Best Brushes for Shedding Dogs

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One of the most taxing problems that almost every dog owner deals with is pet hair. Regardless of the length and thickness of your pet’s coat, he’s bound to leave hair all around your house: on your clothes, furniture – essentially everything you own will be covered in dog hair, to a degree. It’s even worse in the molting or when the coat blowouts come with the change of the season and it seems that your dog’s whole coat is being completely replaced by new hair… which leaves all those insane amounts of excess dead hair trapped in your apartment. And while it’s something many pawrents learn to live with, pet hair doesn’t have to be an issue if you approach the situation the right way. The first step that makes sure that pet hair is contained and the mess minimized involves prevention, which means removing the excess hair before it ends up where it doesn’t belong – like your new sofa or favorite black cashmere coat. That’s where brushes for shedding dogs come in handy. Specially designed to extract the dead hair from the coat, they’ll swiftly remove all the hair your pet has already shed with ease.

Shedding is a natural thing for dogs, and all throughout the year, your pet will lose a certain amount of hair that’s been damaged or simply dead, not unlike yourself- with the main difference being that your dog’s whole body is covered in hair, thus there’s more of to be shed around the house. Some dog breeds grow thicker coats in the winter and then have a big blowout in the spring when that additional layer of hair becomes necessary in the warmer temperatures. Naturally, not all pooches go through molting and not all of them have thick, double coats, but all of our furry companions will need to be brushed regularly if you want to minimize the amount of shed hair that ends up on your furniture. However, using a regular comb won’t suffice when you’re dealing with shedding, as they are not designed to contain dead hair, as brushes for shedding dogs are.

Brushes for shedding dogs come in different forms, from special combs to gloves, but regardless of their design, all of them are made with one goal in mind: removing loose hair from the fur. This cuts down on your house cleaning time and makes your pet feel more comfortable, too. Of course, it can be difficult to find the right one as every dog is unique – and there are deshedding brushes for all kinds of coats and budgets. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best brushes for shedding dogs on the market – and a short guide on how to tell which type you need to get for your pet.

When you say brushes for shedding dogs, it’s probably FURminator that first comes to mind, and with good reason. These popular deshedding brushes for dogs are designed especially for removing loose hair from the undercoat – without damaging the top coat in the process or hurting your pet’s skin. The range comes in different sizes that suit the needs of all dogs from extra small to giant breeds, and in different teeth length to suit long and short coats. This deshedding brush has it all: a stainless steel toothed edge that won’t rust, one-click button to release trapped hair, and an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to use. 

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At first glance, this deshedding tool doesn’t look like much- and it certainly doesn’t seem like the slightly toothed edge will be efficient. But this handy little tool will definitely surprise you! The patented design is extremely effective for removing loose hair from all types of coats and it’s perfect for pets that dislike toothed combs or brushes with pins as grooming with SleekEZ feels more like a massage than brushing. To boot, you can even use this tool to clean furniture and upholstery from hair – great value for money. The handle is made from poplar wood and it fits snugly in your hand. 

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This 2-in-1 grooming tool will simplify your pet’s beauty routine: one side will help detangle their hair and the other removes loose hair from their undercoat. The detangling side boasts 9 teeth that will remove the most stubborn tangles and mats and the side with 17 teeth thins out your pet’s coat by pulling out all the shed hair that’s stuck under the topcoat. The teeth are rounded and won’t scratch your pet- and the non-slip grip handle with ergonomic design feels comfortable for the pawrent. This type of brush for shedding is ideal for dogs with medium and long hair. 

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When it comes to ease of cleaning, this Hertzko pin brush is tough to beat. Once you notice that the wire pins are congested with the hair the brush pulled out, just press the button and the pins will go inside the brush base: which means that the hair is removed from a flat surface with one swipe of the hand. Easy peasy! Additionally, the ergonomic handle with thumb rest makes the grooming session gentle on your wrists and less straining than it normally is.

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This rubber deshedding brush is so much more than a tool that removes dead and damaged hair from your dog’s coat: it is great for bath time to work up a lather and deshed at the same time, it massages your pet, detangles knots, and can even be used to pick up loose hair from furniture and carpets. Talk about bang for your buck! This particular Furbliss rubber brush is suited for short-haired dogs, but there are options available for long-haired coats, too. 

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With a rust-proof, stainless steel densely toothed edge on its detachable head, this grooming brush will have no problem pulling out all of the dead and shed hair from your dog’s coat, regardless of their type – it will work on long, medium, and short hair with the same efficiency. The brush is easy to clean and easy to use – and most importantly, does the job as promised, without pulling your pet’s hair or scratching their skin.

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In case your dog is not a fan of coat brushing, using a grooming dog glove is a great way to help deshedding while making sure your pet stays relaxed and comfortable. He’ll feel like you’re just petting him and you’ll get a lot of work done with removing dead hair from his fur! These gloves are also comfy to wear as they are made from stretchy breathable mesh that won’t have you sweating while you’re brushing your pet. The silicone tips on the palms are suited for short-haired and long-haired dogs both, and will do a great job both for regular grooming and blowouts!

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Unlike most brushes for shedding dogs, this tool doesn’t have fine teeth or wire pins to help you get rid of dead hair: it uses a two-sided blade with coarse and fine edges to leave your dog’s coat looking shiny and sleek. You can use the tool with the blade looped or straight, depending on your preference. This deshedding tool is made from stainless steel, so it is durable and rust-resistant. The design is best suited to short-haired dogs and dogs with medium length hair.

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Comfy to use and effective in the removal of shed hair, this rubber grooming brush with a loop handle is perfect for short-haired dogs. You can use it on dry hair to comb out dead and damaged hair, or during the bath, to work in the soap and make sure that excess hair comes out of the coat while you’re rinsing out the foam. The only downside is that this deshedding brush is not that easy to clean- the hair can stick to the rubber and you’ll have to pull it from in between the teeth manually. 

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This unusual-looking grooming tool is meant for deshedding and detangling of thick coats with long hairs. With one tool, you’ll be able to remove persistent tangles and knots and deshed the undercoat of your big and furry pooch- breeds that are a match for this tool include Bernese Mountain Dog, Huskies, Newfies, Samoyed, Retrievers, and such. LUMO Ridgeback is a self-cleaning deshedding tool, so it’s super easy to use.

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It’s easy to see why there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ deshedding tool. After all, you can’t possibly expect the same brush to keep a Chihuahua’s coat and a Siberian Husky’s coat in check. There are crucial differences in coat types between different dog breeds and mixes, so it’s necessary to choose brushes for shedding dogs accordingly. What works for some won’t work for others, so make sure to consider your pet’s specific coat type before settling on the type of brush. These are the most common types of dog grooming brushes and when to use them:

  • Pin brushes

Commonly used for general grooming purposes, a pin brush (as the name suggests) has wire pins with protective coating on the tips so it won’t scratch your dog. It’s quite similar to human hairbrushes, but in design adapted to dogs, it serves to remove dead hair and evenly distribute oils throughout the coat. Pin brushes are used on dogs with medium and long fur.

  • Bristle brushes

More often than not, the bristle brush is the second side to a pin brush as they are commonly sold as double-sided dog grooming brushes. These brushes have short stiff bristles, made either out of animal hair or more commonly, synthetic fibers. Bristle brushes are meant for short or wiry coats and are not effective as deshedding brushes: this type will just remove surface debris and distribute natural oils. 

  • Rubber brushes and gloves

There are plenty of uses for rubber brushes and gloves, but they are most prized for their ability to remove dead hair with ease. The shed hair sticks like glue to the rubber surface, and the design of these brushes is also adjusted to be particularly efficient in collecting hair. The most popular choices are so-called curry brushes that have rubber teeth and resemble horse grooming tools or rubber gloves for dog hair that make it easy for a pet parent to groom their dog – all you have to do is put on the glove and pet your pooch! Rubber brushes and gloves are also quite versatile, as they can be used on coats of any length and texture. 

  • Slicker brushes

Slicker brushes are ideal if you need to detangle or remove mats from your pet’s fur. Somewhat similar to pin brushes, with the main difference being that the wire pins in slicker brushes are much closer together and shorter. They are not the best choice for deshedding but they will remove some of the loose hair. Slicker brushes are made for dogs with thick coats or curly hair.

  • Rake brushes and undercoat rakes 

As the name says, these brushes somewhat resemble garden rakes and they are designed to help brush out the undercoat portion of the hair. This includes both the dead hair and the mats and tangles. These brushes are used on dogs that have double-layered coats.

  • Deshedding tools

Even though various dog brushes (and even some combs) can get out loose hair from the coat, they won’t do it as efficiently as a deshedding tool. They are made with the sole purpose of brushing shedding dogs and removing excess hair that’s found underneath the surface layer of the coat. With regular use of deshedding combs and brushes, you’ll see a significant improvement in the look of your pet coat- and the amount of hair he leaves behind (hint: there will barely be any).

Like it is usually the case with pet products, brushes for shedding dogs also come in various designs and options – so there is a match for any pooch’s coat. Long or short, wiry or silky, you name it: there is a proper dog grooming tool for it. So, to make sure you’re not making a mistake and that the deshedding brush you pick is actually the right choice for your dog, these are the features you need to consider:

  • Type

There are different designs of brushes for shedding dogs (as explained above), so it will all boil down to your preference and your pet’s coat type. In most cases, you’ll have to combine grooming tools for perfect results – for instance, a bristle brush for coat upkeep and a deshedding tool to keep excess hair contained. The choice is up to you and should be adjusted to your own situation- each pooch will require a different approach to grooming. 

  • Durability

You want to get the best bang for your buck and ensure that your new tool lasts a long time. Cheap combs and brushes might save you money now, but seeing as how they’ll need to be replaced in a few weeks or months, buying cheap dog grooming tools ends up costing more in the long run. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to get pricey deshedders – there are affordable brushes for shedding dogs made from durable materials, such as rust-proof stainless steel or high-quality rubber. 

  • Ease of cleaning

Removing dead hair is a messy business. If it’s blow out season, one stroke will be more than enough for the teeth of the brush to be packed with fur – and if the hair is not easy to pick out, you’ll be wasting time on cleaning the brush instead of doing the actual grooming part. Some brushes for shedding dogs have retractable pins so the hair falls out with a click of a button, others have wider teeth so the hair removal is fairly effortless, etc. Also, pick materials that are resistant to rusting as you’ll have to clean the brush from dirt and oil build-up at some point. 

  • Easy to use

Brushing to remove dead hair can be a taxing process – especially if your dog is large or has a thick double coat. That’s why it’s important for the deshedding brush to be comfortable to use. An ergonomic design will minimize the strain on your wrist, and non-slip materials for the handle make sure that the brush stays firmly in your hand while you’re grooming your pet. 


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