BARK Customizes Dog Food To Ensure The Best Diet For Your Best Friend

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

You’ve probably heard about lots of different BARK Products: BarkBox, Super Chewer and even BARK Dental.

They’re all great products and there’s nothing dogs look more forward to than a fun package full of goodies arriving at their door just for them!

Except now maybe they’ll be even more excited because BARK has breed-specific dog food, BARK Food. As is BARK’s usual, there’s a lot more to it than just a great product. Their website is full of useful information for your dog and their breed, and even the pickiest of dogs seem to love the delicious, made-in-the-USA formulas. And now, you can save 30% off your first BARK Food order with code PETGUIDE30.

What’s Included?

BARK Food is one of the products parent company BARK offers for delivery to your furry best friends. BARK was founded in 2012 and has grown to be an industry leader in subscription options for dogs. BARK’s goal has always been to enhance the lives of our dogs, and in an easy way. What’s easier than something coming straight to your door and making your dog’s day? Not much, we say.

BARK Food: The Same Great Customer Experience as All Their Other Products

One of the things BARK has always been known for is its fun but focused commitment to a great experience for both dogs and humans. Right off the bat, they don’t disappoint. When we received our box of BARK Food, the packaging already indicated there were delicious ‘Nom Noms’ waiting inside. The specialized and breed-specific instructions for transition were easy to follow and fun too. We really enjoyed the card from our personalized BARK teammate, especially the picture (Lucas and Shiloh look super happy together).

The information for reaching BARK should you need anything is at your fingertips, and our favorite was the sheet of fun Lab Stickers. BARK continues to do really well with their extra special touches, and they won’t go unnoticed to the dog parent who loves their furbaby.

BARK Treats! There’s More to The Box!

Currently, there are ten breed-specific options in the BARK Food line. The Labrador recommendation is a chicken recipe, and the Pit Bull recommendation is an Alaskan Pollock recipe. For Chihuahuas, the recommendation is their ‘Itty Bitty Chicky’—better-sized for smaller eaters. There are more breeds planned for the lineup.

What we like especially for a first-time subscriber is the option for add-ons. The add-ons are considerately thought of as well, with the reasoning behind each. For instance, for Labs that tend to be fast eaters, a fun slow-feeder bowl was suggested. Additionally, Hip-Hop-Hooray treats were suggested to help with your Lab’s hip and joint health. For Pitties, a sleek Yeti bowl makes the recommended list, durable and resistant to even the strongest chewers.

You also have the option of selecting treats to be delivered with each food delivery, customized for your pup’s breed.

Speaking of delivery, one of the most incredible things we think BARK Food has to offer is its guarantee that the price will NEVER go up during your subscription time. Yep, it’s hard for us to believe too, but we have come to trust BARK for their integrity and commitment to customer service, so this is one of those subscription perks you almost can’t pass up.

But What About the Food?

Of course…the most important thing is, “What about the food?” Sure, a convenient delivery schedule and price that never goes up is appealing, but if the food isn’t good for your dog, or she won’t eat it, then you’re pretty much barking up the wrong tree, right?

That’s something you won’t have to worry about with BARK Food. All the food is made in the United States, and they use quality ingredients when formulating their blends. Corn, wheat and soy fillers are not in BARK Food’s vocabulary, and they even have an option for a Grain-Free kibble if that’s what your vet is recommending. And because good gut health is important to overall health in dogs, they include probiotics in each formulation. They include a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 so that your dog’s skin and coat are in tip-top shape, and every bite your dog takes is designed to give him the best nutrient absorption in a delicious way.

One of my dogs is super picky. She’s been that way since our older Golden passed away a few years ago—depression definitely takes a toll on our furry best friends. It’s been a never-ending journey trying to find a dog food she’d like and eat happily, so imagine how excited I was to see her immediately take interest and gobble it down (not too quickly, though, as we tried the slow feeder too to help aid in digestion). Wholesome, clean ingredients sourced and made in the United States and delivered right to our door seems to be the perfect enticement for her to chow down each meal. We tried both the Cockle Doodle Chew (chicken) and the Kibble of the Sea (Alaskan Pollock) formulations, and she loved them both pretty equally. The Kibble of the Sea didn’t smell quite as ‘fishy’ as some others we’ve tried have, and that made BOTH of us happy.

Why Do You Want BARK Food?

The truth is our dog’s longevity depends on their health, and the better they’re absorbing vital nutrition, the better their overall health will be. Good gut health has been linked to so many different things in both humans and in dogs, so ensuring they are eating a combination of ingredients that works to keep their guts healthy and happy is key. As we learn more about gut health importance with our dogs, and how important it is to their overall immunity, we pay more attention to what we feed them. BARK Food has us covered, with the perfect formulation of premium ingredients designed for gut health and vitality.

That said, there are a lot of dog foods on the market that do similarly. What makes BARK Food unique is the subscription feature and the price that won’t ever go up while you’re in an active subscription. The convenience of free shipping right to your door, combined with a price you won’t have to worry about changing due to the market and a taste even the pickiest dogs love is a tough one for dog parents to turn away from, myself included! The fact that it comes from a company we’ve grown to love and trust makes it a winner, and lets you feel good about what you’re feeding your best friend! BARK believes that life is better with dogs, and so they give lots to communities regarding resources and education so that dogs can thrive in the places they’re loved most—their homes. They’re huge advocates for fostering and creating dog-friendly community paces and generally work to make the world a better place for dogs and their humans. Making a delicious, affordable, and good-for-your-dog food that comes right to your door is one amazing way they do so.

Pros & Cons of BARK Food


While no dog food is perfect, BARK Food works hard to be close. With clean, quality ingredients that you can read and trust, made in the United States and sourced from responsible sources, it might be a bit costlier than an average shelf kibble. That said, you just don’t find companies willing to guarantee there will be no price changes (despite what may be happening in the market) during your active subscription and there is no penalty for ever canceling your subscription either. 

Some consumers say they’d like a few different recipe formulations for those dogs who like to rotate in flavor offerings, and with only ten breeds currently being offered right now, it seems very limited in scope. One of their best features is all the cool ‘breed-specific’ options and tidbits, so more breeds will definitely enhance the lineup.

One of BARK’s best things is their customer service, however, and they are excellent about making suggestions based on your dog, even if he’s not one of the featured breeds. They excel in being friendly and open to communication about what will be best for your dog, and they allow you to select your breed so that you can be notified when breed-specific food is available.

That said, the ingredients and love that goes into the formulations they have now are combinations that just about any dog can thrive with, and that’s BARK Food’s whole goal—for all dogs to thrive and live their best lives.

Pricing may seem a bit high initially, but in comparison to many similar premium brands, they’re not just affordable but they deliver too. And as we’ve already mentioned, they won’t go up in price if market ingredient price should go up (or be difficult to find in a weird supply chain mess).

All in all, the more we can do to take care of our dogs, the better we feel and BARK Food couldn’t make it easier. You simply sign your dog up and wait for the goodness to come – and don’t forget to save 30% off your first BARK Food order with code PETGUIDE30. Your dog just might get to the point where he’s sitting in front of the door on delivery day, just waiting for his latest BARK package!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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