Dogs Get Schooled In Earning Treats With Smart Feeder Pet Tutor Blu

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Our latest Kickstarter find – the Bluetooth LE-enabled Pet Tutor Blu encourages good behavior, physical and mental activity through a customizable, reward-based training regimen.

How many times have you left Sparky home alone, only to be welcomed back by a wagging tail accompanied by a trashed house, chewed furniture or garbage, torn open, picked through and littering every visible surface? Blame it on boredom, separation anxiety, or a missed meal. Pet parents can all relate.

My husband once closed our bedroom door before heading off to work, in an effort to keep our dog off the bed. To keep himself entertained while we were away, our furry friend used our TV remote control as chew toy, which we discovered only after he pooped out little blue buttons the next day. If only there was a way to keep him busy when we’re not around…

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Pet Tutor Blu is schooling pet owners and educators on the science of training and entertaining your animals. Touted as the world’s smartest pet games and training system, the Bluetooth LE-enabled Pet Tutor Blu is designed to give your fur-ball a mental and physical workout, through the use of apps, games and a food-based reward system.

A more humane way to train

Whether your dog is a barker, a chewer or a gorger, it’s natural to want to punish bad behavior. But science has proven that positive reinforcement can go a long way to restoring order to your dog house, so to speak. Through rewards, you’ll actually be highlighting good conduct as opposed to focusing on the bad. And if your dog is anything like mine, a little treat goes a long way.

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How it works

Simply fill the Pet Tutor Blu with your dog’s favorite food or treats, download the app and using your smartphone, smart tablet or the Pet Tutor Blu Smart Clicker, you’ll be able to create a customized program to feed, exercise, train and entertain your pet. And while dogs are the house pet that most commonly comes to mind for this application, this system can also be used for cats, parrots, even horses, employed by animal shelters, zoos, farms, wildlife parks – wherever you find animals, you’ll find use for Pet Tutor Blu.

For the pet-lovin’ techies out there

If you’ve got an idea for a training or gaming app for your pet, Pet Tutor Blu was designed with open architecture that allows developers to write new programs and add accessories, taking customized training to the next level.

Now that you’re as good as sold on this product

The makers of Pet Tutor Blu recognized the limitations of laptop-to-remote controls, and as with any truly worthwhile product these days, mobile technology is a must. A Kickstarter campaign is raising money to bring Pet Tutor Blu to the smartphone platform, and help to fund the Smart Clicker accessory.

With a Kickstarter goal of $30,000 to get this project off the ground, the team (consisting of animal trainers, engineers, product developers and testers, retail professionals, and sales and marketing gurus) are within reaching distance of their goal. Check out the Pet Tutor website to learn more and pledge one of the rewards to advance the pet industry and make your home a quieter, more orderly, less chewed place.

Lydia McNutt is an award winning writer, editor, blogger and proud mama of three of the fur-babies: her two cats, Phoebe and Brewster (who think they are dogs,) and her 90-pound yellow lab, Fred – the biggest lap dog you’ll ever meet. When her head’s not in a cloud of fur, you’ll find Lydia chasing her toddler through the neighborhood, reading a good biography, or writing about… Well, you’ll just have to read more of Lydia’s articles to find out!

Lydia McNutt
Lydia McNutt

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