Paws2Go Potty Training System

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Your dog wishes he could tell you that it’s time to GO! Now, the Paws2Go lets you know exactly when it’s time for a bathroom break, no matter where you are.

Hello. It’s me.

Nope, not the Adele song but your pooch telling you it’s time for a potty break. You see, with the Paws2Go pet training system your little guy can alert you each and every time the urge strikes. By simply touching the easy-to-reach button with his paw or nose, he can send a message via Bluetooth to your android, iOS phone, Apple watch or even fitness tracker to indicate he needs your assistance.

The Paws2Go is the first interactive system that uses that type of touch sensing technology to help your pooch connect with you. You can even pre-record a personal message (or favorite sound clip) so whenever he connects with the button, he receives audible reinforcement telling him what a great boy he is. Of course, abuse by praise-seeking dogs may occur, however with a little training he’ll know how and when he should ring you.

Wondering how it works? It really is super simple. You just place the discreet Paws2Go panel on your floor or mount it to a wall by the exit door where your pup can reach it. Set up the app on your device and then show your dog how to use the button to gain your attention. Training any dog is a snap once he understands the benefits to not having to “hold it”. He simply calls when he needs a potty break and you never have to stress again about dealing with those unexpected puddles (and more).

Once activated by your pet, the sides of the device will flash blue so that he knows his message has been sent, and he can anticipate your arrival. You, in turn, will receive a notification on your device via the free Paws2Go app and will know its time to spring into action.

What makes it an ideal alternative to the floor mat options currently on the market or those noisy pup training bells you can hang from the door, is that it won’t scare your pooch and put them off using it. It’s a small, inconspicuous system that travels with you, so you can place it at any door or exit and stop worrying about whether or not it’s time for a walk.

No more scratching at doors, anxious barking, pacing or accidents – the Paws2Go makes potty time a stress-free experience. Just an alert to say “hello”… it’s me, and I need to go pee!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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