BUSTER Super-Sensory Interactive Toys Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Dog toys are so much more than squeaky fun. KRUUSE’s new line of super-sensory toys are designed to mental stimulate pooches.

It seems we’re always reading stories about the incredible acts of bravery and quick-thinking performed by our canine friends. From search and rescue to catching crooks and even sniffing out bombs and contraband. We know they’ve got the smarts so why does our focus on their well-being seem to center around physical exercise and ignore mental stimulation? That’s the question a leading supplier of veterinary equipment is asking.

Denmark-based KRUUSE has introduced a unique line of super-sensory toys under the banner “BUSTER”. Okay, I’m already sensing that’s short for “boredom buster” because these toys are designed to intrigue and entertain your little guy for hours on end, with a durable construction that will withstand the most determined doggie dentures.

BUSTER Sensory Ball:

Kick his senses into overdrive with this beef-smelling (yes!) toy. In addition to its distinctive scent, it also squeaks and rattles to appeal to your dog’s sense of sound and has several different textures and colors that will heighten his sense of touch and sight. Can’t you just see this becoming your little guy’s fave toy?

BUSTER Color Squeak Rope:

This is a must-have for any pup who loves to pull and tug. So all pups! It’s a durable rope with a difference – it has two squeakers inside to give your dog a little extra surprise each time he bites down. It’s also perfect for a game of fetch or just a good chew after a busy day.

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BUSTER Strong Range:

For dogs that love to chew… I mean REALLY love to chew this range is the perfect, long-lasting solution. The Strong Bone, Strong Y-Bone and Strong S-Bone are constructed from durable non-toxic rubber and their size, shape and weight make them ideal for playing fetch. For pooches who love to pull, twist and chew, the Strong Ball with rope is great for a game of tug-o-war.

BUSTER Crunch Toys:

Doesn’t the name just say it all!? These chew toys are made from a non-toxic tough TPR rubber exterior and a special crunchy plastic interior that delivers a most satisfying sound each time Rover noshes down. They come in bone- or ball-shaped for the dog with a preference.

KRUUSE also carries a line of top quality, interactive toys under their Flex Range. These toys are built to last from top grade, non-toxic and antibacterial silicone. The line includes the Flex Ball, Flex Star, Flex Bone and Flex Fly Wheel. Each can be used as a simple play toy or better still, filled with dry treats or wet food that your dog can devote his entire day to wheedling out. Try peanut butter – I’ve never met a pooch who didn’t love his ‘nutter.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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