Amazing Wiener Dog Gives Birth to a Record Breaking Puppy Litter

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

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Puppy litters can certainly be large, but in the case of this brave Wiener dog mom, everyone was taken by surprise! This extraordinary female dachshund brought to the world a litter of no less than 11 puppies – there is definitely potential for a world record here. 

Winnie, a three-year-old female dachshund, was seemingly a normal pregnant dog, and nobody expected her litter to be this big. Normally, this breed of dog delivers between one and six puppies, but Winnie delivered nearly double that number in September.

“I was amazed by the litter”, said Winnie’s proud owner, Rayma Jones from Leicester, England. “I just kept counting them over and over.” Back in September of 2021, another Dachshund, named Cheesecake, delivered an equally amazing litter of 10 puppies. But Winnie beat that number and could possibly go on to win a Guinness World Record!

Owner Rayma can’t hide her surprise and excitement. “I was so surprised that I kept expecting her to pop out another one when I wasn’t looking,” she says. “She’s such a great mum. I’m overwhelmed that she could have had a world-record number of puppies. I looked online and I couldn’t believe it.”

During her pregnancy, everything seemed to be in order. At 35 days of her 9-week pregnancy, a vet’s scan showed six puppies in her belly. But surprises were quick to follow.

When the big day arrived, Rayma was prepared for a litter of six pups. The first popped out at 11:30 p.m., while the second came later, at 1:30 a.m. Rayma patiently sat with her dog through the night. The next four pups came in 20-minute intervals. But then, more puppies came. By the time puppy number 10 arrived, Rayma was amazed. She thought that was the final number, as brave little Winnie seemed to be done – she was now feeding her puppies and ceased to pant.

But when Rayma checked up on her later, she was stunned. “I thought 10 was amazing. She’d stopped panting and lay down feeding them. I really thought she’d finished, but when I came back I counted them and there were 11.”

The delivery ended with 11 healthy and super-cute puppies, proudly snoozing beside their momma Winnie. Rayma was surprised, certainly, but also incredibly happy.

“Winnie’s a natural. She even has ten nipples so she can feed them all at the same time. It’s very sweet to watch. She never wants to leave them, and if she hears a dog she’s right there next to them. She’s the best mum ever.”

Still, as happy as she is, Rayma admits that she can’t look after all the puppies in her home, and will have to find new homes for some of them when they get a bit older and weaned. After all, who could have expected to end up with 11 adult dogs to-be overnight?

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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