Adoptable Dog of the Week- Nyla

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If you want a lively, playful fluffy ball of fur in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Nyla, a one year old Pomeranian from Madison, Wisconsin. This adorable little lady is spayed and current on her vaccines. Nyla is a friendly, sweet dog who does well with humans and other dogs alike- but it’s recommended she goes to a family with older or no children, due to her small size.

Nyla is a young pooch that’s up to a ruff start, but it didn’t dampen her spirits. This fluffy little caramel furball is full of love for everyone she meets- she loves being held and cuddled. In fact, she’ll likely jump at you to show you to scoop her up in a hug. Nyla’s a cuddle bug and an ideal lapdog companion, not unlike most Pomeranians, and this girl’s a purebred Pom through and through.

She is very energetic and playful and loves going on walks. But only on a harness attached to a leash, as she tends to choke on collars. Owing to her young age, Nyla is still an adaptable, curious dog that will blossom into a lovely canine companion with a right person by her side. She still has a lot to learn and would do best if adopted by an experienced pawrent who could housetrain her and teach her the basics of pooch life.

When it comes to her sweetness and friendliness, Nyla isn’t shy to show it at all times. She gets along well with most other dogs, too, and could potentially do great in a family that already has one furry baby in the households. As for human babies, Nyla is a small and fragile pooch that shouldn’t be around small kids. Only teens or older children could be a fit- make sure to contact Dane County Humane Society for more information and a meeting before you decide.