10 Best Collars For Shorkies

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Shorkies are cute, alright, and they know it. And, because they are small, you have to be careful with collars because you can damage their windpipes as they exuberantly (and sometimes stubbornly) play. Most collars are more for form, than function, but many choose to use collars and harnesses combined to carry information.

This leather collar is customizable

1. Didog Personalized PU Leather collar. This stylish collar lets you personalize your pup’s name in some fancy bling, and is soft and gentle around their necks. It comes in several colors and with a matching leash, should you decide to use it.

Nylon engraveable name collars are great for Shorkies

2. Personalized Reflective Collar with Nameplate. This nylon reflective collar has a customizable nameplate that you can engrave pertinent information on should your Shorkie get out and about on his own. They’re waterproof and come in seven different colors with a 100% replacement guarantee for any reason! They retail for $15.95.

This leather reflective tag allows information for shorkies on the nameplate

3. Leather Nameplate Collar. This leather reflective collar also has a nameplate attached for engraved information right on the collar. Say goodbye to noisy tags! These retail for $15.90.

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The bandana bowtie is a great look for your Shorkie

4. PetFavorites Bowtie/Bandana Collar. These adorable collars will have your little guy looking the Dapper Dan wherever he goes. Lightweight and easy to adjust, they’re designed specifically for teacup breeds. There are several patterns and they retail for $9.59-$15.59.

The adjustable watermelon bowtie will have people swooning over your shorkie5. Adjustable Watermelon Bowtie. Your Shorkie is sure to be the star of whatever show it’s in wearing this too-cute watermelon bowtie collar. It’s adjustable to ensure just the right and safe size, and it’s 100% cotton for easy-care. The bowties are handstitched for quality and they retail for $12.99.

You can't go wrong with a traditional leather collar for a shorkie

6. Shires Padded Leather Collar. If traditional collar and tag in a classic leather is your Shorkie style, this is the collar for you (and your pup). It’s padded lining keeps it comfy for your little guy or gal and the stylish and clean look of leather lets them strut their stuff. It retails for $19.99 and comes in a handful of colors.

Let your Shorkie show its tough side with this bad to the bone collar

7. Leather Studded Collar. Look, Shorkies basically think they are bad to the bone (see what we did there?) so often, so why not let them look the part every once in a while with this black leather studded collar. No one needs to know it’s nicely cushioned on the inside so your pup is really feeling like it’s a luxury necklace! It retails for $8.21.

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These gorgeous leather collars come in such pretty colors

8. BronzeDog Leather Collar. Want a nice leather in some pretty pup colors? These leather collars from BronzeDog will accessorize any Shorkie with some unique pastels and make them feel like they’re living on the beach! They’re lightweight so they won’t bog your Shorkie’s neck down with heaviness and they retail for $9.99.

This blinged out pink bowtie collar comes in different colors9. Sunward Dog Collar. Your sassy Shorkie will bring new meaning to ‘Pretty in pink,’ in this Sunward Dog pink bow collar with lots of rhinestone bling! It feels like a soft, velvety leather and at $2.87, you can buy several–because on Wednesdays, we wear pink, right? There are other colors, though, so snag them all!

Put the sass in Shorkie with this leopard print collar

10. Blazin Roxx Leopard Print Dog Collar. Meow! Talk about the shoe on the other foot–how about the coat on the other collar? This leopard print collar from Blazin Roxx shows the world your Shorkie has some spunk and she’s/he’s not afraid to use it! All blinged up, you’ll have plenty of places you’ll want to go, and it retails for $22.99