OutKast’s Big Boi’s New Dog Shampoo Leaves Pooches Smelling Fur-oc

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Teaming up with Bobbi Panter, dog-lover and rapper Big Boi is releasing a pet shampoo that’s made for dogs with sensitive skin.

Dogs will soon be shakin’ it like a Polaroid picture. Big Boi, one-half of the rap group OutKast, has partnered with Bobbi Panter to create Big Boi and Bobbi Dog Shampoo, a salt- and tear-free product that will make its debut at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.

But let’s back track a smidge…how exactly did this unlikely pair come together to make this product? Well, rapper and songwriter Big Boi (who is best known as being a member of Outkast, of course) has always had a soft spot for animals. At a young age, he began bringing in strays to care for and nurse back to health. He even created a kennel called Pitfall Kennels in Atlanta with his brother, specializing in American Bullies as well as French and English Bulldogs.

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Bobbi Panter is a former actor from Second City and starred in sitcoms and commercials before she started her own pet products company. She started making her own natural shampoos for her blind dog, Bobo, whose fur and skin suffered as a result of the drugs during eye surgery. Her products are now not only sold nationwide, but internationally as well!

Bobbi first met Big Boi when she stopped by Pitfall Kennels and she fell in love with the dogs’ adorable, affectionate nature. Big Boi also took to Bobbi’s two dogs, Bebe and Cece, and so begins this sweet-smelling business partnership. The two came together because of their shared interest: their love of pets! Big Boi said that once he saw how much passion and dedication Bobbi put into her products, he just had to team up with her.

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Let’s talk shampoo! Big Boi and Bobbi’s 10 oz bottle of dog shampoo is offered in five distinctive scents: Calm, Restore, Invigorate, Hydrate and Purity. The 12 oz bottle comes in five different scents: Wild & Fresh, Smooth & Silky, Strong & Gentle, Tough & Swanky and Cool & Chic.

It’s not available for purchase yet, but watch for your local pet stores to be stocking shelves soon!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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