Best Dog Travel Water Bottles

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog travel water bottles help you keep your pooch hydrated wherever you are. Be ready for your next adventure–read on to find out which bottles are the best choice for your needs

Staying properly hydrated is very important for overall health and wellbeing–both for us and our furry companions. Wherever and whenever we are out and about, water always has to be at hand. Whether traveling by car, train, bus or simply enjoying a long summer hike in nature, you want to take care of your dog and provide much-needed hydration. Now, in these circumstances when you are away from your home, water might not be readily available. When out hiking, water sources are often far apart and their locations unreliable. Likewise, when traveling by car or RV, stops might not be possible. All of this puts your furry friend at risk for dehydration, and that is not what you want. And that is where dog travel water bottles come in handy.

Most dog travel water bottles hold a decent amount of water – just fill one up and keep it by your side at all times. With an ingenious design that incorporates both the bottle and the water bowl into one item, these compact accessories are the perfect solution for camping and traveling. No more need for thinking out of the box, and improvising drinking bowls. With a travel water bottle, things are convenient and practical- both for you and your dog. Furthermore, your pet will love drinking out of this fun new “gadget”, especially if they are picky and won’t drink from just any container. These bowls are designed so they are ergonomically perfected for dogs, and canines love ‘em! Of course, they are also designed to be likable by us hooman pawrents–the fact that they combine a container for water with the drinking vessel into one compact creation makes our lives a whole lot easier.

Why do I need a water bottle for my dog?

When out and about, you are never guaranteed a close-by water source which is why dog travel water bottles should be a part of every pet-friendly household’s inventory. From everyday walks to occasional adventures, these nifty accessories can prove their usefulness on an everyday basis. The right travel bottle for dogs will be practical for you and meet your dog’s needs at the same time, but to find the ideal one, you’ll have to put in some effort: there are so many choices, after all.

Designers went above and beyond and delivered a variety of unique designs: from nifty two-piece models, to elaborate one-piece bottles – the choices are many. There are also thermal bottles that will keep the water fresh and cool for a long period of time – and these can be the best if you and your dog are avid hikers. All those options can make it difficult to narrow down your choices, but we’re here to help. Not only that we’ve selected the best dog travel water bottles on the market today, but we also put together a buying guide that ensures you know what features to look for in the first place.

1. Editor’s Pick: UPSKY Portable Water Bottle

This is a great design with some very unique safety features that make it easy to use. The bottle is decently sized and made from FDA compliant food grade PC material. The volume is 400 ml, and the bottle itself is quite tough and durable. To prevent accidental leaking, this water bottle has two interesting solutions. One is a silica seal ring, that makes a tight connection, and the other is a special lock that really prevents any accidents. The water bowl on the top is an integrated design and a simple button gives you control over the flow. Simple and efficient, and above all – affordable. This water bottle has it all.

2. Runner Up: TIOVERY Dog Water Bottle

At first glance, this looks like any other water bottle–with the solid 20 oz capacity being the most evident advantage. But what really sets TIOVERY water bottle apart? The answer to that lies in the water bowl – a rubber trough in the shape of a leaf. To use it, simply flip it upright and you are ready to roll. All the materials are FDA approved, and made from tough plastic and food-grade silicone. Easy and quick to use, and pretty as well–the foliage-inspired design was a great touch.

3. Best Stainless Steel: Tuff Pupper PupFlask

This water bottle is made from tough stainless steel, which ensures freshness and better taste, and comes in two versions – 20 and 40 oz. The design incorporates a water bowl within the bottle, but it doesn’t make this bottle oversized and impractical. The bowl comes in the shape of a leaf and can be folded over when not in use – leaving you with a standard water bottle that easily fits anywhere. This dishwasher safe bottle is easy to clean and maintain. As stainless steel is resistant to rusting, this dog travel bottle can last you years to come.

4. Best Basic: Water Rover Portable Dog Water Bottle

Sometimes all you need is a solution that is simple as it gets. This travel bottle for dogs might not have any bells and whistles, but that’s what makes it ideal for some pawrents who prefer plain design. Made from lightweight, environmentally friendly and FDA approved material, this basic bottle is easy to carry and has a great design. A very large water bowl is one of the best on the market, and the whole bottle lies horizontally on the ground – allowing your pet to sate his thirst in a natural and simple way. A leak-proof seal keeps everything well contained, and the water bottle itself is easy to clean.

5. Best Easy to Carry: Anpetbest Water Bottle

This is a cute and unique design that expertly combines good bowl capacity and a snug, easy to carry fit. The water bowl is large and long and connects to the bottle when not in use. The bottle is easily attached and slowly dispenses water for your pet. Both components are made from food-grade plastic material and are surprisingly tough and durable considering the affordable price tag. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean and very easy to carry around – as they fit anywhere. You have two sizes to choose from–350 ml, and 650 ml capacity.

6. Best Compact: QQPets Water Bottle

This compact water bottle is a fantastic choice for small breeds or quick daily walks with your pet. The first thing to notice is the small volume, meaning that it is not a bottle for longer journeys–it can hold only up to 350 ml of liquid. Its large bowl is integrated into the design making it all a single piece, and the water is dispensed with a simple push of the button. With an added locking mechanism, you don’t have to fear water accidentally leaking inside your bag.

7. Best For Cooling: PetFusion On-The-Go Dog Stainless Steel Bottle

PetFusion once again delivers a fantastic product that is one step ahead of the competition. This durable stainless steel bottle comes with a double-layered design, with a vacuum seal that will keep the water inside fresh and cool for up to 24 hours. A unique part of the design is the water bowl – which is integrated as a cap. It fits snuggly on the bottle with a sleeve design, and makes it easy to carry, without any additional parts. To boot, the bottle is dishwasher safe so it’s also easy to keep clean.

8. Best Silicone: Lesotc Water Bottle

This unique all-silicone travel water bottle is surprisingly tough and easy to use. The design features a unique folding bowl, which acts as a cap as well. Simply flip it up and fill it with water, for easy use. There is an integrated lock to prevent spilling. It is made from high-density polyethylene material, and it’s easy to carry in virtually any conditions- and the beautiful design will make you want to carry it everywhere with you.

9. Best Design: LumoLeaf Water Bottle for Dogs

When it comes to travel products for pets, adaptability and versatility are a huge plus- you want to be able to use your water bottle with equal ease wherever you are. Ideal for long hikes or adventures in the great outdoors, LumoLeaf Water Bottle for Dogs will keep your pooch hydrated in warm weather. The design of the bottle makes it really easy to carry with you- it has a carabiner clip that can be attached to the leash, your backpack, belt, or wherever you want, really.

The leaf-shaped silicone water cup is virtually undetectable when folded against the bottle, but don’t let that fool you as it will hold 3.7 oz of liquid. The bottle itself has a capacity of 20 oz which makes LumoLeaf Water Bottle for Dogs a good choice for longer walks and small or medium-size dogs. It is made from BPA-free plastic so it is fully safe for your pooch to drink out of. LumoLeaf Water Bottle for Dogs comes in two color options- grey or green.

10. Best for Camping: Highwave AutoDogMug

This dog travel water bottle is a perfect solution for those short camping trips. It is made from soft but durable silicone material and is very compact. It uses the straw system to pump water into the integrated bowl: simply turn the silicone bowl upright, squeeze the bottle, and water will fill the container. You can then hold it or place it on the ground for your pet to get their fill. It features a velcro strip that can be used to attach the bottle to your rucksack, your writs, or your belt – for easy carrying in all circumstances.

Features to look for in dog travel water bottles

If you are on a budget you might think that travel water bottles are simple enough accessories and that choosing one means picking up the cheapest plastic bottle you find at a local pet store. But there is much more to it – if you are looking to buy the very best for your pet, and to make things easier for you as well. Investing in your pets and their wellbeing should be one of your primary concerns as a pet parent, and, surprisingly, dog travel water bottles can fall into that category. But what are the important features to consider? Well, first of all, you need to know the circumstances you will be using them in. Are you a passionate outdoors person and an avid hiker? Do you love camping trips with your pet? Or do you simply travel often and bring your dog along? For each of these situations, dog travel water bottles will definitely come in handy. But some designs and models will work better in certain circumstances. For example, if you love hiking you will want a specially designed heavy-duty travel water bottle that can keep the contents both cool and protected. On the other hand, simpler designs will suffice for basic short distance travel, where you just want to have fresh water at hand. Regardless of the reasons why you need a dog travel water bottle, here are the features that you need to consider:

Material and durability

The materials used to manufacture travel water bottles can make a difference both when longevity and quality of use are considered. It also makes a difference with the freshness of the water. In general, there are three distinct choices on the market today, and these are plastic, stainless steel, and on rare occasions – glass. There are also thermal bottles that keep the contents cool and fresh. Furthermore, these materials have different durabilities. Plastic might not be the best choice if you want to go hiking – stainless steel is the best for this, but it will come with a higher price tag.


The capacity of your water bottle is also crucial. If you are on a long journey or plan to be out for the whole day, you really want to have a good supply of water for your pet. Several designs are really compact and hold very little, and these are good for short walks. But finding a balance between size and good volume is difficult if you want to avoid lugging around a heavy bottle. Finding a middle ground between lightness and being adequately prepared is the best solution, so it’s great that dog travel water bottles come in many different sizes to choose from – from 7 to 30 ounces. So you can make sure that your dog’s needs and your own preferences are always met!

Storage and carrying

When you are already packed for your trip or the hike, you really want to minimize accessories and avoid overburdening yourself. That’s why most people really want to find a water bottle that is easy to carry and somewhat inconspicuous. Of course, the smaller the bottle gets, the capacity becomes smaller as well, which is why you want to find a balance that is perfect for you and your needs. And maybe sometimes you need to opt for a large bottle that takes up space in your bag – especially if you are away for longer times. Sometimes sacrificing a little space can really make a difference in critical situations.

Water bowl or without

The dispenser is the most important feature of the travel water bottle, as it gives your pooch a clean vessel to drink out of- and in a way that doesn’t require complex solutions or makes a mess. Many brands offer different bowl designs, some of which are ergonomic and specifically designed to fit certain breeds. The size of your dog also plays a key role in this case – large breeds require bigger bowls, as they might be reluctant to drink from significantly smaller containers. Another thing to look out for is the design – some water bottles feature a removable bowl while others have an integrated design. In the latter case, you have control over the water flow, pouring just as much as your pup wants.

Importance of keeping your dog hydrated

Most pet owners fail to realize the importance of keeping their pet properly hydrated. Dogs in an indoor environment have free access to water and can drink their fill either from a bowl or a water fountain, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to have access to water when you’re out and about, too. Dogs, just like humans, are sensitive to lack of water and can survive without it for just three days on average. To boot, dogs don’t sweat and in hot weather, you should be sure to offer every possible method of refreshment, constant access to fresh cool water included.

As a caring and responsible pawrent, you really don’t want to be caught in situations away from home in which you do not have water for your pet. With a travel water bottle, you can rest easy and enjoy your favorite activities with your pet. Even hiking in nature is now an option, as are long road trips cross country, where water is not always near. Just remember to give small amounts of water at regular intervals, and to refill as often as possible. And having that bottle in your backpack is no hassle at all, especially when you know how much it means for your four-legged companion’s wellbeing.

All in all, these accessories are very important to have around – in your backpack, in the car, or on the plane – dog travel water bottles give you a mess-free way to make sure your pet’s needs are always met, regardless of the circumstances.

How often should I give my dog water when travelling?

Usually, you just leave out your pet’s water during the day so they are free to drink when they want, but when you’re on a schedule, it can be tricky knowing when they are thirsty or hungry- because a dog can’t tell you what they need. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure to offer your pet water every two hours, but there isn’t an exact number you should stick to. Just try to figure out what your pooch usually drinks on a daily basis and bring as much (plus a little extra just in case) with you on a daily trip.

How to clean dog travel water bottles?

To prevent bacteria buildup, lime scales and other nasty stuff, you should regularly clean your pet’s travel bottle- every few days if you use it regularly or after the trip before storing it away. You could use a mild, pet-safe dish detergent for hand washing, or if the dog water bottle is made from a material that allows it, throw it in the dishwasher for a deep-cleaning cycle.

How to use dog water bottles?

There are different types of dog water bottles, so the way to use them will vary. Ball-bearing water bottles release water when your pet licks the top of the bottle, the 2-in-1 bowl and bottle design lets you squeeze out water into the bowl directly, and some designs even release water with a click of a button. It will depend on the choice you made- either way, it is effortless and practical, so don’t worry!

Can I use dog water bottles for both food and water?

No, you can’t- the bottle can only squeeze out water and not food. However, there are designs that come with an additional collapsible bowl you can use to serve your pet’s food when you’re on the go, so there are options that allow you to do both, albeit not from the same container. For food bowls on road trips, try looking for portable food containers and collapsible bowls separately, to make sure you’re all covered on your new adventure.

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