Treat Your Pampered Pooches To A Relaxing Day At The Dog Spa

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
It’s a dog’s life – Upscale pups can upgrade to pampered pooches at the dog spa

When you go on vacation, what do you do with your dog? Do you leave him with a friend or drop him off at the kennel where he will spend the whole week feeling anxious and uncertain of himself and his surroundings? Another option is to take your dog to a dog spa where he can relax and enjoy his own mini vacation while you are on yours.

What is a Dog Spa?

A dog spa is more than your average boarding kennel – it is a place where your dog can relax in comfort while you are on vacation. Rather than keeping dogs boarded up in crates, many pet spas offer individual rooms for their dogs outfitted with plush bedding in a comfortable and clean environment. Pet spas also offer grooming, training and veterinary services to ensure that all of your dog’s needs are met during his stay.

Exploring the Options

While the options available to you will vary depending where you live, you might be interested in hearing some of the details about what real pet spas have to offer. Below you will find an overview of three existing pet spas to give you an idea of what your dog has to look forward to.

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Nemacolin Wooflands

This pet resort and spa is located on the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort property in Farmington, PA. Here your dog will enjoy everything from luxury lodgings, hydrotherapy and grooming to outdoor exercise, massage therapy and more. When your dog stays at Nemacolin Wooflands, he will enjoy spacious and luxurious boarding in a climate-controlled environment. No cold cement floors for your dog – he will receive clean and comfy bedding every day of his stay. In addition to high quality lodgings, this pet spa also offers grooming and spa services for dogs. Drop your dog off for a grooming and he will also receive aromatherapy, soothing music, nail treatments and a massaging bath to reduce his anxiety and to smooth away tension. This spa also offers obedience training classes and daycare services.

Orrville Pet Spa and Resort

Located in Orrville, OH, this pet resort is owned, managed and monitored by qualified veterinarians to ensure that your dog is not just comfortable but well cared for. Here your dog will enjoy comfortable lodging in a climate-controlled environment where the air is constantly recirculated to keep your dog safe from contaminants. The Orrville Pet Spa and Resort also offers professional grooming services in a relaxing atmosphere where your dog can feel pampered. Services include everything from trimming and styling to nail services, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, perfume and more. If you only need to drop your dog off for a few hours, you can take advantage of the spa’s doggie daycare service. At doggie daycare your dog will enjoy a day of supervised, unleashed playtime with plenty of games and activities to keep him engaged and mentally stimulated.

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Kiki’s Pet Spa and Boutique

This spa is located in Brooklyn, NY and run by a small and intimate staff that functions more like family than coworkers. At Kiki’s your dog will enjoy everything from luxury lodging to a pampered grooming experience. Your dog will be walked and fed each day before settling into a plush bed or curling up with a staff member to watch a movie at night. If your dog could use a little pampering, Kiki’s offers a full-service grooming salon where your dog can receive anything from a simple nail trimming to a full make-over. Other services that Kiki’s has to offer include behavioral training and veterinary services. You can rest assured that when you bring your dog to Kiki’s, he will be in good hands.

If you feel guilty about leaving your dog when you go on vacation, consider taking him to a pet spa. He will enjoy his time there so much that he will hardly know you are gone!

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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