Bissel BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Dirty dogs are a thing of the past, thanks to Bissel’s BarkBath. This all-in-one system turns the soggiest doggy into a fresh and clean pooch in no time!

Forget about struggling to manoeuver your pooch into a tub full of sudsy water after a busy day of exploring trails and watching him roll around in who knows what.

Those bright folk at Bissel have come up with a simple, stress-free solution to bath time called the Bissel BarkBath. This portable dog bath system can be used anywhere, anytime which makes it great for when muddy paws or smelly fur needs some attention prior to entering the house. Better still, you can clean an 80-pound pooch with short, medium or long hair using less than 48 ounces of water – as opposed to the conventional bathtub-full.

How, you may ask? Think of it as a steam-cleaner for your dog. You fill the tank with warm water and the no-rinse shampoo that comes with the unit, then gently brush Rover down while expressing the water… then suction it all back up into a separate tank on the machine, for fresh, clean fur… and skin.

Now you may be thinking that the noise from the portable bath unit might put your dirty little dog off, but you’d be wrong because Bissel has thought of everything. A microfiber sound dampening mat helps muffle the sound and if he’s still a little spooked they even offer training tips via a fail-proof video to help acclimate him to the low hum of the machine.

The genius behind the Bissel BarkBath portable dog bath system is that it comes complete with a handy no-clog bath tool that has a patented adjustable nozzle designed to tackle any length of dog fur. So, you’ll never have to scoop a big glob of wet dog hair out of your tub drain again! Better still, a convenient 13-foot hose provides a little separation between your pooch and the unit for a stress-less bathing experience. Of note – not that you would even consider it – this unit is designed specifically for pooches so your feline friends will have to continue to clean themselves!

In addition to the sound dampening mat, hose and adjustable nozzle, this no-mess dog bath system includes a 16-ounce bottle of Clean and Fresh No Rinse Dog Shampoo in a light Mulberry scent, a super-gentle Face & Paws microfiber cleaning cloth for delicate areas and a convenient storage bag to keep everything handy and in its place. And with a 1-year warranty it makes bathing your pup any other way seem, well, doggone crazy!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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