Fur Best Friends Tackle Canine Cancer Bucket List Together

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
When one man learned his beloved pup had cancer, he decided he wanted to make every day she had with him count, and created a bucket list for her. Now, with her cancer in remission, Lucy and her best fur-friend Candy enjoy checking bucket list items off one by one!

Dan Pinder has owned a popular pet-sitting business outside of Bloomfield, Michigan for over a decade. Through the years, he’s helped raise funds for various pet charities and individual pets, but never realized one day, his own pet would need to be on the receiving end. His dog Lucy is a self-confessed Diva, with her own social media pages and followers!

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About 14 months ago, Pinder found a lump on Lucy’s back, and didn’t even plan to do much with it because he believed it was a fatty tumor. He did have it removed, however, and it turned out that it was cancer. Treatment was costly, and ended up being even more costly as she tore a ligament in the whole process. That was when all of Lucy’s admires and Pinder’s friends stepped up to help their little pal out. Lucy’s cancer is in remission now, but the experience left Pinder knowing how he wanted Lucy to spend her days.

He created a bucket list for Lucy, believing that whatever time she had left should be spent doing what she loves, and she clearly agrees. Now, she spends her days dressed like the diva she is, living the good life with her best pal Candy. They like their massages, and have a following in their town, known as the “Bloomfield Glamor Girls.”

Candy’s mama, Sharla Ahmed, became friends with Pinder, and the two pups (Candy also has a social media page, Candy Vizsla), along with Candy’s fur sibling Tequilla get postcards and gifts from around the worlds, with fans sending encouraging notes and support. Pinder says that Lucy is a fashionista who loves her collars, and she and Candy (whose mama describes as a Little Hungarian Princess), enjoy garden parties, runs by the beaches and Hawaiian luaus, complete with doggy leis.

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The two best buddies enjoy ice cream from a local shop in Franklin and sharing it in the park on warm days. The pair, who are ten years apart in age, have sleepovers and clothes that they ‘play dress up’ in, and according to their parents, live a great life with each other’s companionship.

And though Pinder says the day may come when is little “Supah Model,” may have cancer return, she and her pal Candy, until it does, they are celebrating each day they have together, and clearly, doing so in doggy style!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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