Shelter Spotlight: Luvable Dog Rescue

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
A shelter that lets dogs commune with nature, Luvable Dog Rescue houses its residents in quaint little cottages!

When you picture a dog shelter you probably picture rows upon rows of chain-link cages with hard concrete floors. But not every dog shelter looks this way. In fact, there is a shelter that houses their dogs in beautiful little cottages to ensure that they have a less stressful environment in which to live until they go to their new forever homes.

What Makes Luvable Dog Rescue Different?

While most dog shelters keep their dogs in stark metal cages in an effort to make their funding stretch as far as they can, one dog rescue is doing something different. Luvable Dog Rescue houses their dogs in miniature cottages that are outfitted like a real home to make sure that every dog is able to live comfortably while waiting for adoption.

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Not only are these cottages more comfortable for the dogs who live in them, but a low-stress, home-like environment allows the staff workers at Luvable Dog Rescue to observe each dog’s behavior and temperament so that they can find the perfect adoptive family for each individual dog.

Luvable Dog Rescue was founded nearly eighteen years ago, and it is run by a staff of hard-working animal lovers. The shelter sits on 55 acres of land that boasts everything from wooded hiking trails to open meadows – all of which is open to canine residents so they can get their fill of fresh air and exercise.

While the rescue accepts dogs of all breeds, executive director Liesl Wilhardt has a particular passion for pit bulls. Having started out as a foster parent, her love for dogs continued to grow until it developed into a fiery passion and led her to make a full-time career of helping to rescue and rehome dogs in need. She, along with the other staff members at Luvable Dog Rescue, has helped to save thousands of lives since the organization’s founding.

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How Can You Help Luvable Dog Rescue?

If you want to support the work that Luvable Dog Rescue is doing to gives deserving dogs a forever home, there are a number of ways you can help. If you live close enough to Eugene, Oregon (where the shelter is located), you can volunteer your time to help walk dogs, clean the grounds, or help out with fundraising events.

To make a monetary donation, visit Luvable Dog Rescue’s website and click on the “Donate” page. You can also find information on the rescue’s website about adopting a dog in need and about becoming a pit bull advocate. Any way you are able to help the shelter (and the dogs it serves) will be greatly appreciated.

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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