10 Best Dog Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

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Getting a puppy is all kinds of exciting: they are cute, cuddly, playful, and can’t seem to stop making you laugh. Of course, puppies are just babies, so it’s all expected- same as the responsibilities and problems that come with it. From potty training to puppy-proofing your home, there’s plenty of hard work involved in all that adorableness. The hardest part about having a puppy, though, according to most pet pawrents, is going through their teething stage. The process of shedding milk teeth and the eruption of permanent chompers usually happens within the first 3 months of a dog’s life. And, man, it’s ruff–both on the pooch and his owners.

Teething is uncomfortable for puppies and can often be very painful, which they try to solve by gnawing at anything and everything that is within reach. Sadly, in most cases, this means your favorite (or the most expensive) pair of shoes you own, the legs of your family heirloom sofa, or the cables of your newest tech gadget. Well, it’s not always the things that you hold most dear that your pooch will destroy completely, but either way–teething will cause damage to your possessions and can potentially lead your pet to eat something that could injure him. To prevent all this mess in the first place, you need to give them a worthy distraction–chew toys.

Chew toys designed to meet the needs of teething puppies are durable, enticing, and work to alleviate the pain. It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually important to consider all of the important factors before buying. To make sure your new pet is going through his puppyhood pain-free and stress-free, we’ve rounded up the best dog chew toys for teething puppies–backed by hundreds of happy pawrents–as well as a short guide on what benefits chew toys have for puppies and what features should they have. 

Dog Chew Toys: Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

There’s nothing better for sore, inflamed gums than a frozen chew toy to cool them while the puppy is busy gnawing and chomping. At first glance, this chew toy doesn’t look like much–soft toys are not usually chew proof–but it transforms into a perfect puppy teether with one simple process. Just wet it and leave to freeze before offering to your furry baby. Not only that the pleasant coolness will entice them, but the toy becomes crunchy when frozen- ideal if you want your puppy to pay attention to it! Although, the colorful fringe would have probably piqued their interest anyway.

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Dog Chew Toys: KONG Puppy

KONG is a name that’s impossible to skip when talking about chew toys for dogs, and their puppy-friendly range is as impressive as the adult one. Designed to suit the needs of a teething puppy with sore gums and sharp teeth, this fillable treat chew toy will give your pet hours of fun while encouraging healthy tooth eruption at the same time. It’s also a great choice if you’re unsure that any old toy would keep your puppy enthusiastic, as this one can be filled with their favorite treats, kibble, or peanut butter. After all, if a toy filled with yummies doesn’t keep your puppy occupied, nothing will!

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Dog Chew Toys: rocket & rex

For those indecisive pet pawrents (or puppies!) these sets are heaven-sent. Instead of mulling over what type of dog chew toys for teething will work for your pet’s quirks and preferences, why not have them all and let them decide what they like? This chew toy pack contains 6 toys: a dog ring, dog ball, dog rope, 2 different dog bones, and a plush toy cow. The sheer variety can keep your pooch occupied throughout all of the teething stages, from first shed milk teeth to last permanent ones to erupt!

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Dog Chew Toys: Nylabone

Specially designed to be gnawed at by puppies whose teeth are still erupting, these adorable pacifier chew toys are made from nylon material that’s both soft and durable–it won’t hurt your puppy’s sore gums and yet, it won’t be ripped to shreds after a few days of gentle use. The raised bristles are another bonus feature, as they will massage the puppy’s gums and make the teething process a little easier to bear. PS. These puppy pacifiers are bacon flavored, so if your puppy doesn’t seem to stick with toys for long, these tantalizing teethers will keep him motivated for sure.

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Dog Chew Toys: Benebone

These bacon-flavored chew toys were made with teething puppies in mind–after all, they were such a hit with big pooches, so why not go small and see what the youngsters think about them? Naturally, Benebone impressed puppies, too, with its perfectly dense and firm nylon toys that have the right give for a teething pooch and a real bacon flavor captivate all of their curious senses. The ergonomic design and ridged hoops are ideal for stimulating teeth eruption and massaging gums, too, so these chew toys will both entertain and soothe.

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Dog Chew Toys: PetSafe Chilly Penguin

When you’re a puppy whose teeth are erupting, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter: ice treats are always a welcome distraction. This cute and practical penguin-shaped chew toy has a snowflake-shaped opening in the center, which you can fill with broth, peanut butter, or just water and leave to freeze. When the puppy chews and gnaws at the toy, the iced center will soothe their sore and inflamed gums, while the flavor of the frozen treat will encourage them to keep on playing with the toy. Made from durable rubber, the Chilly Penguin toy can, later on, be used filled with kibble or treats–no need to freeze it after your puppy has all of his permanent teeth in.

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Dog Chew Toys: PetSafe GUCHO

The nubs, notches, and ridges on this fun disk chew toy give the perfect amount of massage and pressure to a puppy’s inflamed gums and do wonders for any pooch going through the painful teething stage. From whichever angle your puppy decides to nibble on this toy, he’ll get the full effect of the textured surface. To boot, this chew toy is made from 100 percent natural rubber that is not too hard but still tough enough to withstand abuse from your puppy’s razor-sharp teeth. It’s one of those teething toys that usually survive through the puppyhood and remain a puppy’s fave long after his baby days are over.

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Dog Chew Toys: Nylabone

If you’re unsure about what type of chew toys your puppy needs, go for a variety pack. This starter kit from Nylabone is designed to cater to the youngest canines out there, with 3 different bone-shaped toys that will make teething much less painful and irritating. The pink bone with massaging nubs is the soft, chicken-flavored Puppy Bone that is ideal for the initial teething stages. The white DuraChew bone is aimed for those destructive chewers that need more of a challenge–offer it to your puppy when most of their permanent teeth have erupted. And finally, your pooch gets to enjoy an edible chew toy with lamb and apple flavor.

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Dog Chew Toys: Petstages Orka

The multiple different textures and the design that allows for tug of war games are what makes this chew toy so popular with puppies. The two solid rings at the ends of the toy are reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond textures that attract puppies with their gum-massaging effect, and the inner twisted rope link adds more flair and variety to the mix. Your puppy can have hours of fun with this toy, even if you’re not pulling on the other end. And that’s great, as it means no more chewed shoes!

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Dog Chew Toys: oneisall

As your puppy’s teeth erupt, he’ll need stronger and tougher toys. This bone-shaped hard nylon chew toy is not meant for puppies that have just started teething, but rather for those that are close to having all of their permanent teeth. It’s a perfect chew toy to transition into adulthood, as it will definitely last your pet a long time, even if he’s an aggressive chewer. Even after the bacon flavor fizzles out, the toughness of this toy will keep your pooch keen on gnawing it!

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Oh, you’ll know when your puppy’s teething, there’s no doubt about that. If it wasn’t so painfully obvious, there wouldn’t be a problem to speak of! But, just to make sure you’re not mistaking your fur baby’s mischief and playfulness for something else, let’s go over puppy teething basics. 

Most puppies go to their furever families around the 10-week mark. This is the period when they still have their milk teeth, which are not as cute as it might sound: baby teeth in puppies are razor-sharp and will hurt like heck when your pooch uses your hand instead of a chew toy. But, still, at this time, they are not going through the painful teething stages- this comes a few weeks after that.

Around 12 to 16 weeks of age, puppies start losing their milk teeth and you’ll notice some of the permanent ones starting to erupt. Same as it is the case with human babies, this process is very irritating, painful, and uncomfortable- which might reflect on your puppy’s behavior, too. The stages of teething continue from the third to the seventh month of age, when all of the permanent teeth should be in place. 

In addition to increased interest in chewing, the most telltale symptoms of puppy teething are drooling and spots of blood in spit. It’s all expected to happen–after all, those new chompers are making a mess in your dog’s mouth and it doesn’t feel nice.

Throughout these first months, your youngster’s curiosity combined with the natural process of teething makes a combo for disaster. A puppy will chew anything to relieve pain, so instead of letting them ruin everything you own, try to entice them with toys designed to tackle the teething discomfort. 

Dog chew toys for teething puppies are not just a way to protect your property from curious razor-sharp teefers your furry companion seems to be eager to dig into all your valuables. Sure, it’s a great perk, but specially designed chew toys actually benefit your dog, as they help him go through this painful and uncomfortable transition with as little stress as possible. Happy pooch, happy owner!

  • They promote faster teeth eruption

Some experts believe that the reason why puppies are so eager to chew everything around them is not just because it feels good–but because they instinctively know that chewing can help the teething process altogether. The mechanisms behind the process are not completely clear, but it seems that the chewing pressure encourages eruption of permanent teeth, making the process much faster than it would be if there weren’t any stimulation. And everything that could speed up this painful process is more than welcome!

  • They relieve tooth pain

The chewing pressure is not only going to signal the permanent teeth to erupt, but it will also make this process of erupting feel less painful. When your puppy is chewing on a toy, it will apply counter-pressure to the erupting teeth which is known to temporarily block pain signals. Also, the fun of the chewing does keep them occupied and gives them less time to focus on the peskiness of teething, which is another win for chew toys.

  • They soothe inflamed gums

While the puppy is teething, his flames will be inflamed and painful- and chewing helps soothe the soreness. The pressure on gums and massage promote circulation and alleviate some of the irritation.

  • They redirect destructive behaviors to an approved outlet

Once your pooch realizes that chewing is allowed only when it’s toys that are being gnawed, he’ll have no trouble steering clear from your own things. Positive reinforcement and a little patience go a long way, and enticing your pet to focus his bite on toys will definitely pay off in the long run as well.

If your puppy is starting to shed his milk teeth, it’s already an emergency: you need a reliable chew toy ASAP. Preferably, the toy (or toys–a couple to make sure you’re good throughout the teething phase) would be something that your puppy will instantly like and focus all of his chomping efforts on. Ah, how lovely that would be, just pick up the first rubber toy you lay your eyes on and all of your problems are solved for a few bucks. Well, it won’t work that way.

Dog chew toys for teething puppies have to be super durable, suitable for the puppy’s size (those chompers might be tough, but puppies are babies after all), and interesting enough for a puppy to prefer them over furniture or shoes. It’s not always easy to pick out a chewing toy that has all of the ideal features, but here are some of the best types of teething toys:

  • Edible chew toys

Let’s face it- the only thing better than giving a puppy a chew toy is giving them one that tastes delicious and can be eaten. There are plenty of chewing treats on the market designed to provide much-needed relief to a teething puppy, but you can make some by yourself–DIY frozen treats are a great choice.

  • Rubber chew toys

The type of rubber that’s the best for teething puppies is the one that’s dense and tough enough to withstand all the gnawing, but not too hard and stiff as to hurt their sore gums. If you’re unsure what’s the ideal firmness of the rubber- pick that which has some give to it but isn’t to pliable. Those razor-sharp teefers are going to rip through anything that’s too soft!

  • Rope chew toys

These are only a go if they are REALLY well made and robust, otherwise, the fibers might come apart–and your silly puppy might swallow them and have to get rushed to a vet’s office because of intestinal blockage.

  • Nylon chew toys

Tough, durable, and often flavored to entice interest, nylon chew toys are a great choice for teething puppies. They’ll keep the pooch interested and occupied and at the same time encourage normal teeth eruption, and massage their sore gums. 


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