GoPetFriendly’s 15K Mile Quest to Find the Top Pet Attractions in US

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Do you bring your dog along on vacation with you? GoPetFriendly has been around the block – and the country – to bring you

You’ve packed the sunscreen, comfortable shoes and snacks for the road. So why would you not pack Rover for your fun family adventure? That was the question asked by as they embarked on the mother of all road trips; a 10-month, 15,000 mile trek across America to discover the Top Pet Friendly Attractions.

With furry sidekicks Ty and Buster always riding shotgun, founders Amy and Rod Burkert, have been traveling full-time for more than seven years, exploring the country and sharing pet travel tips on their site’s Take Paws blog. From beaches to campgrounds to hotels, restaurants and more, they have amassed a database of more than 65,000 pet-friendly locales and made it available to pet lovers around the world.

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For 2017 they decided to kick it up a notch and will be replacing the “short-list” concept with a “must-do” listing of the top, the ultimate, the numero uno, pet friendly activity in each state. Yes, those bucket-worthy attractions they deem perfect for the tourist dog and his family.

The Burkerts-plus-two, set out from Carmel, California in mid-February armed with a jam-packed itinerary that will see them sweep the southwest states throughout the spring, swing up the east coast during the summer and wrap up in Portland, Oregon in early November. Their travels will take them to 48 states (plus DC) to visit /test each attraction and then rank it against the criterion they’re using to decide which is tops; how well the activity represents the spirit of that state and contributes to the overall diversity of pet friendly adventures.

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Along the way they will be holding meetup events to talk dogs, travel and tips with the public. For a copy of The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip’s schedule of upcoming events and pet travel resources, please visit

The Burkerts confirm that “Something magical happens when you experience something for the first time with your pet. The bonds that are forged in those moments will last forever. By taking our dogs on this epic 10-month, 15,000-mile RV tour, we are celebrating those and showing pet lovers the incredible experiences and places they can enjoy with their furry family members.”

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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