3 Adventurous Travel Carriers for Hip Pets

Looking to travel with your pet but want to make a statement while doing it? Take a gander at the hip, new pet travel products that are going places in 2017.

Thanks to the way we view pet ownership now, it’s easier than ever to travel with your pet. If your pet matches specific size limits, you can take them with you on planes, trains, boats, and every other form of transport you can think of. More and more hotels now allow you to travel with your pets, and pet friendly B&Bs are a common occurrence. The question of “Can I travel with my pet” has been replaced by “How can I travel comfortably with my pet while making a fashion statement?” Your pet’s comfort and your sense style concerns have been heard – here are three cool pet carriers that are available for the 2017 travel season.

1. The Ultimate Pet Carrier for Scooters

Where else but Italy would you expect the first and only hard pet carrier designed for scooters to come from? Urbanites will love the Pet on Wheels (POW), a dog carrier that lets your dog be a bark-seat driver! The POW can be attached to the back of your motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, or used as car seat. The design is compliant with highway and traffic codes worldwide, and as a result, offers you and your pet a safe travel experience. And safety isn’t the only thing it boasts – the POW is available in 11 different colors, so it can match the color of your scooter.

2. Pet Backpack with a View

We’re gagging over Cloverpet’s pet backpacks with a small semi circular window — fondly nicknamed bubble or astronaut backpacks. Perhaps you’ve even seen one in person? Offering unique style and comfort, your pet can observe the outside world through the little window, or the two mesh sides that give her space to breathe. Really, this is a mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplane carrier, and car seat all in one, and it looks truly amazing. Someone walked into the bakery I was writing at the other day with a bright green Cloverpet backpack, and I was delighted. The man’s cat was calm and unperturbed, even enjoying her walk (and small lunch break).

3. Backpack and Cat Carrier in One

The Catysmile Backpack Cat Carrier is smaller than Cloverpet’s backpack, but it makes a totally different style statement. The backpack is in the shape of a cute cat face that looks like it’s wearing sunglasses. It even has cat ears – seriously, it’s so adorbs, you may want to get one even if you don’t have a cat (or perhaps it’s cute enough to warrant adopting a kitty?!?). Essentially, your cat can watch the world through the two windows of the cat’s eyes, that combined with the mesh sides, also provide airflow. It’s honestly ideal for your cat. But even better? It’s made from vegan-friendly canvas and faux leather with durable hardware! We’re crazy about this cat (carrier), lady!

Elisabeth Fillmore
Elisabeth Fillmore

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