Upscale Dog Bowls Let Fido Chow Down Like A Posh Pooch

Shellie Sutera
by Shellie Sutera
You a have fine dining set… well, your dog should have one, too! Ceramic never goes out of style, and these chic dog bowls add panache to your dog’s dinner.

You treat your pup like royalty in all aspects of his life, so don’t forget the fancy dining wear. Just as you dine on your fine china, so should your dog – and it’s not just for special occasions! No matter what your style, there are ceramic dog dishes that range from modern to whimsical (and everything in between). When choosing fine dining wear for your dog, be sure not just to consider esthetics, but the size and eating habits of your dog.

Here are a few dog bowls we’d love to set out for our pooches:

Modern Ceramic Dog Bowls

Cloud7 offers a wonderful selection of refined dishware for dogs and dog lovers. While they have plenty of options to choose from, the warm grey Oliver dog bowl stands out. It’s a high-quality ceramic bowl that has a glazed inner surface and matt outer surface appearance. The classic Cloud7 logo appears on the outer side of the bowl to let everyone know your dog only eats from the best bowls. Since the kitchen is the most common place pet owners feed their dogs, this particular ceramic dog bowl will complement a modern kitchen that features white, black, grey or granite décor.

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Whimsical Ceramic Dog Bowls

Waggo Home offers vibrant, cheerful and festive style ceramic dog bowls that will add a splash of color to your décor. One popular pick for ceramic dog bowls is the navy or cherry colored glazed fork or knife pattern. You can choose a matching set or mix and match the colors and style. Another Waggo Home favorite is the sketched wave dog bowl. If your dog loves the water or you have nautical décor, you will want to get onboard with this ceramic dog bowl adorned with whimsical waves. It’s also a perfect pick for summer dinning, no matter what your home décor.

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Artisan Ceramic Dog Bowls

Fenella Smith offers a range of inspirational and heartwarming decorative ceramic dog bowls, mugs and more. We couldn’t resist the Fenella Smith Pug round ceramic dog bowl that features three different colored pugs in costume sitting on interior of the bowl. Other bowls of similar style include the Bow Wow, Scottie, Jack Russell, Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Dogs Trust, Labrador and Dachshund. Each bowl has adorable pictures of the specific dog breed located on the inside of the bowl. When your dog is finished eating, you can enjoy the fabulous artwork left behind. These heartwarming bowls fit in with any home décor and add a bit of charm while not in use.

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Shellie Sutera
Shellie Sutera

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