Best Large Dog Beds for Big-Boned Pooches

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

We’ve prepared a list of top 10 large dog beds with various perks and different designs, so any chunky canine can find a perfect resting spot for their own needs.

Dogs might not be professional nappers like cats are, but, nevertheless, they spend a huge chunk of their lives sleeping. Some prefer taking up half of their owner’s bed, others have their eyes on the living room sofa, and some dogs have their own bed to sleep in. The latter is the best option, particularly for large dogs, as specially designed orthopedic beds for dogs support their spine and joints, and make sure that your pet remains ache-free well into his senior years. Not to mention that your own bed will be hair-free while your precious furball is snoozing away from it!

In addition to their non-standard dimensions, large dog beds need to be made from specific materials and designed in a way that will suit the unique needs of big canines. They need to be sturdy enough not to collapse under your gentle giant’s weight but also comfy and soft enough for them to want to sleep in it. Ideally, the material used for the bed will be orthopedic, such as memory foam, in order to provide proper support for your dog’s body.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cute large dog beds out there that simply won’t give your dog the support and comfort they need. To make sure you’ll get the best bang for your buck and that your four-legged bestie will get the cozy bed they deserve, we’ve rounded up the best large dog beds the market has to offer in one place. But, before you reach for your wallet and splurge on a new bed for your pet, find out what to look for in it to make sure your dog’s unique quirks are taken into account.

Why Beds Matter for Large Dogs

If your big-boned pet can fit with you on the bed or has a favorite spot on the sofa, you might be wondering if they really need a bed of their own? I mean, if it’s good for you, it must be good for your pooch too, right? Well, while an occasional snuggle won’t hurt them, it’s best that your dog has a bed of his own. Having their own little “nest” will benefit them mentally, as dogs love having their own spot to retreat to when they need to relax and unwind, especially those with strong denning instincts who love their snug little “burrows”. You’ll also appreciate having some extra space on your furniture, as big pooches can take up their fair share- cute as heck, but also uncomfy. And, let’s face it, sharing your bed with a big dog such as a Great Dane or St. Bernard even transcends the realm of uncomfortable into that of impossible.

But it’s not just about the comfort or the physical benefits of having their own space to rest. Large dog beds should offer proper support for the dog’s body, and it’s particularly important for big canines. Big breeds are particularly prone to skeletal issues, from hip dysplasia to arthritis, and choosing the right type of bed for them can help prevent or slow down the health issue in hand. Even if your dog already has arthritis, joint pain, or is recovering from an injury, a proper bed can help relieve pain. Of course, not all large dog beds are made alike, and the design and the quality of the bed are essential if you want your pooch to reap the benefits of a comfy, orthopedic bed.

The best large dog beds for big pooches are spacious, durable, and comfortable–these three features are a must and the rest boils down to personal preferences. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is measure your pooch to ensure a perfect fit. Use a measuring tape to get their length from tip of the nose to the base of their tail- the butt to snout ratio, if you wish. Then, add circa 10 inches to that number to ensure they really are comfy and not cramped. Also, the position in which your pet sleeps will influence the size of large dog beds you’re looking to buy. If they sleep curled, they won’t need a bed that’s much bigger than them. On the other hand, if they splay front and hind legs when sleeping, you’ll have to account for that extra limb space.

Next up, it’s durability. No dog bed, no matter how well-made it is, won’t last forever, but there is a significant difference between a few months and a couple of years of unchanged shape. Poorly made beds will sink and sag under a large dog after weeks or months of regular use, and a quality bed will retain its firmness for years. This is mostly due to the choice of materials for the filling: foam shreds, balls, and other loose bed fillings will deteriorate faster, whereas thick memory foam stands up to the test of time. And it’s much more comfortable, too! It will distribute your pet’s weight evenly and adjust to their body shape but still give them the right level of firmness and support.

When you get all those basic boxes ticked, all that remains is picking out bonus features that will sway your decision. Do you want a large dog bed with a washable cover? Is it important for the large dog bed to be cooling or self-warming? Does your dog prefer a bolster bed with a headrest or a flat mattress? Etc, etc. There are so many features and options that it can become overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a list of top 10 large dog beds with various perks and different designs, so any chunky canine can find a perfect resting spot for their own needs. Scroll on to find your pet’s perfect match!

Soft, stylish, and strong- the Luxury Goliath Sofa from Furhaven has everything you’d want in a large dog bed. The sofa shape is ideal for pets who like to sleep with their head elevated, as it boasts three bolsters for your pooch’s comfort. The base of the bed is made from thick CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, and the bolsters are filled with recycled fluffy fill. The ideal combination of texture for most large dogs, as it’s soft and cozy but still tough enough to stay firm after hours of naps. If you have a senior dog with arthritis, though, you’d might want something with more firmness on all fronts, not just the base. Available in large and jumbo size, Furhaven Luxury Goliath Sofa is a match for dogs up to 100 pounds. The machine-washable soft suede and plush faux fur cover comes in two colors: grey and brown.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

If you want a high-end large dog bed for a mid-range price, look no more. The PetFusion Ultimate really outperforms its competitors, both in terms of design and comfort. The base of the bed is made from 6 inches of solid memory foam and the bolsters are generously filled with recycled polyfill, so they won’t be as loose and prone to sinking, but still soft enough to lay your head on. The memory foam is encased in a waterproof liner to protect it from wear and tear, as well as “accidents” that can happen to puppies and seniors alike. When the bed gets dirty (and it will) just pull off the gray cover and toss it in the washing machine for a spin- and it will look like new. Available in large, extra large and XXL jumbo size.

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed

Not all large dog beds offer support to arthritic or senior pets, but this luxurious memory foam bed is ideal for aching pooches. Designed to alleviate pain in dogs with arthritis, joint or bone problem, the Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed combines the soothing cooling gel effect with the comfort and support of orthopedic memory foam. There are four different layers of foam in this bed, all fused into one. Pet Rest memory foam, Bio-Orthopedic foam, Pr-Charcoal HD foam base to eliminate odors and Cooling Gel layer for cool nap times. To boot, you can choose between 4 colors and 2 large dog sizes to ensure a perfect fit, both in style and dimensions.

KOPEKS 7-inch Thick Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This pillow bed is ideal for big-boned dogs as it’s hard but comfortable, and it’s resistant to sagging and wear and tear that poorly made large dog beds are usually prone to. And it’s all thanks to the impressive thickness of the bed: it’s made from 7 solid inches of 100% orthopedic grade, hypoallergenic memory foam. This makes sure that the bed retains its firmness, all the while adjusting to your pet’s body contours for a snug and cozy feel. The pillow bump on the top of the bed is perfectly raised to accommodate a tired canine’s head (3 inches high) and ensure the proper spine position at the same time. Choose from three designs: brown, brown with a plush top, and gray.

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

If your dog likes to keep you company in the garden or in the yard, they are probably resting on a hard surface when not sniffing around. This outdoors-friendly large dog bed is a great option for situations when you need something lightweight, easy to clean, and elevated from the dirty ground. Some pooches even like this cot-style bed as their primary sleeping place in the home, mainly due to its elevated design and firm PVC-coated, fabric sleeping surface. However, if your pooch is used to cushioned and soft beds, it’s likely that they won’t be thrilled with making the switch to the tight and hard fabric. Available in 4 colors, this cot bed is designed to support big dogs that weigh up to 85 pounds.

BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

For dogs who sleep in a curled position, this snuggler bed is a dream come true. With a body-hugging memory foam base and fluffy raised sides that circle the bed from all sides, BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper is designed to provide supreme comfort to pooches who sleep in a fetal position. The base is made from solid human-grade orthopedic foam that can accommodate dogs that weigh up to 100 pounds and not lose its shape. The cotton-padded walls offer support for all limbs, so even if your pooch likes to sleep splayed they won’t be uncomfortable in this cozy bed. Just make sure this is the right size–it can only fit pooches that are up to 36 inches long- and your big pup will feel like he’s on cloud nine. This bed is also a great choice if you’re on a budget, as it’s excellent quality but costs under $100.

MidWest Deluxe Bolster Crate Bed for Large Dogs

To make sure your large dog’s crate is cozy and feels like home, you’ll need a soft and comfy bed to start with. It can be difficult to find crate beds whose size fits the needs of big doggos (especially if they are among giant breeds), but this budget-friendly MidWest bolster bed is a perfect match. Available in sizes that fit 42, 48, and 54 inch dog crates, it will help you create a snug haven for your pooch in no time. It comes in two designs- made from either faux fur or synthetic Fleece Sheepskin, but each version is filled with polyester and cotton. This type of fill in large dog beds is not as durable, though, and it’s not suited for a primary resting spot–just to make periods of crate use cozier. While this is not an ideal choice as a memory foam bed would be, it does account for the cheap price (under $50!).

Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Pet Dog Bed

Curled, splayed, or sleeping on the side- this ergonomic large dog bed will accommodate any sleeping position. The large surface and the open design are ideal for big pooches as this bed gives them plenty of space to relax, but still offers the support they need for neck and head with its contoured form. As for the material of the bed, this luxurious lounger is made from a solid slab of medical-grade, CertiPUR-US certified orthopedic foam. Depending on the size, the thickness of the memory foam will vary from 6 inches for the regular big dog breed to 9 inches of foam support for extra large canines. The soft and fuzzy quilted microvelvet cover will make your pooch feel snug as a bug and it’s available in 3 solid colors. The Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Pet Dog Bed comes in various sizes that fit large dog breeds, and it offers a perfect fit for any big pooch that weighs from 75 to 180 pounds.

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

For a perfect combination of joint-supporting firmness and soft coziness, the Brindle large dog bed combines 2 inches of comfort memory foam and 2 inches of high-density support foam into their base. Waterproof yet pleasant to touch and breathable, this memory foam bed for large dogs is completely flat and solid, so it is ideal for dogs who like to splay their hind and front legs while they sleep. If your pooch needs neck and head support, though, the mattress-style of this bed won’t be the best match for their needs. The removable and machine-washable zippered velour cover comes in 6 trendy designs that will fit in perfectly in any modern pet parent’s apartment.

Frisco Ortho Textured Plush Front Bolster Sofa

What better way to “wean” your pooch off of your sofa than by gifting them their own miniature version of it? This bolster-style dog sofa is stylish, comfortable, and provides orthopedic support to pooches who need it. The center of the bed is made out of 3-inch slab foam at the bottom for proper firmness and stability, and 1-inch memory foam layer on top of it, to provide support and unparalleled comfort to your pampered pet. Polly-filled bolster sides are just another benefit, as they give your pooch neck and head support and that snug den-like feel all doggos love. This bed is available in large and extra large size.

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