppies are getting enough food. 

Everyone’s gaining weight, everyone’s eating, they are all doing really well,” said Willson.

Kincaid praised Meadow’s foster home, saying that her organization “is so proud of our foster parents. They take in dogs without knowing what the next few days or months could bring.”

“Taking in a pregnant dog is even more of a challenge because you don’t always know when mom will give birth, how many puppies will be born, or what complications may come along,” she said.

The rescue has already received applications and hundreds of messages about adopting Meadow or her puppies when they are old enough to go to their forever homes. 

All of PIP’s adopters sign a contract in which they commit to taking care of the dog for its entire life and promise to contact the rescue if they can no longer care for them. The rescue’s post-adoption team follows up with the adopters and is available to answer any medical or training-related questions. 

Mamma Meadow and her pups are going to make wonderful companions and loving dogs to their new families! 

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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