Grab The GoGo Stick: It’s Your Go-To When Fido Go-Goes

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Spring is in the air and winter has left us with a nasty #2 mess. It’s poop-scoopin’ season, and if you wouldn’t touch doodie with a 10-foot pole, you’ll want to get the GoGo Stik!

Spring has sprung. Ahhh, smell that fresh air, the blooming buds, the… dog poop? That’s a downright reek that will bring tears to your eyes, after a long winter of bathroom breaks in the backyard leaves layers of frozen bogies buried beneath the ice and snow. Then, come spring, it all melts away and – you guessed it! You’ve got four months’ worth of dog doodie to dodge and clean. That’s a lot of crapola. The GoGo Stik is the one tool you’ll want to have on hand for this dirty job.

The poop problem

Simply put, poop is gross. Bending over, picking it up with your hand – ewww. Does the barely-there, sometimes holey plastic bag stretched over your hand really make it any better? I think not. It’s stinky, it’s unsanitary, and most definitely the “short straw” job when spring-cleaning season rolls around at my house. But someone’s gotta do it.

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The super-duper pooper-scooper solution

If the mere idea makes of it you wanna hurl, don’t punish yourself another minute. There is a better way! Touted as the “Totally Clean, Patented Dual-Edged Super Scoop,” the GoGo Stik is your super-duper pooper-scooper, equipped with a short or long handle, for those who want to put as much air between their nose and the offending object. Just load any bag through the hoop (even a paper bag will do the trick), and the integrated double-sided scooper pulls the poop into the bag – for fuss, no muss, no bending, and most importantly, no hands! For big jobs, like the annual spring sweep, just use a bigger bag and you’re ready to hit the dirt, so to speak. A whole yard can be de-funked in minutes.

I think that the GoGo Stik would make a great addition to any property, condo or apartment manager’s arsenal. For whatever reason, people think that the complex’s lawn if a free-for-all poop zone. But that’s not the case… someone has to deal with it. And the GoGo Stik helps them get the job done without worrying about their gag reflex kicking in.

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Any time, any place, any poop

You know the sense of dread you get when your dog takes aim, for the third time in one walk, after you’ve already used up the two bags you were sure would suffice? The GoGo Stik is the take-along tool that is ready to scoop when he’s ready to poop. Before you embark on your outing, just load a bag (a larger size, if the above scenario is familiar to you), grab your GoGo, and go! Weighing in at just one pound, this ultra light-weight scooper is easy to take along, on hand wherever Sparky’s urge takes over. Use the rounded edge on grass, sand or snow for easy soft-surface pick-up, and the straight edge works wonders on sidewalks and hard surfaces.

Stop flushing money down the toilet

Have you considered how much money you’re flushing down the toilet (pun intended) on poop bags? GoGo Stik lets you load any old bag, from empty bread and produce bags, to paper bags, to large and small plastic bags with or without handles. Whatever you can get your hands on. And for those big jobs, use just one big bag to collect it all.

I think that the GoGo Stik, priced at $24.95, is a great purchase. Just don’t be surprised if all your neighbors come by asking to borrow it when they’ve got a stinky mess of their own!

Lydia McNutt is an award winning writer, editor, blogger and proud mama of three of the fur-babies: her two cats, Phoebe and Brewster (who think they are dogs,) and her 90-pound yellow lab, Fred – the biggest lap dog you’ll ever meet. When her head’s not in a cloud of fur, you’ll find Lydia chasing her toddler through the neighborhood, reading a good biography, or writing about… Well, you’ll just have to read more of Lydia’s articles to find out!

Lydia McNutt
Lydia McNutt

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