10 Best Collars For Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles (also called a Mountain Poo) are just about the sweetest looking pups. Shaggy like their Bernese Mountain side, but less/no shedding thanks to their Poodle lineage, they make great companions and friends. They’re smart and exploratory, so collars keep the important information at bay and allow for easier training. They range in size, though, as Poodles do, from 10 pounds to 90 pounds, so collar types and needs will vary.


Pawsitive Pets donates food to dogs in need when you buy their collars1. Pawsitive Co Nylon Collar. We love that Pawsitive Co donates to dogs in need for every collar that’s purchased, and the reality is that often you just need a basic collar for walks and training. What better one to buy than one that helps other dogs out as well? This retails for $8.99 and comes in red and blue.

Mile High reflective collars keep you seen and safe

2. Mile High Reflective Nylon Collars. These collars are easy to care for and come in several colors with reflective properties. Great for that energetic dog who wants to explore, and particularly for night walks, these collars will help you be seen and be safe. They are best for medium-sized Bernedoodles and retail for $6.99.

No embroidery collars mean no fraying or threads loosening

3. Yellow Dog No-Embroidery Collars. Get rid of tags that get lost (and make noise) with these collars that have your important information printed right on with hi-definition art printing. Printing makes sense as an option to embroidery to prevent loose threads and fraying, and you can customize with font and information. They come in several color combos and retail for $15.95.

Leather engraved collars are good choices for your bernedoodle

4. Custom Catch Durable Leather Collar. These collars appeal to the Poodle hunter and the mountain explorer Bernese in your Bernedoodle as they are strong, reliable collars that give the important information and look classic while doing so. They’re durable for adventure, and customizable with different colors and fonts etched right into the leather. They retail for $19.95.

Laser engraved nameplates on leather collars are great for bernedoodles

5. DiDog’s Leather Collar With Nameplate. We also love this leather collar with an engraveable nameplate by DiDog. The leather is strong and consistent and your information is lasered onto the stainless steel nameplate that is securely attached to the collar. No noise from tags and a classy look too. They retail for $14.99-$16.99.

Blueberry's floral collection comes in tons of bright cheery colors6. Blueberry Floral Collection. Bernedoodles love the outdoors–think of them as dogs who love to dance among the flowers (or trample, whatever…). These floral-inspired collars from Blueberry are some of our faves as they are easy to care for, look great all the time and can even be embroidered with your pet’s information if you don’t want tags. They retail from $13.99-$16.99.

Cutesy Pet collars let your Bernedoodle be as cutesy as she wants to be7. Cutesy Pet Collar With Adjustable Bow. Your Bernedoodle may be on the more dainty and petite side, and may want to flaunt herself around looking all cute. Enter the Cutesy Pet Collar with an adjustable bow. Several different adorable patterns and easy to clean if the mountain dog in her comes out and she goes trouncing through the woods. At least she’ll look adorbs! It retails for $11.99-$12.99.

The Black & Decker Smart Collar keeps your dog safe and within limits8. Black & Decker Smart Collar. Bernedoodles are no dummies, that’s for sure. Annnnd….they can be a bit strong-willed when it comes to training. Rest assured that you’ll always know where your pup is with this smart collar from Black & Decker. It has GPS tracking, and 2-way audio so you can even talk to your pet and try to keep them calm as you work toward reconnecting. It’s water resistant and the OLED display is customizable should your baby get lost. It’s designed for the standard /large Bernedoodles and retails for $159.95.

A basic martingale collar can help a stubborn bernedoodle stay safe9. Petsafe Martingale Collar. Bernedoodles need training and they need it early on. They are smart, and can be tough to get through their stubborn exterior. This very basic but fully functional martingale collar from Petsafe can help make sure your stubborn little (or big) one learns how to be safe and not escape you. It comes in a handful of colors and retails for $6.99.

Braided leather collars look so rugged on Bernedoodles10. Collar Direct Braided Dog Collar. We love the look of braided leather and think it really goes back to the Bernedoodle’s outdoorsy roots. It comes in several colors and the leather is pliable and lightweight so a comfortable fit for your dog. It retails for $11.99.