See Spot Run… But Never Lose Sight Of Him Again With Pod

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Touted as the world’s smallest, lightest GPS pet tracker, Pod lets you track your pet’s adventures and activity in real time no matter where in the world you are!

“Hey, where’s the dog?” This question comes up at least once a day when we visit our lakefront cabin, where our yellow lab Fred can’t help but wander off. It’s understandable, given the trees, the water, the critters, the food-friendly neighbors. You can’t blame him – it’s doggy heaven! But his flight is our plight. “If only he had a GPS!” I’ve wished of the doggy gods every time the dog does his daily disappearing act. It seems as though my prayers have been answered by Pod.

What’s Pod, you ask?

Pod has positioned itself as the world’s smallest, lightest GPS tracker designed especially for cats and dogs. That means you can keep tabs on your best buddy, wherever his nose leads him. (And if your pet’s anything like Fred, that’ll be in the vicinity of food!)

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Sad story, happy ending

According to recent stats, one in three pets will go missing in its lifetime. That’s 10 million lost pets every year. This sad statistic was all too true for Pod’s founder and creator, Sebastian Langton, who lost his cat Rango more than a year ago. But Langton’s loss was not for naught, prompting him to develop the Pod prototype and kick off a crowd-funding campaign to get the project off the ground. More than a year in development, $150,000 raised and an exclusive deal later, Pod is coming to a pet shop near you (or available for online purchase).

How it works

It couldn’t be easier – for you or your pet. Pod’s GPS tracker straps onto any sized collar and employs the same technology used to track wildlife in the Aussie outback. And if it can survive the tough rigors of the Australian terrain, I’m sure it’ll stand up to whatever mischief Fred can get into! Pod technology is synched with your mobile app and web app, so you set the boundaries and track your pet’s real-time location, activities, and get perimeter alerts. And when your curious wanderer makes a break for it, you’ll be ready.

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Connected, charged up and good to go

Pod uses Vodaphone and partnering networks around the world to communicate with the app, so whether it’s country or city rambling, your pet will always be accounted for. Pod is waterproof, it can take a beating, and comes with interchangeable batteries (that means Fido isn’t confined to lockdown while batteries are charging). Mind you, the battery life is pretty good as it is. In standby mode, you’ll have power for three to four days, in perimeter mode you’ll get one to 1.5 days, while tracking mode will give you about six to eight hours of battery life.

The Pod retails for about $180 US, which includes the first 12 months of mobile data and SMS. The optional renewal after the first year will run around $49 per year – money well spent for the peace of mind you’ll get, knowing where you furry friend is at all times without keeping him on a short leash.

If you want to keep tabs on your pooch or kitty, this lightweight GPS pet tracker is available on Pod’s website.

Lydia McNutt is an award winning writer, editor, blogger and proud mama of three of the fur-babies: her two cats, Phoebe and Brewster (who think they are dogs,) and her 90-pound yellow lab, Fred – the biggest lap dog you’ll ever meet. When her head’s not in a cloud of fur, you’ll find Lydia chasing her toddler through the neighborhood, reading a good biography, or writing about… Well, you’ll just have to read more of Lydia’s articles to find out!

Lydia McNutt
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