New Pet Sitting Certification Is A Boon For The Pet Care Industry

New certification from Pet Sitters International offers the first exam based qualification for pet sitters. Now pet care providers can prove their abilities, and pet owners can rest assured that their pet sitter knows their stuff!

It can be hard to prove how good you are if you’re a pet sitter. For most other careers, you can take courses and sit exams to prove your skills, but up until now, pet sitters have had to rely on word of mouth and recommendations. For both pet sitters, and pet owners alike, the new certification from Pet Sitters International (PSI) comes as a very welcome measure of a pet sitters’ skills.

How do you find a pet sitter that will be the best? One that will know exactly how to look after your beloved pets? Now you can simply look for a pet sitter who has gained CPPS certification, that makes them a ‘Certified Professional Pet Sitter’.

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PSI are no newcomers to pet sitting courses and programs; they’ve been running them for over two decades. However, this is the first time students have ever been able to sit an exam and gain a formal exam-based professional qualification in pet sitting. The exam tests the students on their knowledge of pet care, as well as pet health and safety and sanitation. Good business practices also form part of the curriculum.

For anyone with a pet sitting business, gaining this certification could be invaluable. It gives potential customers some reassurance of your abilities, and once certified you are free to use the CPPS logo on your website or leaflets. You’ll be listed on the PSI Pet Sitter Locator, along with an indicator that you are certified. This is certainly going to make you stand out from the crowd.

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For more information on the new certification, or to find a certified pet sitter, check out the Pet Sitters International website.

[Source: Pet Age]

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