Adoptable Dog of the Week- Poindexter

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Is there anyone out there that could possibly resist this cute face? Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Poindexter, a 7 year old Japanese Chin from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. This adorable little guy is neutered and current on his shots. Poindexter is a friendly pooch that does well with children and other small dogs.

For a pint-sized pooch, Poindexter certainly has a lot of love to give. He is extremely affectionate and cuddly and will shower you with love if given a chance. This purebred Japanese Chin weighs only 10 pounds and his favorite place to be is his hooman’s lap. Poindexter will curl up in your lap for a session of snuggles while you binge a show on Netflix and be perfectly happy about it.

Poindexter is quite friendly and open with people- he only wants to be petted and cuddled and will quickly become your friend if you show him love. To boot, his not only loving and sweet to his owner. He is well-mannered and charming around strangers and he loves kids.  It’s not often that a petite dog loves hanging around with kiddos so much, but Poindexter makes fast friends with young ones! As for his behavior around other pets, he’s only had the chance to hang out with other small dogs- and he got along great. He didn’t get a chance to meet a kitty yet, but he’d probably be cool with felines as long as they are nice to him, too.

In addition to being the sweetest lap dog in the world, Poindexter is also a smart cookie. Currently, he knows the command ‘come here’ which he’s especially fond of as it is always accompanied by praise and treats. He is a fast learner and he is working on potty training, crate training, and leash walking. Poindexter is quiet and your neighbors will love him, too.

If you think you’re the right person for Poindexter, contact Underdog Rescue MN for more information.