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About Blanc De Bouscat

13 lbs+
10 years
Body Shape
Best Suited For
Families with older children, First-time owners, Indoor Rabbits, Outdoor Rabbits, House Rabbits
Friendly, Sweet, Social, Playful
Comparable Breeds
Flemish Giant, French Lop
Blanc De Bouscat Breed History/Origin

Known initially as the Ermine rabbit, the Blanc De Bouscat rabbit originates from France or, more specifically, the village of Bouscat in Gironde- hence the (revised) name. This giant white rabbit was first bred in 1906, by Mr. and Mrs. Dulon, who set out to create a large-sized rabbit with frosted white fur and red eyes by combining the Flemish Giant with the Champagne d’Argent and French Angora rabbit. Although, at the time, Blanc De Bouscat was bred for its meat and fur, this breed now enjoys a status as one of the most popular pet rabbits in its native country.

Blanc De Bouscat is a French “gentle giant” rabbit, distinct for its pure white fur and red eyes.

Overall Description

With 13 lb as the weight minimum for the breed and no upper limit, the Blanc De Bouscat rabbit falls into the category of giant breeds. The size of these rabbits is not the only impressive thing about their appearance, though: they have strong, muscular bodies and thick, long ears with rounded tips that they always hold upright. Their body type is semi-arched.


The French Angora rabbits were used to create this particular breed, so it’s no surprise that Blanc De Bouscat rabbits have a dense, silky coat that’s particularly soft to the touch. Of normal type and medium length, their fur requires no specific grooming. However, during the molting season, when all rabbits tend to shed more than usual, these giant white bunnies will appreciate a more vigorous brushing routine: it will help keep the hair out of their digestive system- and off your clothes and furniture.


Blanc De Bouscat was deliberately bred to have only pure white fur, and apart from some frosty shine on their lustrous coat, you’ll find no patterns, markings, or colorings with this breed. These rabbits are albinos, which means they have red eyes and their hair has no pigmentation whatsoever.

These albino bunnies are easy to take care of and make excellent family pets.

Care Requirements

As a giant rabbit breed, Blanc De Bouscat rabbits require a large and spacious enclosure, where they can hop around freely and comfortably sit and stretch out their strong hind legs: ideally, their cage shouldn’t be less than 3 feet wide and high. Due to their size, these bunnies will benefit from spending some time in the outdoors frequently, so they can roam around and explore the “great unknowns” of your backyard. If you don’t have a yard, letting them out to hop around the room is more than fine- anything that allows these rabbits to be active and comfortable. Of course, it should go without saying that your pet rabbit should never be left unsupervised, as it can be hurt by predators or even get lost (these rabbits can jump really high and dig burrows that go underneath the fence). The same goes for indoors- if you haven’t bunny-proofed your home, there are numerous things in your household that could endanger your pet rabbit, from electric cables they could nibble on to poisonous houseplants.

When it comes to optimal diet for Blanc De Bouscat rabbits, their nutritional needs are not that much different from most rabbits. Due to their size, they will need more food than most though: high-quality pellets and hay should make the most of its diet. Include various veggies and fruits both as treats and an addition to your bunny’s regular meals. A constant source of fresh water is a must, too.


Blanc De Bouscat rabbits are a healthy and robust breed that has no specific health issues or hereditary illnesses. Of course, this doesn’t mean these giant white bunnies are immune to diseases and ailments- without proper care, Blanc De Bouscat’s health can deteriorate.

They will need a lot of hay in their diet to keep their teeth down to a manageable size (rabbit’s teeth grow throughout their life and need to be ground down with roughage) and to keep their digestive system in check. As avid self-groomers, rabbits tend to scarf down a lot of their own hair during the shedding season, which can lead to a life-threatening condition known as GI stasis. Essentially, the hair can’t be adequately digested and ends up blocking your bunny’s intestines. To avoid this, groom your pet regularly, feed them the right foods, and check for any warning signs such as constipation or poop connected by strands of hair.

Lively and affectionate, Blanc De Bouscat rabbits enjoy playing and cuddling with their owners.


As an active breed, Blanc De Bouscat rabbits love playtime, but their dynamic nature doesn’t mean these bunnies are restless and nervous. It’s actually the opposite: these gentle giants have a calm and docile demeanor, which makes them a perfect family pet.

These rabbits are smart and training them to use the litter or do little tricks will be a rewarding experience. They are fast learners and will cherish the time you spend interacting with them!

Affectionate and sweet, these white rabbits love spending time with their owners and don’t mind being petted. They are an excellent choice for children, too: provided that your kids know how to interact with rabbits and don’t attempt picking them up, they’ll enjoy cuddling with this exceptionally well-mannered bunny.

Photo credit: Art Neli/Shutterstock; Wikimedia Commons

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