TrustedHousesitters: In-Home Pet Sitting You Can Count On

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
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You’re ready to hit the road for a little R&R, and unfortunately, your pet can’t go. You will miss them terribly, but it’s not always possible to take them everywhere with you. You’ll need to find the best of the best to care for your furry family members, but where should you look? The answer is easy: TrustedHousesitters .

Traveling with our pets is not always an option, and when it’s not, you need to have them cared for in a way that makes you (and them) feel comfortable and safe. Family or friends/neighbors may be an option, but not always. And truth be told, many dogs get anxious and uncomfortable when they’re in unfamiliar environments.

Most of us believe that our pets getting to stay in their own homes would be optimal (aside from being with us) and so pet-sitting in-house is growing exponentially. Google Trends tells us that pet sitting searches for dogs and cats went up 40% and 30% respectively from 2014 to 2018.

Lucky for us, sites like TrustedHousesitters are the answer to those searches. TrustedHousesitters is a global pet and house-sitting network that lets pet owners connect with verified sitters so your pets can stay in the safety and comfort of their own home while you’re gone.

Why Should I Use A Pet Sitter?

The quick and easy answer is that your pets are simply more at home when they’re…well, at home. Sure, there are fantastic kennels and boarding facilities, but for many pets, being in their own home will be far less stressful on them while you’re gone.

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about them being comfortable or without their favorite toys, food, places to nap, etc. An in-home pet sitter lets you basically keep your pet’s schedule as similar to normal as it can be. And you’ll have someone watching out for things at your home as well.

What Is TrustedHousesitters?

TrustedHousesitters is just about the coolest membership-based program for people who love pets and love to travel there is. It launched in 2010 and allows travel-loving homeowners who have pets to connect with house sitters who also love traveling and pets. Think of it like a matching service for someone looking to travel the world, and in doing so, pet and house sit for you while you’re gone—all without any money exchanging.

Yes, you read that right—no money is exchanged. TrustedHousesitters has created a global community of people who genuinely love pets and genuinely love traveling. You as a pet parent connect with pet sitters looking for a place to stay in your area, and they love on your pets for you while you’re gone. Talk about win-win! Pet sitters can travel the world with places (and furry friends) waiting for them to stay. You can trust that the pet and home sitter you’ve chosen thrives on relationship and trust while you’re away.

How Does TrustedHousesitters Work?

There are different membership options for you based on whether you’re a pet owner or a house & pet sitter. There’s even a membership option for you if you’re both! TrustedHousesitters has an annual membership fee, but you will never exchange money between members as pet parents or pet sitters. The fees cover access to services and to connect with others in the community, and they vary in tiers.

If you are a homeowner with a pet, you can pay for a one-year membership that will give you unlimited pet care from verified and reviewed house/pet sitters of your choice. The three tiers range from $129-$259, and offer home and contents protection, dedicated member support, unlimited video calls with vets at no charge, boosted search listing results and more. If you’re a premium pet owner, you even get two global airport lounge passes, cancellation insurance and a premium badge on listings.

If you’re a travel-loving sitter, you pay $129 a year for unlimited access to house sitting opportunities as well as free verification, member support, and 24/7 vet advice at no charge.

Suppose you want to be part of the TrustedHousesitters community as a sitter and homeowner. In that case, you can have a combined membership that ranges from $189-$319/year. Then you can travel with or without your pet at your leisure, and still find care and support in the TrustedHousesitters community!

Using the easy TrustedHousesitters app lets you connect with other members, book a pet sitter and more. You’ll have a profile that shows your home and pets for potential sitters to apply to. All you have to do is advertise the dates you’ll be going away and the responsibilities you want covered. Potential sitters will find you, connect and create a win-win adventure.

Most importantly, you know you can trust the pet and house sitters you’re looking at because TrustedHousesitters verifies and reviews sitters. To give added peace of mind, all TrustedHousesitters are encouraged to earn free verifications. There are several stages of checks a sitter goes through to become verified. You’ll be able to see Trust Badges, along with reviews from other pet parents, on sitter profiles across the site.

But just like you’d talk with any potential sitter you found on your own, TrustedHousesitters encourages its members to connect with each other using the app or their website to find the perfect fit. You’ll be able to read potential sitters’ profiles and their references and reviews from other pet parents like you. You’ll also have the option to have conversations about preferences, and you’ll be able to arrange a phone or video chat to talk more. If you’re local, you can even arrange a face-to-face meeting. The ultimate control in finding and choosing your pet’s perfect sitter is in your hands. You simply swipe, scroll and tap to explore potential verified sitters.

And you won’t have to worry about your pet’s health while you’re gone either. Simply being part of the TrustedHousesitters community gives sitters access to veterinary services 24 hours of the day. Your sitter will be able to update with photos and fun notes through the app, so you’ll always be in the know on how things are going.

TrustedHousesitters: Pet And Housesitting You Can Depend On


For over a decade, TrustedHousesitters has been giving members the peace of mind that comes with not worrying about your pets or home while you’re traveling. TrustedHousesitters has thousands and thousands of verified and reviewed pet sitters who love pets and love to travel, and this means most of the background work of finding the perfect fit is done. There are members from over 130 countries, so it’s a unique opportunity for you as a pet owner and the pet sitter.

When you think about how much it costs to board your pets locally, the membership cost (and no money exchanged) is really minimal, especially considering your pet stays in the comfort of his own home. A week’s stay at a local boarding kennel could cost nearly $1000. That said, for those who love pets and love to travel, hotel lodging in new areas could be costly too, so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship for pet parents and pet/house sitters.

Because it’s truly a unique community, members look out for and take care of one another—furry family included—and you can trust that the verified and reviewed pet sitters will consider you family as well. For those who have pets who simply don’t do well if they’re not in their own homes, it’s the best resource on the market. It’s the easiest way for pet parents to find in-home pet care they can depend on and the best way for pet sitters to get free places to stay all over the world.

Petcare you can count on and at a price you just can’t beat—go ahead and set your membership on TrustedHousesitters up now.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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