Dog Boarding

You've got to leave and you can’t bring your pooch with you! It’s time to look into Dog Boarding. Before you drop your pup off, check out all the information we’ve got on Dog Boarding so you’ll pick the one that’s right for your furry best friend.

We know it sucks when vacay can’t include your little guy. We also know there’s any number of valid reasons our pets can’t travel with us – from fear of flying to car sickness to stressing out the in-laws – but that doesn’t mean he has to suffer in silence while we indulge! has lined up some of the top care options available to put your mind at ease and help him forget all about you as he frolics with his new BFFs. Well, forget about you till he hears your voice and launches into that crazy happy dance he does!

If boarding your little kipper is a new-to-you concept, we offer some great tips on how to choose the best kennel, house-sitter or pet hotel for your pup. Let’s face it, you want your pooch to get bed and board, not bed and bored so you’ll want to know what their activity schedule is like – does he get walked solo or en masse… or does he free range in an open area. Want to know how to check references, qualifications and certifications? You bet you do and we share all the tips and tricks to ensure your best buddy is in a safe environment where he’ll be treated with the same kind of lovin’ he gets at home.

If your little fella is older, ill or high-strung, a live-in house sitter might be the best option and PetGuide dishes up the goods on how to line up a super-sitter to keep Rover happy and healthy while you holiday.

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