Day or Night, StarWalk Puts Your Pooch on the Path to a Healthier Life

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Nope, it has nothing to do with taking a romantic moonlight stroll! StarWalk is the easy, visual way to keep track of your dog’s daily exercise regimen.

Smartphones rule our daily routine. It has us trained – we look at it to check a message, read an email or see why our cell is buzzing. Along the way, we find ourselves browsing other apps, checking out our friends’ statuses on social media sites or see if we’ve met our Fitbit goals for the day (Spoiler alert: you haven’t). A private message here, a funny link there and before you know it, we’ve wasted an hour or our time doing absolutely nothing.

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StarWalk aims to change the way you look at your daily routine… well, your dog’s routine, that is. This small device attaches to your dog’s collar and measures your dog’s steps using an advanced accelerometer. What sets this canine fitness tracker apart is that the StarWalk allows you to visually see your dog’s progress while they are wearing it.

All of this information is available using a free app on your phone, but StarWalk’s whole purpose is to be as user-friendly as possible – even for those aren’t tech-savvy. From the simple app to its easy design and setup, the StarWalk is meant to be visually clear so that you don’t have to refer to your phone to see your progress; all you have to do is look while your dog is wearing it.

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The device has a small screen where has a star will slowly get bigger the closer you are to your dog’s fitness goals. This means you don’t have to check your app (and get distracted with something else) whilst checking if your dog has met its daily exercise requirement. If all the star’s bars are illuminated, you’re all set for the day.

Since StarWalk can illuminate, you can rest assured your dog will be seen if you need to step out for a quick five-minute walk outside at night. Not only that, it also reminds you of medication that needs to be taken, as well as important dates – like that next trip to the vet – by blinking a few times.

This device is great for busy households who may not have the time to constantly refer to StarWalk’s phone app to check on how your dog is doing, or who may forget about one or two doggy dates. Furthermore, by scheduling your dog’s future activities into the app, you’ll never forget a check-up or a play date again.

StarWalk retails for $49.99 and it’s available in black and white. If you want to get moving, head to the StarWalk website to pick one up.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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