10 Best Harnesses For Your Pomsky

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Pawya's no-pull harness is great for your Pomsky

1. Pawya’s No Pull Harness. We love that this harness is designed to be no-pull, and it means it. Pomskies who are on the smaller range (Pomskies can be between 18-38 pounds) will do best in this, and it has an attached tag should your little adventurer get loose. With a step-in design, it’s easy peasy to get on and retails for $15.99.

Your pomsky will be super dapper in this Tuxedo harness

2. BarkLover Deluxe Tuxedo Harness. We can’t help it. We are head over heels for this adorable harness by BarkLover. Your Pomsky will be the talk of the town on his daily walks (they like their exercise!) and its breathable polyester material will make sure your dog stays a comfy temperature as he struts around town! It retails for $12.49.

Extra padding in this harness will be comfy for your pomsky

3. Easy-on Harness With Extra Cushioning. This easy-to-put-on harness does a great job of keeping your Pomsky nice and close, and has extra padding inside that makes it super cozy for your pup. It has two reinforced D rings that will make sure your little escape artist can’t get too far, and comes in several pretty colors. It retails for $17.96.

The Gooby is designed to be super comfy for your Pomsky

4. Gooby Escape-Free Sport Harness. You might not think your lap dog Pomsky is a sport dog, and you’d probably be right. But, the Husky in her is born to be a wanderer and Pomskies are highly intelligent. Prevent the escape with this escape-free sport harness by Gooby. Made with lightweight neoprene and machine washable, it retails for $36.96.

This front range harness is great for Pomsky Pullers

5. Ruffwear Front-Range Harness. Lapdogs can be pullers too, especially if your Pomsky is on the higher end of the weight range (almost 40 pounds). This Front-range harness by Ruffwear is a great option if you have a puller–it’s so comfy your dog might feel inclined to even wear it all day, but it’s a breeze to put on and off if not. We love how you can tuck ID tags into a built-in pocket for tagless adventure too. It retails for $39.95.

These Lucy & Co harnesses are great for Diva Pomskies

6. Lucy & Co Reversible Harness. Holy adorable! These reversible harnesses from Lucy & Co will knock the socks off your little Pomsky girl when she struts around. Made of practical and water-repellent neoprene, they retail for $39.95 and will make the tails wag!

Girly-girl Pomskies will love the style in this dress harness

7. Blueberry No-Pull Mesh Dress. If you have a really girly-girl Pomsky, she’s gonna flip over the Blueberry No-Pull Mesh Dress Harness. Oh-la-la fashion in a light weight polyester. You’d think it’d be high-dollar with the style factor but it’s a reasonable $19.99.


The Ezy Dog harness has customizable side-badges

8. EzyDog Convert Trail Harness. Your Pomsky may be more -sky than pom- and may really enjoy trail walking. This is the harness for him/her. It’s a super comfy harness that’s great for walking down the street or walking the trails. It has a side plate for customization with your dog’s name or cool saying, and is rugged with reflective properties to keep you and your pup safe. It retails for $66.60.

A traffic handle is great for this harness made for Pomskies in cities

9. ComSaf Double Control Reflective Dog Harness. This double control vest has a traffic handle for ultimate control and safety of your pet. Pomskies are great for apartments and city-life, but that comes with a need to be able to keep your pup close by in crowds and traffic. The traffic handle on the back lets you handle an emergency that might pop up in those situations and retails for a really reasonable $12.93.

Sometimes simple is best with this leather harness for your Pomsky

10. Leather Dog Harness. Want a simple, classic, stylish leather with just a hint of bling? This is the one. Leather makes it durable and the sweet little rhinestones make sure all know your Pomsky is a designer breed. It’s padded, comes in brown or black leather and retails for $18.99.