Best Dog Boots for Your Pooch’s Paws

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

To make sure your pooch is walking around in comfy and durable shoes, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog boots for all seasons and terrains.

Your mutt can’t strut bare-paw when the weather is ruff. In the scorching heat of the summer and freezing cold of winter, their sensitive paws are susceptible to the elements and can be hurt easily without proper protection. Similarly, other factors, such as ice-melting salts, can make it dangerous for dogs to walk around with their paws unprotected. That’s why putting on some dog boots on your pet is the safest route. It doesn’t have to be a seasonal reason behind the need for some booties, either. Some dogs even have issues with cracked and painful paws after a long walk around the city in normal weather, let alone in extreme temperatures. Others just don’t mind wearing them and their pawrents like to dress them up. Regardless of your reason for getting your pooch some dog booties to wear, it’s important to choose a pair – actually, two pairs – of kicks that will fit your pet and be weather and terrain appropriate, as well.

How to choose dog boots for your dog?

The best dog boots are those that your pooch feels comfortable in, that protect his paws, and that are suited for the current temperatures and walking surface. You wouldn’t wear your faux fur-lined boots in the summer, so why would your dog wear winter boots to protect his paws from scorching sidewalks? There are plenty of different materials and fabrics used to construct dog boots, so it won’t be hard to pick out the ones that are seasonally appropriate for wear. Next, the type of terrain on your walks will play an important role in the choice of dog footwear. If you want to take your pooch to a hike, you’ll need a more rugged and durable shoe than you would for dress up or city walks. And, of course, once you get all the details sorted out, the main goal is to pick out dog boots your pet will feel comfortable in. Most retailers offer shoes in different sizes, so whether you have a Chihuahua or a Saint Bernard, you’ll be able to find a bootie that fits.

To make sure your pooch is walking around in comfy and durable shoes, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog boots for all seasons and terrains. All of our picks were carefully chosen, as we made sure that they are up to standards of most pet pawrents- both in terms of quality and design. We’ve got a little something for the canine fashionista, four-legged adventurer, and the urban pooch- yours is just to pick a model your furry best friend will love to strut around.

1. Editor’s Choice: Kurgo Step & Strobe Dog Boots

These fabulous dog boots are touted as “ready to tackle every terrain Earth has to offer,” but it seems like your pooch could be conquering the moon in them, too. Combining great design with high-quality materials, Kurgo has made dog boots that are both rugged and lightweight at the same time. The breathable tight weave mesh lets air circulate and doesn’t make your pet’s paws feel hot and uncomfortable, and the rubberized synthetic leather uppers and outsoles make sure that the shoes are durable and withstand various elements. These dog boots are suitable for all four seasons, and all types of terrain- one purchase will have you ready for any situation. Kurgo Step & Strobe boots come in 6 sizes and can be further adjusted with a fuzzy fastener strap.

2. Runner Up: RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots

The Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots are a must-have item for any four-legged adventurer’s closet. If you take your dog with you on hikes, to bike or run, or be your faithful companion on any type of outdoors adventure, these high-performance boots are a great choice. The combo of breathable durable mesh and Ruffwear-designed Vibram outsole makes sure that these dog boots are pleasant to wear in winter and summer both, and that walking on all types of terrains is comfortable. Grip Trex come in 8 different sizes and are adjusted for individual fit with a hook-and-loop closure. Also, they are available in 3 colors: blue spring, red currant, and obsidian black.

3. Budget Buy: Pawz Waterproof Dog Boot

Disposable, reusable, and waterproof, these dogs boots are a great option for when you want something inexpensive but effective. They are not the prettiest or the most rugged dog boots you can find, but they will protect your pet’s paw from high temperatures, ice, snow melt, salt, and anything else, really. After a few wears, they will start to get worn down, but simply toss them and replace for new. The pack includes 12 disposable booties, after all. Additionally, the amorphous shape of these dog boots makes them appealing to dogs who are not fans of foot wear (paw-wear?) in general. They give a natural feel and don’t feel restrictive to movement. Pawz waterproof boots are made from natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable.

4. Best Reflective: Bark Brite All Weather Reflective Neoprene Dog Boots

Another great choice for dogs who don’t like wearing shoes, Bark Brite dog boots conform to your dog’s natural paw shape to ensure a comfy, Spandex-like fit. Your dog won’t even know they have them on! Water resistant non-slip soles will shield your pet’s paws from the elements and harsh terrain without him feeling constricted. The lined interior of the boots is suitable for all seasons, and will keep away heat and cold from those gentle jelly beans. These come in 5 sizes, from small to extra large, and can be further adjusted with reflective straps.

5. Best Premium: WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

In case you think doggie sized human boots replicas are just adorable, these UGG look alikes will make you squeal from cuteness! Made out of soft leather and lined with sherpa, they are a good choice for the winter season, as the thick rubber soles will not let ice, snow, or salt hurt your pet’s paws and the faux fur interior will keep them warm and toasty. WINSOON dog boots come in 5 sizes that are suitable for puppies, toy dogs, and small breeds. You can also choose between light brown, dark brown, black, and pink color of the leather.

6. Best Waterproof: QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

These all season dog boots will keep your pet’s paws safe from heat and ice alike. The rugged anti-slip sole provides traction and makes sure your pooch is stable and comfy on the city’s sidewalks and nature treks equally- albeit if you are spending most time on rough terrains, a tougher model might be a better option. For average users, though, QUMY booties have everything they need for a safe and pleasant walks in the snow or extreme summer temperatures. They come in 8 sizes, accommodating all dogs from petite pooches to gentle giants. Also, you can get them in red or black- whatever strikes your fancy!

7. Best Dog Socks: Lanboer Waterproof Dog Socks with Adjustable Straps

These Lanboer Waterproof Dog Socks come in 5 different sizes and are best suited for small to medium sized dogs. They provide great traction control and are constructed out of high-quality material, from the knitted body of soft breathable material to the eco-friendly waterproof rubber. Each booty has an adjustable strap, heightened knitted elastic cuffs for additional coverage. These socks are great for both inside and outside wear. They are perfect for those early morning walks when everything is covered in dew and your baby wants to get into everything!

8. Best All-Season: HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoes

With these bright orange booties, your dog will turn heads wherever he goes. Easy to put on and comfy to wear, HaveGet dog boots are waterproof and rugged, yet lightweight enough to make sure your pooch likes wearing them. As they will protect paws from heat, snow, and ice alike, they are a good choice for a basic, all-season shoe for a city pooch. They are available in 6 sizes, from XXS to XXL.

9. Best for Hikes: RUFFWEAR Polar Trex

In case that your pet wears booties only when the temperatures drop, then these high-performance winter boots will be a perfect match. Breathable, weatherproof, warm, and comfy, Polar Trex dog boots offer everything a pooch needs for a walk in the snow. The insulated upper softshell fabric keeps those paws dry and toasty, and the Vibram outsole with winter-specific lug pattern prevents your pet from slipping on frozen surfaces. These might not be the easiest boots to put on a pooch that’s new to wearing them, but you can rest assured that these won’t be slipping off no matter how bad the weather is. RUFFWEAR Polar Trex booties are sold in sets of four or two, and are available in eight sizes for pooches of all shapes.

10. Honorable Mention: Petacc Dog Boots

The unique patented wrapping design of these dog boots makes them stand out- they are easy to put on but stay firmly on the paws during the walks. The key is in the wide openings and two crossed velcro straps that allow for easy entry of the paw and give you a lot of room for adjustments that will ensure that the boots are a snug fit no matter what. The choice of materials makes Petacc Dog Boots suitable for all conditions, as the upper is a breathable waterproof material and the sole is tough, durable, and designed to be anti-slip. Petacc Dog Boots are a match for medium, large, and extra large dog breeds.

11. Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Dog Boots

Whether you’re strolling on the sidewalk to get to the dog park, or going on a hike in the woods, these all-terrain dog boots will keep your pooch’s paws protected. Made from a water-resistant breathable softshell with recycled rubber soles, these dog boots are lightweight yet rugged and durable, which is an excellent combination. Also, they have reflective stitching to make your pooch stand out when you’re walking them in the dark. Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail dog boots come in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large size.

12. HiPaw Breathable Mesh Dog Boots

Some pet owners are worried about frost and snow hurting their pet’s paws, others have problems when the heat is unbearable and asphalt gets too scorching to walk on. If you’re in the latter group, then a pair of breathable booties for your dog should be a must have accessory. These lightweight boots are designed to be worn in the warmer months of the year, as their dual mesh material upper allows air to circulate and the rubber sole creates an effective barrier between hot concrete and your pet’s paws. HiPaw summer dog boots come in 5 sizes- small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large.

13. FEETCITY Dog Boots

Easy to put on and to take off, these dog booties are a great choice if you are looking for something convenient and versatile. Suited for all terrains and great for all seasons, they will keep your pooch’s paws away from hot asphalt, snow and salt, or thorns and other prickly dangers when you’re hiking in the great outdoors. The sole is made from high-quality, anti-skid rubber which is tough and durable, and the upper of the shoes is constructed with comfy and breathable four-sided stretch fabric, and leather details with 3M reflective strip for improved visibility at night. FEETCITY dog boots come in 4 colors and 6 sizes ranging from the smallest that caters to 10-20 lbs dogs to the largest that will be a match for pets in the range of 74-88 lbs.

14. TEOZZO Dog Boots Paw Protector

If it’s minimal hassle and maximum efficiency you’re after, you’re in luck. The drawstring mechanism of fastening makes it insanely easy to keep your dog’s booties with a single movement: just cinch the drawstring for a snug fit and you’re done. They will stay safely on despite your pupper’s efforts to take them off but they won’t feel restrictive, either. A great choice for colder weather, these dog booties are lined with soft and warm fleece and have anti-slip soles that will keep away both the biting chill and anything else that could hurt your pet’s paws. TEOZZO Dog Boots Paw Protectors are available in 5 colors and 5 sizes.

15. Healers Petcare Medical Dog Bootie

Booties are not always a fashion statement or a seasonal necessity- sometimes, your dog needs additional protection for their paws after a surgery, injury, or hotspot on the paw area. Designed to promote faster healing, they are made from a breathable medical-grade material that will let the wound breathe and restrict your pet’s access to it. Inside, there are disposable non-adherent gauze pads that will not stick to the wound and will keep it clean and hygienic. The booties stay snuggly on thanks to Velcro hook system and are also machine washable to boot- all very handy when you’re caring for a pooch that’s been injured or operated on. The bottom of the shoes is non-slip so it’s suited for outdoor and indoor use- there’ll be no sliding around on hardwood floors. The Healers Petcare Medical Dog Bootie comes in single packs or sets of two and comes in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large size.

Do all dogs need to wear booties?

In case you’ve never put on a pair of booties on your four-legged friend, you might be wondering if dog boots are really necessary. Some pet parents roll their eyes at the very mention of paw-wear, and others can’t imagine a winter walk without dressing up their pooch paw to tail. So what’s the real truth- do dogs need to wear boots or not? As it is usually the case with most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Dog boots are not an absolute must for every single dog, but there are certain situations where paw-wear for dogs is unavoidable.

To know if your dog will need boots, you need to be realistic about their routine and the weather conditions in your area. If you’re just popping out to get your pet to pee or poo in the backyard, you won’t have to gear them up for the occasion, but when you’re on a walk, it’s highly likely that boots will benefit your pet. When it’s freezing cold, snow and ice can not only cause discomfort but it can hurt them- it’s not uncommon for pets to get frostbite on their paws from long walks in the cold weather. In addition to the elements, salt and antifreeze on the roads are a serious concern for pets. The chemicals get stuck on their paws and can be ingested, which leads to serious health issues.

Similarly, senior and arthritic pets can experience exacerbated symptoms when walking bare-paw in the cold. Snug and warm booties will keep their joints protected when out and about and minimize the pain and irritation that chilly weather tends to kick off.

On the other hand, if you live in areas where summer heats are extreme and concrete gets so hot in the sun that it seems like it’s melting, it goes without saying that your pet’s delicate paw pads will need some kind of protection. Dog sneakers, breathable booties or even sandals (yes, dog sandals do exist) make walks on scorching pavements safe and bearable. Without them, your pet could get burn injuries after just one walk around the block- and it’s clear how painful and unnecessary that is.

To sum it all up, dog boots are not essential for all dogs and all situations, but in some cases, it’s better to dress for the occasion rather than risking it and going bare-paw. Your pooch might not be thrilled at first, but it’s for their own good, so be persistent.

What to look for in dog boots

There are so many different dog booties to choose from that the choice can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure what your dog really needs. From seasonal wear to terrain-specific boots to determining the right size, finding a perfect pair from the first try can be difficult. To help you know with certainty that dog boots you pick are not just the best- but the best for your dog, we’ve put together this short guide on what features to look for and which to avoid.

Type of sole

Different terrains and different seasons require different types of soles. For winter conditions, you need an anti-slip sole that will be thick enough to block the chill from the frozen roads reaching your pooch’s paw. Similarly, rugged terrains where there are discarded sticks, stones, and small sharp objects (such as those you encounter hiking in the woods) will require the same type of sole. On the other hand, dogs who frequent hot pavements and city sidewalks need something lightweight yet durable to make walks safe and comfortable. The most common choice for most pet parents are all-terrain dog boots, as you can’t go wrong with them, regardless of where you walk your pooch.

Choice of materials

You’d be surprised at the variety of available materials when it comes to dog boots. There is a match for anyone’s style and every season! For winter dog boots, opt for insulating and warm materials, or designs that include faux fur or sherpa lining to ensure your pet’s paws are toasty and cozy, with waterproof properties for keeping dry in the snow or sludge. In the summer, go for mesh fabrics and other breathable materials that will allow air to circulate instead of overheating your pooch.

Fit and comfort

Even if the shoes are well-made and beautiful, it’s all for naught if they don’t fit- a lesson many of us had to learn the hard way. So why put your pooch through unnecessary agony? When buying dog boots, be sure to thoroughly measure their paws so you could get the right size. Some boots are sized by width, others by length- in any case, the manufacturer will note the dimensions of the shoes for comparison. In addition to the right fit, comfort is also important- you want something that won’t be too restrictive but still stay on the paw for the duration of the walk. Velcro straps, zippers, or cinching closure are the most common types of fastenings. Naturally, your choice will depend on your pet’s preferences and paw shape.

How to put booties on my dog?

The best way to put on boots on your pet is while they are standing: just pull on the boots on their lifted paw, starting with front legs, and put their paw flat on the floor before adjusting the straps. The best position to do this is standing over your pet, facing their front end, so you can put them on fast and maintain the upper hand- many pooches turn into Houdinis when they see booties in their owner’s hands. When you’re putting on boots on their hind legs, reverse your position and “straddle” them facing their rear end.

How long can a dog wear booties?

In most cases, dogs wear booties only during their walks, whether to protect their paws from hot asphalt or to prevent snow and road salt from hurting their pads in the winter, but what is the longest you can allow your pet to wear boots if need be? A good rule of thumb is to keep them on for under 4 to 5 hours a day, as wearing booties for longer than a couple of hours can cause discomfort and irritate your pet. So, no matter how comfy the dog booties seem, don’t overdo it!

How do I get my dog’s booties to stay on?

The easiest way to ensure your dog’s booties will stay on is to shop for the right size. They should be snug and not too loose, with Velcro straps serving for minor adjustments not as a way to correct a size too big shoes. Additionally, look with booties with strong Velcro straps, ideally wide or multiple straps if your pooch is prone to shaking their shoes off as these help ensure a snug fit without restriction blood flow or causing discomfort.

Do dogs hate wearing booties?

Some dogs don’t mind the paw-wear, but others despise booties due to the fact that they can’t feel the ground when they wear them. It’s individual, of course, but if your dog falls into the category of those that hate wearing booties, don’t despair- with some praise, treats, and a lot of patience, you can get them to feel comfortable wearing protective shoes when the weather requires it.

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