Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Chubby

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He’s not fat… he’s just big boned! Just kidding – his name is Chubby, but he’s just a little guy. Chubby is our Adoptable Dog of the Week and is in need of a forever home. He’s an adult male Chihuahua Mix from Boise, Idaho. Chubby is already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with dogs, and good with cats.

Sweet little Chubby looks like he is a Corgi trapped in a Chihuahua body; making him the cutest dog this side of the Continental Divide. This little man is 7 years old and just a sweet heart.

Chubbs takes a little while to feel comfortable with new people and so can be a little stand offish until he gets to know you; he’s not mean about it he’s just shy. While he loves to be close, he prefers not the center of attention. He likes to follow his foster mom around and sit right next to her but doesn’t actually get in her lap very often. This should change over time; once he has a home that is his very own and he finds that special person who will bring him peace. When we took Chubby from the shelter he was totally in love with one of the workers there and was all over her seeking her attention.

This boy didn’t have the best of lives and did not grow up learning to be a normal happy, playful dog and sadly never learned how to play with toys. He is however very good with other dogs, having lived with lots of them in the past this isn’t surprising. Chubby would probably do best in a household with another dog that he can model behavior after or with an owner that has lots of time to devote to him. He is very quiet in the house and perfectly house trained.

While Chubbs is okay with kids he would need to be in a home with children who know to respect his wanting to be left alone at times. Loud, running kids would make him shut down. Chubby also met a cat while he was in the shelter and didn’t seem to care about it one way or the other so we think he’d be fine with them.

He loves to jump up on the couch and likes to sleep with his doggie friends in your bed. He is a great little traveler, he went to Cascade last weekend and he slept the whole way. Loves to just sit in the car so have to watch just leaving the door open in the garage or he jumps in and falls asleep.

To learn more about Chubby, visit Fuzzy Paws Rescue.