The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip Lets You Plan Epic Bucket List

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A new book that details the top pet-friendly destinations in the U.S. has hit the shelves, giving pet owners the opportunity to plan The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip for themselves and their furry friends.

About ten years ago, Rod and Amy Burkert decided to sell their house, buy an RV and take the adventure of a lifetime with their dogs Ty and Buster. Their purpose was obviously to enjoy quality time together, but in their trekking, they searched for and chronicled pet-friendly destinations, hotels, attractions, campgrounds, eating places and more.

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This led to the creation of, which is an amazing site full of resources, tricks and tips for pet travel and a road planner, as well as a guide for the best gear when traveling the country with your pets. It’s become the most comprehensive resource on pet-friendly travel you’ll find, and now, Amy has put out a new book, “The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip.”

Looking for the bucket list of all bucket lists with your pets? You’ll find all the trips you’ll want to take with your pets and all the places you’ll want to show them in this book. Because Amy and Rod aren’t looking for ‘vacation’ spots but memory destinations, they’ve become professional road trippers with pets and they share all their favorite spots and ideas in this fun book with gorgeous photos.

Much of the research for the book came from their 10-month, 15,000-mile trek to each of the lower 48 states’ and Washington, D.C.’s top pet-friendly destination, and it features 200 gorgeous pics of their trip and their best pieces of advice for each place they ventured.

Amy says that traveling with pets is fantastic, but to do so well, you need to have a good plan because there are so many destinations worth trekking to with them. The book is broken into chapters that focus on the state’s best pet-friendly feature and along with pics, has all the must-do tips for both pets and their humans.

Some of the highlighted favorites Amy shares are Carmel Beach, California and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens near Charleston, South Carolina. She loved the San Juan Islands in Washington and thinks the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore near Gary, Indiana was fabulous. If you’re looking into regional road-trips, the book has nine that give five or six stops each and readers can access the road trip planner that has over 65,000 vetted pet-friendly locations from their site.

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So whether you’re looking to find the best places to travel with Fido this fall or winter, or you’re wanting to know where and go to the ten most memorable places in the U.S. for your pet, The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip will give you all you need to know to do so. Like Amy says, “When you’re looing back in the rearview mirror and see those happy fur-babies? You’ll be glad you did!”

The book is now available for just $30 and makes a great holiday gift idea too!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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