Burmilla Longhair

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
fast facts

About Burmilla Longhair

10-12 inches
15 lbs
Muscular, elegant
10-15 years
Best Suited For
Singles and families with children and other pets
Playful, social, affectionate, mischievous, independent
Comparable Breeds
Burmese, Persian
Burmilla Longhair History

The Burmilla Longhair is basically the longhaired version of the shorthaired Burmilla cat. To understand its history, it is important to know the history of the shorthaired Burmilla breed.

The first Burmilla kittens were born after an accidental mating. Basically, a Chinchilla Persian cat ended up mating with a Lilac Burmese cat in 1981, and that litter of kittens was the first of all Burmilla cats. The attractive kittens featured a short coat that could be described as having a black shaded silver color. After seeing how stunning the kittens were, the breeding program for the Burmilla cat was started.

Later, during the ‘90s, the Burmilla Longhair was established as its own breed because of the number of kittens that were born with a longer coat, likely the result of the Chinchilla Persian genes.

Today, the Burmilla and the Burmilla Longhair are feline breeds that are still rare in the United States.

The Burmilla Longhair is basically the longhaired version of the shorthaired Burmilla cat.

Breed Traits

If you are planning on introducing a beautiful Burmilla Longhair into your family, you should know that these cats could have a personality that can be described as independent and bold. But they do adore their human family and will often continue to behave like kittens even after they are fully grown, so they can be a lot of fun and affectionate as well.

These cats could also be described as mischievous, curious, smart, and demanding, but they could even be laidback, relaxed, and easygoing too. And as you get to know a Burmilla Longhair cat, you will realize that these animals are loving, playful, and social. They enjoy having fun, but they are also gentle, sweet, and quiet. And because these cats tend to get along well with just about everyone that they meet, they are also a wonderful choice for families with children, other cats, and other pets.

Overall Description

The Burmilla Longhair is medium in size, with an elegant body that is also muscular. Overall, these cats are described as being similar in appearance to the Burmese breed, but they do have what could be described as a sweeter expression.

When looking at a Burmilla Longhair, you might easily notice a few similarities to the Burmese. For example, the head will be gently rounded, and it will taper to a blunt, short wedge. The ears will be medium or large in size, and they will also tilt forward somewhat and feature tips that are slightly rounded. The eyes are large, the muzzle is somewhat broad, and the chin is well developed, while the paws are neat and oval, the tail tapers to a tip that is rounded, and the legs are slender.


The eyes of a Burmilla Longhair could be any shade of green. Often, the eyes are yellowish or greenish gold while the cats are young, and the deeper green color appears as the cats get older.

In addition to the breed’s stunning eye color, another unique feature is the Burmilla Longhair’s silver coat, which is described as sparkling. The color of the coat could also be chocolate, lilac, blue, brown, or black, and it could be ticked or shaded.

You will also notice dark lines surrounding the eyes, nose, and lips, further bringing out these features. The eyes will be outlined in black, making it appear as though the cat is wearing eyeliner, and the nose will be a brick red color with a darker outline as well.

Grooming Requirements

Because the Burmilla Longhair is actually a semi-longhair, the coat will be fine and silky. You will notice that there is feathering on the bib, plume, britches, and underside, and there might be a fully plumed tail and ear tufts as well. And the great thing about this breed is that, despite the longer coat, intensive grooming typically will not be necessary. Instead, a basic weekly grooming routine will be sufficient to help keep your Burmilla Longhair’s coat soft, smooth, shiny, and healthy. Plus, brushing your cat’s coat is a great way to bond with your pet while massaging the skin and making him feel pampered.

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

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