Keep Your Dog’s Head Above Water With The Watercollar PFD

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Hedz UP Pets launches Kickstarter campaign to fund lifesaving Watercollar Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for dogs.

Your dog can be pretty good at locating a stick thrown out into the lake or retrieving his squeaky toy from the middle of a swimming pool. But when it comes to getting back onto dry land, admit it – he often looks more like a pinball bouncing around from place to place as he searches for a way out. Now imagine if you weren’t there to guide him.

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The truth is, a dog can only keep swimming for around 20 minutes – less if he panics – and each year thousands of owners lose their pets to drowning.

Enter Hedz UP and the Watercollar. Because the device hangs comfortably from your pet’s collar it can be attached well in advance of his water activities which makes it perfect for when he just wants to lounge pool-side or relax on the boat deck. And unlike traditional dog life jackets that hold your pooch in a swimming position, the hexagonal-shaped collar focuses on keeping his nose and ears above water allowing for easy treading and ensuring a panic-free dog paddle back to safety.

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Even more impressive, it meets the same US Coast Guard design standards as human flotation device requirements!

And as part of Hedz UP’s KickStarter fundraising campaign to earn $10,000 towards production and marketing of their first volume run, they’re offering donors a “Save Dogs From Drowning” Community Awareness kit that will help promote dog water safety. Great initiative with summer just around the corner!

If you want your own Watercollar, contribute to the official Hedz UP Kickstarter campaign.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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