How to Bring Adoptable Dogs to the United States

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
Many countries around the world have a problem with stray dogs. Here’s how you can bring those homeless pups to the U.S. for adoption.

All over the world there are dogs that do not have loving families to care for them. In the United States alone, millions of animals enter the shelter system each year but there are millions and millions more outside the U.S. It is becoming increasingly more common for people to rescue dogs from overseas, bringing them to the United States for adoption. Keep reading to learn more about this trend and how to do it for yourself.

Adopting a Dog from Overseas

Whether you met a dog while traveling for vacation or you were stationed overseas with the military, the possibility may enter your mind of bringing the dog home with you. Adopting dogs from overseas is becoming more and more popular, but there are still some challenges you will need to face. For example, the cost to transport a dog can range from $150 to $2,000 depending on your mode of travel and the distance.

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You must also keep in mind that some countries have strict quarantine policies to prevent the spread of rabies and other contagious diseases. Before you commit to bringing a dog to the United States for adoption, have him checked out by a local veterinarian. Not only will this help you to determine if the dog is sick, but you’ll also need records of a health exam and vaccinations in order to fly with the dog or to drive him across the border.

If you’ve decided that you still want to adopt the dog, you’ll then have to make travel accommodations with an airline. Contact the airline as early as possible to make sure that they permit pet transportation – you’ll also need to make sure that they have a spot available because most airlines can only accommodate a limited number of pets.

Keep in mind that some airlines also have breed restrictions and you might have to purchase a specific type of kennel. When it comes time to head home, be sure to pack enough food and water for your dog in case your flight is delayed, canceled, or rerouted. You want to prepare for everything.

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Organizations that Transport Dogs for Adoption

If you come across a dog during your travels that you want to adopt, you may be able to make arrangements with an organization to transport the dog for you. You’ll still need to have the dog checked out by a local veterinarian and get the dog up to date on vaccinations, but you may not have to make the actual travel plans yourself.

As international pet adoption becomes more and more popular, rescue groups around the country are recruiting volunteers to bring dogs into the United States for adoption. In some cases, the rescue group will assign a volunteer to travel to the dog’s location and drive him across the border or they might make arrangements to transport the dog by air. Costs for this service may vary and you’ll still need to check for local laws and regulations once you get the dog home.

Adopting a dog is one of the most noble things you can do. While you may think of it as gaining a new friend and companion, you could also be saving that dog’s life. The next time you meet a homeless dog during your travels, you may want to think about bringing him home with you!

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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