Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dog Dads

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Dogs and their dads. They go together like peanut butter and treats. So you want to make sure your favorite dog dad gets his due share of love this Father’s Day. You may be wondering just what to get your favorite dog dad, but wonder no more. We’ve rounded up our favorites and we know that the dog dad in your life will wag his tail in delight. Well, maybe he’ll just give a hearty, “Thanks!” but you get the drift!

1.Teddy The Dog’s Father’s Day Collection

Teddy the Dog's Father's Day Collection is hilarious this year!

There’s nobody that speaks better Dog Dad than Teddy The Dog. With his punny pup sayings, we can’t help but crack up. This Father’s Day, he’s offering you the opportunity to let the world know your favorite dog dad is Sofa King Awesome (see what they did there?) or that he likes to Grin From Beer To Beer, and we giggle every time we read it. When Teddy talks (and he talks a lot!), we listen, but that’s not just because he’s a dog with some witty ditties. No, Teddy is super generous too, and with his Pick of the Litter collection pieces, he regularly donates profits to rotating charities. He’s already donated $300k to various worthwhile causes, and so when you put a smile on your favorite dog dad’s face, you’re also helping out some cool charities too.

So take your pick. Keep Dad comfy and cozy in his own Dog Dad Pajamas , and keep his cups full of good cheer with some hilarious Etched Pint Glasses full of Teddy’s (and our) favorite sayings. We guarantee, the Dog Dad’s sporting Teddy’s (in)famous words is sure to be the coolest dog dude on the block.

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2. I Love To Lick Your Face And My Butt Notebook

Let’s just be real. Cards are funny, but once you’ve read them, they’re done. That’s why instead of a card, we suggest you try giving the special dog dad in your life one of these oh-so-handy notebooks. The sentiment couldn’t be more true (and a little gross, but whatevs, it is what it is) and it’ll bring a laugh to dad’s face. Which we guess he may need as he realizes where that dog tongue is on the regular.

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3. Parisian Pet I Love Daddy T-Shirt

What better way to show some love for the dog dad in your life than to have their pup walk into the room rocking this ‘I love daddy’ t-shirt? Made from soft, breathable 100% cotton material with an embroidered message, this shirt will stand up to daily wear and tear. It’s comfortable enough to be worn for a short photoshoot, a fun Father’s Day celebration or even all day. The message itself applies regardless of the time of year, making it an option that you can reuse over and over in the future.

The shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from XXS for dogs 3lbs and under up to 5XL for dogs up to 140lbs. However, the company does warn that their sizing runs small, so you should take the time to do proper measurements and consult the sizing chart before purchase.

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4. Personalized Puzzle

Nothing says I love dad better than a personalized puzzle
You’re probably doing tons of puzzles anyway, so why not make it a puzzle the dog dad in your life really wants to do? This personalized puzzle is one that you’ll want to put together again and again, particularly because you’ll be seeing your favorite Daddy/Doggy picture every time you do.

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5. Conscious Step Organic Socks

Hey, what dog dad doesn’t want to help save the world they and their dogs live in? With these organic socks from Conscious Step, they can. Every portion of the sales goes to a cause, and with these dog socks, you’ll be helping rescues and shelter dogs in need by supporting the Best Friends Animal Society. They’re a great way to keep little paws with dad wherever he goes and to help other dogs too.

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6. Week Away Travel Tote Bag

What’s a dog dad and his best girl or boy like to do together? Why get away, of course. That’s why the dog dad in your life needs to have Mobile Dog Gear’s Week Away Travel Tote Gag. It’s exactly what dog dads need when they’re taking time on the open road with their pups. It’ll keep a week’s worth of everything at your fingertips, and make it possible for you to have some epic memories with your dog.

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7. Custom Photo Pajamas

Nothing is more revealing about a dog dad than with whom he sleeps. So, how about help a dog dad out and make sure he’s got his dog with him as he heads into dreamland every night. These customized photo pajamas are sure to be a hit, and they’re soft and machine washable for easy care too. The perfect way to end every dog dad’s day.

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8. Dog Dad Mug

Is it really even Father’s Day if you’re a dad who doesn’t get a mug? Nope, it’s not. That’s why every dog dad needs to have this one. It thanks dog dads everywhere for dealing with (and picking up) all the crap in the world, and that’s a thanks worth noting every time dad takes a sip. It’s dishwasher safe, and heck, your dog could probably even lick it clean (enough) for you too.

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9.Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

Want to really go gaga for that special dog dad? This is the way to do it. Designer Erin Harris will take the gorgeous dog photo you submit and create the image to a customized rubber stamp. That stamp is used to emboss the image on the silver cufflinks, meaning your best pal is with you everywhere you go, and even better? The stamp comes with, so you can personalize cards and notes as well. They’re handmade in Vermont, and definitely for the dog dad with a finer taste.

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10. Me and My Pet Drinking SetThis me and my pet drinking kit will be a treat for you both

Why not end the day with a special celebratory drink (or two) for dog dads and their good boys (or girls)? This adorable Me and My Pet Drinking Set is the perfect way to do it. It includes a canvas dog toy for Fido and a beer glass for the special dog dad in your life. It’ll bring new meaning to staying in and throwing one back this Father’s Day.

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We know dog dads love their pups (and vice versa) every day of the year, but this Father’s Day, check out some of these fun gifts to let them be just a bit extra. After all, you know these are all things dogs would buy themselves if they just had opposable thumbs!

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