10 Best Leashes For Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles are cuddle bugs who love their people! A mix of a Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog, they also have a bit of explorer in them, but they’re sometimes cautious about it. They can range in size from five pounds to 90 (depending on the mixes of varying poodle size and Bernedoodle) so you need to make sure whatever leash you have is the best for your dog. Check out the best 10 leashes for Bernedoodles we’ve found.

This 6-in-1 leash is a great choice for Bernedoodles

1. Kurgo 6-in-1 Hands-Free Leash. We love this hands-free leash for your medium-larger (trained) Bernedoodle. It adjusts six different ways to let it be the leash you use to walk around the block or to take on adventures at the beach or in the mountains, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is a great retractable leash for Bernedooles

2. PawLifestyles Retractable. Another hands-free leash we like is this one by Paw Lifestyles. It’s retractable so it gives your Bernedoodle a bit of freedom when you’re jogging/running and it has a convenient pocket for you to keep phone/key/etc. It has two handles for better control, so it’s great for a larger Bernedoodle. It also has a reflective lining for safety and is easy to wash in the washer.

This bungee leash is a great option for various sized Bernedoodles

3. Ezy Dog Bungee Training Leash. Your Bernedoodle will need you to work and ensure he’s properly trained, and this basic bungee rope with a padded handle will help in that endeavor. The bungee helps with shock absorption and prevents issues with pull if your Bernedoodle’s will gets a little strong (they’re smart; it might). It comes in several different colors and two lengths, and has a money-back guarantee. It’s best for medium-larger Bernedoodles.

This basic nylon leash does the job for Bernedoodles

4. Pawtitas Small Nylon Leash. Sometimes you’ll just want a basic leash to keep your Bernedoodle safe in environments and if you have a tiny or a mini Bernedoodle (10-24 pounds or 24-49 pounds), this is a great leash option. It’s basic but perfectly suited for the job and it’s easy to care for. It comes in lots of different colors.

The carabiner hook on this leash is good for Bernedoodles

5. Ruffwear Leash With Carabiner. This basic rope leash is also a great option for smaller Bernedoodles, though they make them for larger ones as well. A larger might benefit from the carabiner lock/hook that attaches to your Bernedoodle’s collar/harness. Pet parents of smaller Bernedoodles often prefer harnesses, and this will work for either.

These leather leashes come in different colors for your Bernedoodle

6. Logical Leather Water-Resistant Leather Leash. This genuine leather leash comes in several different colors and is a classic, stylish option for a basic leather leash for walking and training. It’s water-resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This braided leather leash is a good choice for small and large Bernedoodles

7.SoftTouch Leather Braided Leash. If you’d like to get a leather leash for your smaller Bernedoodle, this braided is a nice option as well. It has a padded handle and the leather is naturally tanned over 40 days so there is no exposure to any chemical should a zealous chewer get a hold of it.

This poodle leash is a fun way to remember Bernedoodle's are part poodle

8. Mirage Pet Poodle Leash. If you’d like your Bernedoodle to adorably pay homage to her poodle heritage, we love this cotton leash from Mirage Pets. It’s made in the USA; a nylon leash with the pretty-in-pink ribbon overlay. It’s best for medium-larger Bernedoodles.

This glitter leash is fun for Bernedoodles

9. Celebri-Pup Glitter Leash. Tiny and Mini Bernedoodles tend to be feisty little divas sometimes, and this glitter leash from Celebri-Pup is a perfect fit for those little buggers! It comes in a 3/4 or one-inch width size in case your bigger Bernedoodle wants to get in on the fun and frivolous!

This paracord leash is handmade for Bernedoodles

10. Bobcats Handmade Paracord Leash. This handmade paracord leash is great for larger, burlier Bernedoodles who like to be outside and explore. It’s easy to wash–washing machine/dryer or river, as they advertise!