Best Pet Travel Accessories for Road Warriors

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Whether you’re driving or flying, you’ll want to check out this list of the best pet gear for traveling.

Having the right gear can make the journey that much easier and more enjoyable. When charting your next trip with your trusty sidekick, consider what items you’ll need to make them more comfortable. Not only are the pet travel accessories on this list going to help you ensure that your dog has a safe, pleasant trip, but it’s also going to improve your experience. After all, you don’t want to spend the entire time worrying about whether your pet is okay.

Before hitting the road (or the sky) check out our recommendations for the latest travel gear and take your trip to the next level!

1. Editor’s Pick: Kurgo splash-free Wander dog water bowl

The wedge design of this slash-free bowl is made to rest perfectly flush on car seats, and the lip keeps liquids inside. This makes it easy to make sure that your pet is going to stay hydrated while you’re on the road without stressing about where you are going to be stopping. Fill halfway and add ice cubes to further reduce the risk of spills, while also keeping the water cold and fresh throughout your adventure. Made of food-grade silicone so it won’t slip, this bowl is lightweight and dishwasher safe. This soft silicone surface is also going to prevent your dog from being injured if you hit a bump in the road while they are taking a drink. While a plastic or stainless-steel dish could hit your dog’s teeth causing pain and discomfort or even chipping his teeth, this bowl isn’t going to leave a mark.

2. Best Seat Cover: Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

If you’re road tripping with your pooch, it doesn’t have to mean your car will become a pigsty. Protect your seats from muddy paws and smelly furballs with this dog seat cover designed to fit the back of any car or SUV and make sure your vehicle stays tidy even after an adventure with your four-legged friend. Made from durable and waterproof 600D Oxford waterproof cotton, Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover Protector is also easy to clean and soft and pleasant for your pet to lie on. It acts as a barrier for liquids, so even if your pooch has a potty accident while you drive, it won’t mean your seats will be ruined. The setup is effortless, and the seat cover doubles as a hammock, so you can really make sure that your pet’s hair or dirt from their paws. Thanks to 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, this car cover seat will stay firmly in place- no sliding or shifting around.

3: Best Waste Holder: Kurgo tailgate dumpster for dog poop bags

Another convenient item by Kurgo, this lightweight lidded silicone garbage can has two large magnets on its rear so you can hang it on your bumper or tailgate. For times when you’re not near a garbage can, you can now transport pet poop bags without bringing them inside your vehicle. This is a great way to keep the stink safely contained. It allows you to be a responsible and respectful pet owner without needing to sacrifice your comfort in the process! No one wants the linger of dog poop stink hanging around in the vehicle for days after your trip.

4. Best Travel Bag: Femuar Dog Travel Bag

Organization is key- when you travel with your pet in tow, you have to make sure you’ll have with you anything they might need while away from home. This spacious dog travel bag comes with two collapsible bowls for water and food and two separate travel pouches for storing smaller necessities such as first aid products or your pet’s grooming tools. The large divided interior compartment gives you plenty of space to pack everything else and the front pocket can be used to pack your pet’s documents- with the unzipped cover doubling as a mat for food and water dishes. The mesh side pockets are a great addition as you can store your pet’s water bowl in them, and the fact that Femuar Dog Travel Bag comes with a bone-shaped label tag and can be attached to your suitcase only makes it truly ideal for all forms of travel.

5. Best Zip Line: Kurgo Zip Line and leash

For long drives, you might want to give your pet the option of having some mobility in the back seat. The Kurgo zip line can be attached between any two fixed points in your vehicle. The leash clips on with a carabiner, allowing your pet some freedom of movement while still staying safe. Of course, if you plan on letting Fido mingle behind you, it’s smart to get a safety barrier, as well- more on that below. The leash can be kept long enough to allow your dog to lay down comfortably, while also preventing him from climbing into the front seat or the rear hatch. It should be used with a well-padded travel-safe dog harness.

6. Best First Aid Kit: Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit

It can’t hurt to be prepared for every scenario! If your dog gets injured on the road, you’ll need to be able to administer first aid until you get to a vet. For minor injuries and common traveling maladies, this pre-assembled first aid kit is perfect. The compact roll-up pouch contains 50 essential first aid items for your pet’s safety on your adventures. It will also provide you with the supplies necessary to care for your pet long enough to get to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic in a more serious emergency situation.

7. Best Car Booster: Snoozer small car seat

Small pets will appreciate this booster seat that lets them see out the window without having to jump or climb. The foam car seat has a quilted exterior and synthetic lambswool interior and stays put with the help of a seat belt. Inside the foam seat is a short connection strap with a secure metal clasp. This can be attached to the back of your pet’s harness to keep them secure within the seat. It prevents them from getting out and wandering the vehicle, potentially creating a dangerous situation for everyone in the vehicle.

8. Best Ramp: Pet Gear Bi-Fold Dog Ramp with SupertraX

If you have a senior pet, a dog with mobility issues, or your vehicle is too high for your pooch, you’ll need a dog ramp. Not only that this nifty tool makes sure your pet can access your car safely, but it’s also quite convenient to pack for travel. The bi-fold design allows you to simply put away the ramp in the trunk when you’re not using it, without having to sacrifice significant storage space for it. On the surface of the ramp is a removable SupertraX mat. This pressure-activated mat works to provide additional grip and stability for your dog, preventing accidents or injuries caused by slipping. On the bottom of the ramp, rubberized grips ensure that it will stay in place without sliding while the ramp is in use. With a maximum weight of 150 pounds, this ramp is suitable for most dogs with the exception of some giant breeds.

9. Best Travel Harness: KC Pet Products TSA Fast Pass leash and harness for airport

Flying instead of driving? You’ll want this leash and harness adapted for airport security checks. A step-in vest makes it quick to harness your animal and plastic D-rings replace metal that could set off alarms. It also comes with a pet ID tag. And if you want to really fly like a pro, the company also offers an in-cabin pet airline kit that includes other must-haves for flying with a dog along with their harness.

10. Best Barrier: WARMQ Car Dog Seat Barrier

Is it tough keeping your dog in the backseat? Do they take every opportunity to wiggle their way in front with you? As cute as it can be to have Fido’s head popping up from the back seat next to you as you drive it can also be dangerous. So do the right thing and install a safety barrier that will ensure your dog will stay in the back seat enjoying the views from his own window and letting you do all the driving yourself. It is easy to install by buckling the product to the headrest column and at the bottom just use the hook to connect to under the seat. It is adjustable and made from webbing so it is extremely breathable for both you and Fido. It will fit perfectly between the two front seats eliminating that space in between and keeping your dog from distracting you while making sure everyone in your car is content and safe.

11. Best Water Bottle: lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

You have to make sure your pooch stays hydrated- and fresh, drinking water might not always be on hand. Whether you’re on a road trip, hiking in the woods or just strolling through the city, this nifty pet travel water bottle is just what you need. With a two-in-one design, this bottle is both a container for water and a bowl for your pooch to drink out of. Smart, space-saving and convenient: just what you want when you travel!

12. Best Travel Bed: Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t have to mean your pooch has to give up all the comforts he’s used to. You might not be able to bring their big bulky bed with you but there’s no need for your pooch to sleep on the floor or uncomfortable car seats. This compact travel bed is a perfect substitute for your pet’s fluffy bed as it is soft, cozy, and perfect for napping. And since it’s machine washable, don’t hesitate to bring it out when you’re enjoying nature-any dirt can be easily washed afterward. The bed rolls up so it will fit almost anywhere, making it ideal for all kinds of travel.

13. Best Wipes: Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

We all know how dogs have a tendency to get dirty- god knows how they manage it, but somehow, every single chance they get to get messy, they take it wholeheartedly. And while you could get your pooch a bath if he mucks himself up when you’re at home, when you’re on the road, getting clean is not as convenient. And no one wants to share a tent or a ride back home with one stinky pupper! That’s where grooming wipes come in handy. Pogi wipes are bamboo-based and hypoallergenic, so they are safe for any furball. Compact and convenient, they’ll fit even in your purse so they’ll always be there when you need them!

14. Best Calming Treats: PremiumCare Calming Treats for Dogs

Despite your best efforts, your four-legged companion might not be as enthusiastic about your trip as you want them to. Many dogs are afraid of driving in cars or flying and traveling can cause a lot of stress for them. In these cases, dog calming supplements can be a life-saving product. These hemp-based soft chews taste like a duck-flavored treat and your pooch will love them, and the potent formula that includes natural relaxants such as valerian root and chamomile will help them feel at ease when traveling. Just give a few of these yummy chews to your pooch when you hit the road and no need to worry about them getting anxious!

15. Best Kennel: You & Me Classic Dog Travel Kennel

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your and your pet’s safety is to have them contained in a travel crate. For some airlines, it’s mandatory for dogs to fly in the cargo, securely locked in their crates, but it’s not just airplane travel where a travel crate can be handy: if your pet is rowdy and mischievous, road trips could be unsafe unless he’s napping in his crate in the back of the car. This classic travel kennel offers a great balance between an affordable price tag and impressive quality: and it comes in sizes from extra small through to large.

What do I need to be careful of when traveling with my pet?

Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun, but there are plenty of factors to consider to ensure everyone’s safety. The rules will vary depending on the type of transportation- for instance, most airlines have their own rules for pets on flights, and you’ll have to have an airline-approved carrier or crate to board your pet on the plane. When you’re traveling by car, be sure that your pet is tethered securely, that they can’t jump around and roam and that you make frequent stops for them to go potty and catch some fresh(er) air. In either case, be careful of packing everything your pet needs, such as plenty of food and water, a first aid kit, grooming tools, and their favorite toys to keep them occupied while you travel.

What documentation should I be carrying when traveling with my pet?

In addition to your dog’s food, water, and gear, there is documentation that is not only helpful but necessary in many travel situations. This includes your dog’s vaccination records, information about any medications that he may be taking or medical conditions that he suffers from, identifying information like his microchip number, and a clear, recent photograph of your pet. For international travel, make sure to research any additional documentation and records that will be needed for your pet to cross safely. No one wants to be stuck at the border while trying to sort out travel documentation.

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