Shelter Spotlight: Florida Little Dog Rescue

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Wonderful things come in small packages. Case in point: the pooches available for adoption through Florida Little Dog Rescue.

The way of the future? A virtual kennel eliminates all payroll expenses by utilizing the talents of an entirely volunteer workforce. They never worry about their rent going up because their rescued pooches are cared for in foster homes, not kennels. And the return rate from adoptions is minimal because actual families have beta-tested these fur-kids and can vouch for their quirky behaviors and personalities.

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It’s the Florida Little Dog Rescue Group and their team of volunteers who are stationed from Tampa to Tallahassee are ready and willing to take in pint-sized pooches from anywhere within the state of Florida at a moment’s notice. The mini-mutts involved are typically rescued from private homes and can live from just a few days to a few weeks with their new but temporary foster family depending on their physical condition and needs. This one-on-one relationship helps determine if the dog is fully house-trained, gets along with kids or other pets and what type of physical interaction he enjoys most; walks, playing ball or just cuddling on the sofa. It’s this type of personal intell that helps the group determine the best adoptive situation for the pooch.

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Once taken in, the dogs are given a thorough once over prior to adoption. The group ensures each dog is examined by a vet, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms or other parasites, and treated for any obvious conditions. All medical information is shared with prospective parents prior to moving forward in the adoption process – which can be a test in itself!

Because there is no kennel or visitation facility prospective parents must first go through an application and interview process. If they pass muster, they are contacted about scheduling a visit with the foster family who can then help evaluate whether the adoptive family is the right fit for their little ward.

Visit the Florida Little Dog Rescue website to view some of their most recent rescues and be assured that if a fur-kid in need catches your eye, the group’s many volunteers will be happy to answer your call or email as soon as time permits.

If adoption isn’t in your cards just yet, you should know that the Florida Little Dog Rescue group does not receive government funding so is fully dependent on charitable donations. Consider making a big difference for a small dog with a financial donation.

Mary Simpson is an animal-loving writer and communications professional. A soft touch for anything stray, she shares her century home with an eclectic collection of rescues that include orange tabby Chico, tuxedo Simon, and jet black Owen. She enjoys running, politics, exploring local wine regions and is an avid supporter of the “shop local” movement.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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