Smart, Sleek And Savvy: The ALNpet Smart Feeder Takes Noms To New Tech

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Smart Feeder, Smart Collar and Smart App – the Holy Trinity in pet care, all in one shiny, impressive package. It’s dishware 2.0 for the busy pet parent who wants to keep an eye on Fido’s eating habits.

Toto is going tech with the help of ALNpet and its latest innovation in pet care: the Smart Feeder, Smart Collar and Smart App. This Holy Trinity in integrated pet care will track your pet’s feeding, activity and rest patterns, allowing you to optimize Fido’s health using your smart phone. Smart, you say? Brilliant, actually.

C’mon, get appy!

Let’s face it – life’s isn’t slowing down any time soon, so why is Fido getting the short end of the stick here? Between rushing out the door in the morning and coming home late after a full day’s work topped off by bumper-to-bumper traffic, your pooch has undoubtedly suffered through a late (or missed!) meal and a little loneliness to boot. Sad, but true – and thanks to ALNpet’s Smart system, totally preventable. The Smart system lets you “be there” even when you’re not, all through the power of connectivity. Wait, there’s an app for that? You bet your bone there is! Here’s how it works.

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Using the Smart Feeder, Smart Collar and Smart App in synch, the system will track your dog’s feeding and activity levels, and make suggestions based on his patterns, breed, age and weight. By week four, ALNpet promises a trimmer, happier pup.

Feed me!

The Smart Feeder is an ingenious integrated unit that keeps kibble (in lock-down, to prevent sniffing and snack-sneaking), weighs it, dispenses it and when your dog’s done scarfing down din-din, the dish retracts back into the unit’s sleek, streamlined body. The Smart Feeder is the first feeder that’s linked to an app, allowing you to remotely feed without fault – no matter what life (or traffic) throws at you. Fido will never go hungry again! Just connect to Smart App, and watch the kibble fly – literally. The Smart Feeder unit includes an integrated camera and microphone, so you can see your dog, talk to him, sing, tell jokes, whatever gets his tail wagging.

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Eat, sleep, play, repeat

The other part of the smart (ingenious, actually) pet-care system is the Smart Collar – the world’s smallest and lightest tracking device that lets you keep tabs on your pet’s day-to-day activity levels, from laps around the coffee table to nap time and everything in between. It’s waterproof, pet-proof, and probably most importantly, idiot-proof. Based on your pet’s breed, weight, age and level of physical activity, the app even provides feeding suggestions, measures portions and lets you dole them out remotely.

The three Smart components work together to feed you information on your pets habits, what is lacking (translation: activity) and what is being overdone (translation: food) so you can optimize your dog’s health. It’s the next best thing to the dog telling you himself.

The Smart App syncs with ALNpet products via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 2G/3G/4Gwireless network, and has a September arrival date at a price of $399. You can check out ALNpet’s website for more deets and project updates. If you’d like to see it in action, be sure to watch the video below – it’s pretty cool!

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