Arnie’s Daughter Writes Dog Adoption Book for Kids Based on True Sto

Katherine Schwarzenegger has written Maverick and Me, based on her own true story, to encourage kids to give a home to a rescue dog.

Katherine Schwarzenegger is of course, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She’s also a big believer of dog adoption, and her fostering journey started by pure chance. She was passing a shelter with her sister and they spotted a sign asking for people to foster dogs. Being kind-hearted girls, they thought this was a brilliant idea and something they could definitely help with.

They probably didn’t say ‘I’ll be back’, but once they had their garage at home converted into kennels, they returned to the shelter and offered a fabulous foster home to eight puppies.

One of the foster puppies was called Maverick, and it’s his story that is the basis for Katherine’s new book called Maverick and Me. The story follows the life of Maverick, from being found on the freeway, to ending up with Katherine in his loving forever home.

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Katherine is an ambassador for the ASPCA and has written the book with a goal in mind. Her mission is to encourage kids, and their parents, to look at all the options before getting a dog.

She’s also keen to get rid of the misconceptions that people have about rescue animals. Often people think that all rescue animals will be problematic. They’ll be nervous, aggressive or not good with children. This is simply not true. Of course some animals will have issues, and will need a particular type of home, but there are literally thousands of gorgeous dogs out there that love living with children. It’s all a case of finding the right home for the right dog.

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If you’d like to pick up a copy of Katherine’s book Maverick and Me, it’s on sale now.

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