Morris Animal Inn’s Wedding Service Caters to Newlyweds’ Furry Bes

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Your wedding day is busy enough – imagine having to worry about your dog, who’s part of the ceremony. We love Morris Animal Inn’s new service that caters just to your furry best friend!

For pup-crazed couples wanting to tie the knot with their pooch sitting shot-gun, it’s not about if he should be included in the celebrations, but how he can be included. The logistics of a wedding ceremony are already a challenge without trying to figure out who will prepare, escort, babysit, feed, exercise, and control poochie on the big day. Let alone watch for cues that relief breaks are needed and take him home for the night.

Enter the forward-thinking Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey. These good folks understand just how insane a wedding can get and have fine-tuned the offerings of their award-winning, 12-acre luxury pet spa and resort to help make the big day run seamlessly.

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What does that look like? The Inn’s services can be tailored to meet each couple’s needs. Does Rover require a spruce up for the big day? Enter the Inn’s groomer/stylist who is expert in pooch primping and will have the little guy not only looking his very best, but staying that way!

What about a ride? Does the bride really want an excited pooch tearing up her tulle in the back seat of a limo? Morris Inn will take care of that, organizing chauffeur service to and from the wedding venue.

How do you deal with a dog that won’t sit pretty let alone hang around for wedding snaps? A professionally trained personal attendant from the Inn will be on hand pre-, post-, and during the ceremony to ensure Rover’s on his very best behaviour when it’s time to smile pretty; also to take him on relief breaks as needed and best of all, ensure he enjoys a delish meal and doesn’t decide to self-help at the buffet!

And at the end of a long, exciting day, they’ll chauffeur the sleepy pooch back to his post-wedding overnight luxury accommodation to crash.

Of course once Rover has had a taste of the Morris Animal Inn’s state-of-the-art facility that includes a heated indoor pool, videos, indoor and outdoor play area, daily maid service (yes!), homemade pet treats, tuck-in service (so sweet!) and pampering packages… well married life is just going to seem such a yawn.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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