Dog Treats

We've got the scoop on the newest and tastiest Dog Treats your dog will do flips for!Who’s been a good dog? You know what that means – your pooch deserves treats! Our very happy treat testers sit up and beg to find out what treats are worth a trick and which ones don’t earn a high paw. We’ve got the scoop on the newest and tastiest Dog Treats your dog will do flips for!

All pet parents want only what’s best for their pets. That’s why here at, we review only high-quality, nutritious Dog Treats that will have your pup licking their paws and wanting more. Looking for a healthy, wholesome treat your dog will actually like? Check out our reviews on nourishing and natural treats for pets, including jerky, hemp biscuits or bully sticks. These canine yummies tick all the boxes in our pawsome checklist- they are locally sourced, GMO-free, they contain no artificial substances or grain, and they are made from human grade ingredients. Not even the most spoiled pup could say no to these!

If you are in a mood to treat your dog to something different, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our reviews on Dog Treats made from crickets, ice cream for dogs, beer-flavored biscuits, or popcorns made using yak and cow milk. Weird-sounding but delicious, these unusual treats will definitely make your dog’s mouth water.  Want to celebrate a special occasion or an important milestone, like your pup’s birthday or anniversary of their adoption? Discover the world of gourmet dog bakeries and order your precious pooch a tasty cake or dog cookies for their party!

Natural, chewy, soft, homemade, gourmet… Whatever your pooch prefers,’s reviewers have tested with a little help of their four-legged associates. Not only that dogs adore eating these yummies, they have numerous health benefits, so, choose only the best for your furry best friend!

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