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About Yorkie Apso

8-10 inches
7-15 lbs
12-17 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Families with older children, seniors, couples, people who live in an apartment
Sweet, playful, smart, energetic, stubborn, loyal, affectionate, clingy
Comparable Breeds
Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso
Yorkie Apso Basics

The sensitive, loving, friendly Yorkie Apso will make a wonderful companion. These dogs are very devoted to their families and love to be in the center of attention. These petite pooches will love to be pampered- and they’ll shower you with love in return! In addition to being one of the sweetest cuddle bugs out there, these designer dogs are playful, smart, and energetic.

Yorkie Apso owes his small stature and soft, fluffy coat to his parents. As his name suggests, this mixed breed dog descends from two purebreds- the Yorkshire Terrier and the Lhasa Apso. The unusual and rare mix of these two popular breeds turned to be a fabulous idea, as it resulted in the charming Yorkshire Apso or Lharkie, as the breed is also known. These dogs usually inherit the best of their parents which accounts both for their adorable looks and sweet temperament.

Of course, while there’s no denying that the Yorkie Apso has a lot to offer to the right person, it doesn’t mean that this breed is a perfect choice for every family. Like all dog breeds, this mix also has some traits and requirements that might not make him a match for you. To learn more about the Yorkie and Lhasa Apso mix dogs, read on!

Yorkie Apso is a devoted, affectionate dog with a playful side to him.


Mixed breed dogs have been around for centuries. It’s only recently, though, that people started intentionally crossbreeding purebreds and treating them as breeds in their own right. The fact that crossbreeds have a much longer tradition than their newly found ‘ designer dog’ status would imply makes it hard for anyone to know the origin of individual hybrid breeds.

Take Yorkie Apso, for instance. One of the parental breeds is centuries old, and other is believed to be one of the oldest breeds in existence. Is it fair to assume that they never been crossbreed until designer dogs became a thing? Of course not. But, those Yorkie Apso litters probably weren’t planned and they surely haven’t been considered a new breed. The development of the breed probably started sometime in the last 20 to 30 years in the United States, the same as it is the case with most rare designer dogs.

Nevertheless, even without a rich and well-documented tradition to back the Yorkie Apso breed, there’s plenty of history his parents bring to the table. Both the Yorkshire Terrier and Lhasa Apso have been bred for generations to become perfect four-legged companions, and their mixed breed offspring will be the same. After all, you know what they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!


The Yorkie Apso is a mixed breed dog, and these puppies won’t have their own pedigree papers. However, the parents of your puppy will: the mom is a purebred Lhasa Apso and the dad is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. Despite the fact that his parents are purebreds with a long tradition and that Yorkie Apso is considered to be a designer dog breed, these hybrids are not recognized by the American Kennel Club or any other major organization.

One of the reasons for this is that there’s no uniformity. These are 50/50 Yorkie and Lhasa Apso mixes, and each puppy is unique. Some might look more like one of the breeds, others could boast unusual mixed appearance- the point is that they’re unpredictable. This is “remedied” with multigenerational breeding. Yorkie Apsos are bred to other Yorkie Apsos or unrelated Yorkies or Lhasa Apsos. Few generations of this and you are closer to producing a new breed that could be recognized as such. However, this is still a young breed and there are not many multigenerational crosses around.


Diet is the foundation for your pet’s overall health and well-being. Making sure that their complex nutritional needs are met with the right meal plan will go a long way. Yorkie Apso will need a well-balanced diet that covers all the essential food groups- from meat-based protein to plant fiber and all the important nutrients in between. Luckily, most high-quality dry foods are made to offer this. Kibble is also often reinforced with minerals and vitamins that promote a shiny coat and good dental health. The only trick is to choose the right formula for your pet’s unique needs. Yorkie Apso will need premium kibble, made from high-grade ingredients. Steer clear from cheap and nutritionally poor dry foods. These hybrids usually do best on small breed formula, as it meets the needs of dogs of their size and activity level.

As a petite pooch, the Yorkie Apso will also be prone to obesity. They have a healthy appetite but don’t handle excess weight well. Don’t overindulge them with treats and stay on track with their kibble portions. In most cases, a cup of kibble is all that your pet needs to stay full for the day. Split their daily dose of kibble in two meals, as it will help them satiate their appetite and prevent them from gobbling down everything in seconds.

The key to successfully training a Yorkie Apso is to be consistent, confident, and apply positive reinforcement techniques.


Even though these pooches are intelligent and eager to please, they are not the best choice for a first-time dog owner. Yorkie Apso can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak, which is why they require an experienced adopter. The key to successfully training a Yorkie Apso is to be consistent, confident, and apply positive reinforcement techniques. Yummy treats (in moderation!) and loving praise are certain to motivate your puppy to learn. To boot, you should keep your training sessions short and sweet to make sure their short attention span doesn’t ruin all your efforts.

While training a Yorkie Apso can take a bit more effort and patience than you’d usually expect, it’s a crucial step in their development. Without timely training and socialization, these dogs can develop various behavioral issues, from small dog syndrome to separation anxiety and many others. If you don’t feel you’re confident enough to train your pooch, be sure to enroll them in obedience classes.


The Yorkie and Lhasa Apso are both small dogs, but they’re not as close to each other size-wise: Lhasa Apso is twice the size of a Yorkie. Naturally, this makes for weight oscillations with their mixed breed offspring. On average, Yorkie Apso will weigh between 7 to 15 pounds.


The Yorkshire Terrier and Lhasa Apso combination is a great one, especially in terms of the temperament of these mixed breed dogs. The traits of both breeds complement each other beautifully, and in most cases, Yorkie Apsos inherit the best of both parents. Each dog is unique, but there are some general tendencies with this breed you can expect to see with your own pet, as well. Yorkie Apso is a devoted, affectionate dog with a playful side to him. They will follow you around the house, always wanting to be with you- and in the center of your attention, too. Their love of spotlight can sometimes make them goofy and clownish, but mostly they’ll just want to cuddle all the time.

Their sweet nature might not always be a good thing as they don’t handle solitude all that well. They can develop separation anxiety if they are left alone for long, so it’s best if someone’s always home in your family. While they can be friendly with people outside their family, these dogs are usually aloof and distrustful of strangers. Their love is reserved for their closest humans!

Common Health Problems

Like all dogs, Yorkie Apso will be more prone to certain health issues. The fact that these hybrids have mixed breed lineage doesn’t mean that they won’t have genetic conditions to deal with. A lot about their health will depend on their breeding- their family tree largely dictates what issues your puppy will have to or won’t have to deal with. For that reason (and many others), it’s important to be careful when getting a designer dog puppy. Puppy mills, pet stores, and backyard breeders are never a good choice as they sell mistreated and sick dogs. Instead, opt for a reputable breeder that will offer a health guarantee.

As for some common health problems that Yorkie Apso could be at risk for in any case, those include hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, eye issues, and collapsed trachea. With a healthy lifestyle and good genes, though, the risk for these issues will be significantly lower.

Life Expectancy

Lhasa Apso dogs have a reputation of being very long-lived dogs, so it’s possible they’ll pass on their longevity to their mixed breed babies. Yorkie Apsos can live for anywhere from 12 to 17 years.

Exercise Requirements

The Yorkie Apso is an energetic, playful little pooch, but he’s not demanding when it comes to his activity needs. These dogs can exercise indoors and burn off their energy without requiring a long walk or hours of playtime. Regardless, it will benefit your pooch greatly to spend time outside each day. It can be a couple of brisk walks around the block, a visit to a local dog park or a simple game of fetch in a securely fenced backyard. Your pooch will appreciate the fresh air and a change of scenery! Usually, 40 to 60 minutes of such activities will keep your Yorkie Apso in great form. Their small size and moderate exercise requirements make Yorkie Apso a perfect pet for an apartment dweller or a senior looking for an easy-going companion.

The Yorkie Apso is an energetic, playful little pooch, but he’s not demanding when it comes to his activity needs.

Recognized Clubs

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize designer dog breeds in general, but there are smaller clubs that do. Those of them that recognize Yorkie Apso are American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, and International Designer Canine Registry.


Both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Lhasa Apso are a good choice for people for mild allergies, owing to their coats which almost don’t shed at all. Their mixed breed baby will be the same, as Yorkie Apso is a low-shedding breed with long hair that’s soft and fine. As a result, these designer dogs will require a fair amount of coat grooming. Regular combing and brushing are a must, as this will prevent matting and tangling of the fur. A lot of people opt for keeping their pet’s coat short, as it will make it much easier to keep them tangle-free. For a nice trim, it’s better to hire a pro- a visit to a dog groomer every few months will keep your Yorkie Apso looking sharp.


Yorkie Apso puppies are tiny and fluffy- it’s impossible not to fall in love with one! As mom is always a Lhasa Apso owing to the size difference of the parents, the average size of one litter is around 4 to 6 puppies. Puppies may not always look alike, with some of the littermates taking up after one of the parents more than the other. Either way, one thing is guaranteed- these cute furballs will steal your heart. Even though all you might want to do is cuddle and play with your Yorkie Apso puppy, it’s important to start setting some boundaries early on. Timely socialization and training will help ensure your adorable fur baby grows into a friendly dog with a great personality.

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