Four-Legged Surfers Hit the Waves at World Dog Surfing Championship

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
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Well, believe it or not, there is such a thing as dog surfing. In fact, it is so popular and competitive that a special World Dog Surfing Championship exists. And recently, the greatest of the four-legged furry surfers put their skills to the test.

The original concept for this unique dog sport originated in 2016, on the warm beaches of California. It has been a yearly event ever since, and always gathered large crowds and eager participants. This year was no exception. "There were great waves and a massive turnout for the World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica,” the organizers  said“plus we saw again this year a lot of rescue dogs get adopted, as well as many of our favorite dog surfing teams!"

And surfing is not the only thing in which eager dogs can compete. There are also categories such as a ball-and-fetch water competition, and a fashion show for dogs where furry fashionistas get a chance to strut their stuff on the coast. After the competing party of the event is finished, time for some merriment comes as everyone gathers for the annual “yappy hour”, an after-party with food and refreshments. I mean, it kinda sounds amazing, right? I know I’d want to swing by and watch pooches enjoy a day at the beach to the fullest.

Of course, in order to keep everything fair, all the events are separated into several categories. So we have the small, medium, large, and extra large dog categories, as well as human/dog tandem, dog/dog tandem, and the top dog final overall champions. With all those distinct categories, there are fun activities for everyone – and not a single pooch is left out!

As an added bonus, a part of all the profits made during the championship is donated to non-profit organizations related to surfing, dogs, and the environment. So, in the end, everyone wins at the World Dog Surfing Championships. Not to mention that it’s loads of fun, too!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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