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Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
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Are you up for the challenge? American Dog Rescue is, and they’re determined to reduce the number of homeless dogs on the streets.

Arthur Benjamin, philanthropist and founder of the volunteer-based American Dog Rescue Foundation (ADRF), is throwing out a challenge to animal rescue organizations throughout the world: let’s reduce the number of homeless dogs roaming the streets.

His mission is to reduce the estimated 200 million pooches (predicted to reach one billion if nothing is done) through aggressive yet humane spay and neuter tactics. According to Benjamin, “While the numbers are staggering, we need to remember that these dogs are suffering and need our compassion. No need to end the lives of these dogs, but instead curb the vicious cycle these poor animals are going through. We have the solution and call on animal rescues and corporations across the globe to join our coalition.”

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No slouch in the animal welfare game, ADRF is known for their proactive approach to animals in need including funding surgeries too costly for other shelters, rescuing abandoned pets and livestock from disaster ravaged areas, connecting veterans suffering from PTSD with supports dogs, bringing an end to dog fighting as well as saving abandoned circus and theme park animals.

With a long-standing overarching commitment to closing down puppy mills and growing the number of animal shelters, the organization’s steely determination to effect change means that 100% of funds raised are directed to animal welfare projects.

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So how does one begin the daunting challenge of reducing the population of some 200 million street dogs within a target timeline of just seven years? ADRF has formed a global coalition of established, like-minded organizations such as:

  • Bali (Dog) Adoption Rehabilitation Centre (BARC), which has drastically reduced the dog population and disease incidence in Bali
  • Operation SNIP (Spay Neuter Incentive Program), the initiative of K9Aid, one of the most respected charities in Australia
  • Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals

Another partner, Cindy Amey, Founder of K9Aid confirms “We are thrilled to partner with American Dog Rescue and know that with more support this coalition will have a major impact on the stray dog population and prevent an incredible amount of suffering”.

To date, ADRF has raised over $50,000 towards their $250,000 target, which they say will cover the costs to complete Phase 1 of the project in Bali and Thailand. Phase 2 will see them moving into Vietnam and Eastern Europe as soon as funds become available.

While February 23rd is officially World Spay & Neuter Day, anytime is a good time to consider a donation to make the life of a pooch half way across the globe just a little bit better. Head on over to American Dog Rescue’s website to accept the challenge.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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