Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Extreme Chewers

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Indestructible dog toys are meant for dogs that are aggressive chewers and rip apart anything that’s not extra tough. Instead of wasting your money on toys that will last less than an hour in your home, pick one of these durable dog toys that won’t be destroyed as easily.

So, you’ve shelled out more $$$ to get your pooch a fun, durable toy that will keep him occupied for days only for it to end up in shreds mere minutes after your cute little gremlin got a hold of it. The “best” case scenario is that your money goes to the drain, and your pooch is bored again–after five minutes of entertaining destruction. The worst-case scenario is that your pet ingests a part of the toy and has to go to the vet’s, racking up your bills and wracking your nerves in the process. It’s OK, we’ve all been there at one point in our pet parent lives, at least with the first case. Dogs like to chew stuff, it’s no secret, and some dogs are more eager and efficient about it, so buying dog toys has to be a research-based project. No biggie, we’re here to help.

For dogs that are extreme or aggressive chewers, indestructible dog toys are really your only option. Built to last and withstand hours and hours of gnawing, chewing, being pawed at and other destructive efforts your pooch is bound to make, these durable toys are heaven-sent for both pet parents and their extreme chewer pets. These toys won’t fall apart during the maniacal chewing sessions your pooch considers playing and the fact that they’ll be a challenge for your dog will make them even more fun, which is what toys should do in the first place, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth in more ways than one. However, while many will gladly market their toys as indestructible, you’ll have to be aware that no toy is really truly indestructible. There are those that come pretty close to it, though, and these extremely tough toys are those we’re going to be raving about.

Dog toys that deserve to be called indestructible are those that can withstand the play style of extreme and aggressive chewers and live to tell the tale. Naturally, not all of the toys that are durable enough for your pet will also happen to be interesting enough for him, so you’ll still have to do some browsing before settling down on some indestructible dog toys for your pampered pooch. To help you narrow down your choice, we’ve selected the best indestructible dog toys for extreme chewers–and prepared a short guide on how to recognize if the toy you have your eye on is really durable enough for your pet.

1. Editor’s Pick: Monster K9 Dog Toys Indestructible Dog Ball

The secret is in the material: Monster K9 indestructible ball is made from industrial strength natural rubber that’s puncture resistant and virtually indestructible. To boot, the natural rubber is complete dog-safe and non-toxic, too, so you won’t have to worry about compromising your pet’s health for the sake of the toy’s durability. The diameter of Monster K9 ball is 7 cm (roughly the same as a baseball), and it’s the best match for medium and large dog breeds. This toy comes with a lifetime guarantee: in case your dog happens to be among the 1 percent that can destroy the virtually indestructible, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. How pawesome is that?

2. Runner Up: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Even regular KONG toys are very durable and tough in comparison to their competitors, so it goes without saying that KONG Extreme, designed especially for aggressive chewers, will prove to be a challenge even for the most tenacious gnawers. The company has a unique natural rubber formula that’s made in the USA and has proven to be one of the hardest to destroy on the market–some would even say impossible. And as an added benefit, KONG Extreme can be stuffed with treats or other yummies such as peanut butter or frozen yogurt to make playtime even more fun and stimulating.

3. Best Donut: Ruff Dawg Indestructible Dawg Nut Dog Toy

Made in the USA from FDA-approved solid rubber, this doughnut-shaped toy will surprise you with its famed durability and toughness. The rubber used to make this toy is free of BPA, phthalates, and latex and has a unique texture that pooches love. It will bounce on land and float on water for all-terrain entertainment! Indestructible Dawg Nut Dog Toy is available in a range of sizes and a multitude of vibrant colors that make sure that every pooch gets a perfect fit–from the petite aggressive chewers to the big breeds with the big chompers.

4. Best Bone: Benebone Wishbone

While tough enough to be considered virtually indestructible, this wishbone-shaped toy is easy for your pup to grab hold of thanks to it’s curved paw-friendly design. It’s made from durable materials that has been infused with real bacon to entice your dog into play. Available in extra small, small, medium, large and giant sizes as well as three different flavors, this chomping bone comes in dimensions to suit any four-legged destructor’s appetite.

5. Best Dental: Pet Qwerks Bongo BarkBone

Designed for extreme chewers, Bongo BarkBone goes above and beyond to give your pup a pleasant chewing experience. Not only that this toy is prime rib flavored to give your pet a bonus reason to be obsessed with it, but it is also designed with their dental health in mind. The nubs and ridges massage the dog’s gums and help scrape the plaque of their teeth, ultimately leading to better oral health and a less smelly breath (fingers crossed). Bongo BarkBone comes in medium, large, and extra large size and it’s made in the USA from FDA-compliant nylon.

6. Best Football: Plant Dog Orbee Tuff Football

Honestly is there any sport tougher than football? So, it tracks that this football made from Planet Dog will hold up even to the most aggressive chewers on your team! Made from the award winning Orbee-Tuff compound this football looks and feels like the classic pigskin. When your dog goes out for a long pass, he might even celebrate in the end zone with the treat you put inside the football that makes this toy even more enjoyable for your puppy players. The ball measures 6 inches long and is made from recyclable, non-toxic material here in the USA.

7. Best Scented: Arm & Hammer Dental Super Treadz Gorilla Dog Toy

This indestructible toy has a sweet smile on its face and that probably comes from the fact that this dog will help freshen your dog’s breath while he plays. The textured surface all over the chew toy helps to remove plaque and stimulates the gums. But that fresh sent? That comes from the infused baking soda in the rubber that helps eliminates bacteria and icky smells. You can pick the proper size for your type of dog as it comes in both small and large. The toy is extremely durable and will stand up to even the most aggressive chewers.

8. Best Treat Toy: KONG – Extreme Goodie Bone

Is your dog a power chewer that easily loses interest in his toys- that is, if he doesn’t destroy them first? Then he’ll meet his match in the Extreme Goodie Bone. This ultra-tough chew toy is not just virtually impossible to shred, but it also hides a tasty incentive for play: the patented Goodie Gripper holes on the ends of the toy are perfect for holding bully sticks or other similar treats. For extra stimulating playtime, shorten the stick so it peaks out of the holes- it will make your pooch go crazy trying to pry the treat out.

9. Best Stick: GoughNuts Stick Dog Toy

It’s always hard to take your pup’s favorite toy away from them but sometimes it is really time. That is why we truly appreciate the two-layer design in the Gohnuts stick toy that is built with a red safety indicator letting you know when it is time to take the toy away from your furry friend and replace it. The natural rubber stick utilizes engineered carbon reinforcement for added durability, so it is perfect for those tough and aggressive chewers. Plus, it comes in four color options including a bright yellow and green. The Gough Nuts Stick bounces and floats for your games of water fetch and is made in the USA.

10. Best for Water: Ethical Pets SPOT Play Strong S” Bone

This bone toy brings the best of two worlds together to make sure even the most aggressive chewers can’t break it: it’s made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) that is essentially rubber and plastic fused together into a new, super tough and durable material. The inside of the bone is hollow so you can stuff it with treats when your pet is playing indoors- and when they’re on an outdoor adventure, you can toss this toy in the water for them to fetch, as it will float. 12 inches long, the S Bone is a fit for most dogs, both large and small.

11. Best Rope: AMZpets Set of Durable Rope Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Best suited for medium to large dog breeds, this set of durable rope toys were built to withstand even the toughest of chewers to help ease anxiety, stress and even clean their teeth.

Thick, interwoven rope is a nice alternative to hard rubber or nylon toys, and if you’re looking for a toy to keep your dog entertained, this 7 piece set of rope toys from AMZpets might just do the trick. Each set includes two different tug of war ropes, two double chewer knots, and three rope balls – lots of variety to keep your aggressive chewer occupied and engaged. It even comes with its own bag for easy storage!

Why do dogs like to chew?

Chewing is a perfectly normal behavior for our canine companions. First, in their puppy stages of life, chewing is not just for fun but it also helps them soothe the gums irritated by the emerging adult teeth. Puppies are curious and playful, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set some boundaries early on by letting them know what they can’t and can chew. Teething toys for puppies are a great way to keep them occupied and to redirect their interest to something other than your shoes and furniture

Later on in their life, however, chewing can grow to be a behavior problem rather than just a passing occurrence When it comes to adult dogs that chew things, it’s important to get to the root of their behavior. Are they simply bored so they start chewing stuff while you’re not there to animate them? Did they figure out that chewing is a sure-fire way to get your attention? Or are they chewing your things out of anxiety they feel when they are left alone in the house? Knowing what motivates your dog to act the way he does will dictate the way you should be going forward. In case that it’s just boredom that’s been driving your pooch to destructive behavior, interactive toys, more playtime with you, or even another pet to keep them company could be all it takes to curb their bad habits. In the case of attention-seeking behavior and separation anxiety, it will take a bit more effort to make sure they won’t be chewing your valued possessions. From positive reinforcement training to crate training, it takes work to make sure your pet’s behavioral issues are really solved for good.

Of course, even when they are not destructive chewers, dogs like to gnaw and nibble on their toys, random sticks, and tasty treats- the world is their oyster when it comes to allowed chewables. In this case, the only “trouble” you’ll have is finding the right type of toys for your pet’s playtime. Some dogs prefer flavored toys to chew on, others like to test the strength of their canines on rubber toys, others enjoy plush stuffed animals. However, if your dog is an aggressive chewer, his choice of playthings will be somewhat limited.

Is your dog an aggressive chewer?

How does one determine the difference between an aggressive chewer and a dog that chews things, well, “normally”? While the term aggressive chewer might sound like it’s related to a dog’s bad behavior, it’s not. Aggressive chewers are simply more extreme, not to say efficient, in their gnawing endeavors. What’s considered normal chewing behavior in dogs in that that doesn’t end in the total obliteration of the object that’s being chewed. So if your pooch doesn’t get to the guts of his plushie in minutes or chews up a hard rubber ball in one afternoon, chances are that they are not an extreme chewer.

On the other hand, if your pet happens to completely wreck every single toy you get for them in a matter of hours or even minutes, the situation is clear: they are extreme chewers. Not only that having a dog that’s an aggressive chewer is pesky because you are wasting a lot of money on replacing toys just to have them destroyed all over again, but it can also lead to dangerous situations. An aggressive chewer easily breaks toys and can ingest parts of it or get hurt if the broken piece is sharp enough. This can cause huge vet bills, and what’s even worse, serious health issues for your pet. So if your dog belongs to the extreme chewer category, it’s best to do your research and get then indestructible dog toys to stay on the safe side of things.

What to look for in indestructible dog toys

No toy, no matter how it’s marketed, is truly indestructible in the literal sense of the word. But, those that are true to their description will be almost impossible to destroy, and even the most aggressive chewers will find them too challenging. That’s what indestructible dog toys are all about: durability and an engaging challenge for your pet. So how do you know if a toy you pick will be worth your money? Before buying, check if your choice ticks all of the boxes below:


The choice of materials will say a lot about a toy’s durability and toughness. Materials such as natural or hard rubber, nylon, or thick interwoven rope usually stand up well to an eager chewer’s efforts.


Your pet’s size matters: a Great Dane can certainly make more damage than a Shih Tzu. So make sure you’re not giving your dog a too big of a bite to chew or vice versa! Luckily, there are plenty of indestructible dog toys to choose from, for big and small pooches alike.


In addition to the toy being safe in terms of not being breakable, it should be made from non-toxic, dog-safe materials. (You’d be surprised how often that’s not the case.) FDA’s seal of approval, BPA-free plastic, and locally made toys are always a safe(r) bet than dubious cheap toys from China with no information on the materials used in the manufacture.

It won’t matter if the hard rubber ball you’ve got for your pet is truly indestructible if they are not interested in playing with it. Some pooches prefer challenging interactive toys, others love toys that dispense treats, some those that can be thrown and fetched. There are indestructible dog toys to fit any pooch’s preference, so make sure to take their play style into consideration before making your pick.

How long can indestructible dog toys last?

No toy is truly indestructible, so even the toughest of toys do have their expiration date. How long a toy lasts will mainly depend on your pet and their tenaciousness when it comes to chewing: some power chewers will go faster through heavy-duty toys while those that are moderate in their gnawing habits can get much more out of their new toy. In general, most indestructible dog toys can last at least a few months, as they are specially designed to withstand aggressive chewers and their eager chompers.

Can I make DIY dog chew toys?

While DIY pet crafts can be a lot of fun, they are not always the best idea, especially if it’s toys for extreme chewers. Dogs that are not aggressive with their toys can enjoy the occasional do-it-yourself project, such as a ball on a rope, knotted towel toys, or handmade snuffle mats. But when it comes to chew toys, it’s difficult to source materials that are actually tough and resistant to chewing (most brands create their own trademarked materials) and even more difficult to assemble them in a way that would withstand all that chewing without falling apart. And if you have a destructive chewer on your hands, that spells trouble.

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