AutoDiet Feeder Puts An End To Your Pets’ All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
When you have more than one pet, meal time can turn into a feeding frenzy. But the programmable AutoDiet Feeder stops greedy gorging and food bullying in multi-pet households.

Feeding time is a free-for-all at my house. The meowing and whining starts at 5 AM, and by the time the food gets doled out, my two cats and dog are a ravenous, restless bunch. And who is actually eating whose kibble? I have my suspicions. My cat Phoebe, otherwise known as “the fat one,” devours her meal, and then proceeds to manhandle Brewster and polish off her share as well. Poor, skinny little Brewster. And don’t even get me started with Fred – aka the canine trash compactor.

Aside from the hungry factor, we’ve got the weight factor to content with, not to mention those early morning wake-up calls! On top of that, I know that getting between my pets and their food risks immanent injury. It’s Wireless Whiskers’ AutoDiet Feeder to the rescue! This smart feeder is the solution to food bullies and bingers in multi-pet households, ensuring that each pet gets its fair share.

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How It Works

Simply attach the wireless tag to your pet’s collar, which contains programmed information including a customizable feeding schedule and pre-determined serving size. Whether your pet eats two large meals a day or six small ones, the AutoDiet Feeder can accommodate and dole out food when appropiate. When Fido approaches, the automatic feeder reads his identity and profile, measures out the pre-determined food amount, the doors open and voila – chow time! When he reaches his food limit or leaves the feeder (what would typically signal open season for the other animals!) the doors automatically close to prevent food sneaking by the others.

A single feeder can serve up to eight pets, as long as they all eat the same food. If your brood is a canine/feline combo or the pets require different diets, you’ll want a separate feeder for each food on the menu.

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One Feeder, Many Benefits

The fair factor: Each pet gets its food without worries of it getting eaten up by a lurker. Because you can’t watch your greedy dog at all times of the day, the AutoFeeder makes sure all your pets get their fair share.

The fat factor: If your pet is like mine, then it’s likely always hungry and a little rounder than you’d like it to be. While dogs can be exercised to help reach their ideal healthy weight, cats are often more sedentary and thus, more difficult to keep in check. The AutoDiet Feeder doles out the optimal amount of food, and it records how much was eaten (as increases or decreases in food intake can be indicators of underlying health problems).

The time factor: Aside from those early morning wake-up calls, we’ve all gotten stuck in traffic, or been caught up at work, or gone out for dinner that turned into late-night drinks while the pets’ tummies rumble as they wait, and wait, and wait… The AutoDiet Feeder is programmed with each pet’s designated feeding time, so whether you make it home or not, dinner (or breakfast!) is on. On the other hand, if you prefer to be in charge, you can always forgo the fully automatic control and operate the feeder manually.

Designed for cats and small dogs up to 18 inches tall, the AutoDiet Feeder retails for $159.99. You can purchase it online, via the Wireless Whiskers website.

Lydia McNutt is an award winning writer, editor, blogger and proud mama of three of the fur-babies: her two cats, Phoebe and Brewster (who think they are dogs,) and her 90-pound yellow lab, Fred – the biggest lap dog you’ll ever meet. When her head’s not in a cloud of fur, you’ll find Lydia chasing her toddler through the neighborhood, reading a good biography, or writing about… Well, you’ll just have to read more of Lydia’s articles to find out!

Lydia McNutt
Lydia McNutt

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